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27 Ambrosial Yorkshire Terrier Mixes – The Best Yorkie Mixes

Small, angry and adorable, the Yorkshire Terrier has bound become America’s admired toy dog breed. Absolutely – no added toy dog comes close! Whether you’re a fan of their long, cottony locks of beard or the tomboyish personality, it’s adamantine to abide a Yorkie.

Year afterwards year, Yorkies rank amid the 10 best popular dog breeds in America. With that said, there’s a lot of Yorkshire Terriers here. So, wouldn’t it accomplish faculty that the cardinal of exotic, different and absorbing Yorkie mixes are additionally on a rise?

We’ve looked into, and found, the best interesting, ambrosial and artlessly our favorite Yorkie mixes that you absolutely charge to see. Apprehend on to apprentice about anniversary Yorkie mix and why you should accede bringing one home.

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The Yorkshire Terrier

So, what’s a Yorkie? And, why are they such accepted dogs? Already bred as appalling and skilled ratting dogs (vermin hunters), they’ve alluringly transitioned into admiring companion dogs today. In fact, they’re some of the best when it comes to companionship.

While Chihuahuas booty the acme as the world’s smallest blood dog, Yorkies aren’t far behind. Continuing no added than 9 inches tall, these abundantly tiny dogs can counterbalance as little as 4 pounds! As such, they’re brittle dogs.

Buster is my amicableness ambassador. He’s affable with people, dogs, cats. He has a abundant disposition and the alone time he’s growled at addition dog was back his girlfuriend Lola was over. 

– Buster Amber (Yorkie Talk)

As abounding owners mentioned on Yorkie Talk, these dogs can vary absolutely a bit back it comes to personality and temperament. However, Yorkies tend to accept a sweet-disposition with a strong affection appear the owners.

These tiny dogs love to accept fun. And with their active and energetic temperaments, they’ll accumulate you entertained for hours. Truly, there’s never a addled moment with a Yorkshire Terrier.

Because of the favorable attitude and petite-size of Yorkies, they’re frequently acclimated to blend with added accepted dogs. They’re abnormally great for acclimation out the ever aggressive dog breeds.

Best Yorkie Mixes

In no specific order, actuality are our 24 favorite Yorkie hybrids that you should absolutely see. And if we’ve absent one that deserves to be on this list, let us apperceive in the comments area at the end of the list.

1. Yorkie Apso

Parents: Lhasa Apso x Yorkie

via Instagram:

The Yorkie Apso is a amalgam that aloof makes a lot of sense. A cantankerous of the Yorkie and Lhasa Apso, these Yorkie mixes are accepted to be adaptable dogs that can thrive in either a home or baby apartment.

Both ancestor breeds are intelligent and confident, so you should apprehend the Yorkie Apso to be the same. Acknowledgment to the acute attributes from the Lhasa side, they may become little watch dogs. Admitting that, they’re calm dogs.

Unlike added baby dog breeds, the Yorkie Apso is not a big barking dog. Instead of barks for attention, they’ll aloof battery you with cuddles. So if you’re attractive for a admiring ancestors dog that’s accessible to lounge around, analysis out this mix.

2. Torkie

Parents: Toy Fox Terrier x Yorkie

via Instagram: @sleepinsophie

A archetypal artist dog, the Torkie combines two of the most accepted toy terriers: the Toy Fox Terrier and Yorkie. Accustomed the baby ability of the parents, these mixes don’t abound added than 9 inches alpine and counterbalance beneath than 10 pounds.

The courageous and spunky personality of the ancestor terrier dogs are generally affiliated with the Torkie. Although they’re energetic and lively, they can accept a calm ancillary back at home. Torkies won’t be against to cuddling up!

What makes this Yorkie mix abundant is their addiction of developing strong bonds with the family. They adulation their ancestors so abundant that they may alike become a little protective of them. Still, they don’t accord able-bodied with rough comedy from kids, and may nip back.

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3. Yorkie Bichon

Parents: Bichon Frise x Yorkie

via Instagram: @yorkiextoronto

It’s adamantine afraid the good looks and charm of the Yorkie Bichon. As you could apparently acquaint from the name, this amalgam crosses the Bichon Frise with the Yorkshire Terrier.

They’re not just super-adorable Yorkie mixes. There’s so abundant more to the Yorkie Bichon than appearance. In fact, these dogs accept all the traits you’d appetite in a toy accompaniment dog; they’re energetic, inquisitive, independent, acute and acutely loyal.

Both ancestor breeds appear from Europe, but the Yorkie Bichon was bred in America – appropriately the acceptance in the states. The alone “downside” is the alertness commutual by the acute barking. However, they’re aloof attention the family.

4. Yorkie-Ton

Parents: Coton de Tulear x Yorkie

via Instagram: @just.atticus

The Yorkie-Ton is addition aggregate of two powerhouse toy dog breeds; the Yorkie and the Coton de Tulear. The amalgam is one of the most balanced and well-tempered baby dogs you can find!

There are few things you can animosity about the Yorkie-Ton. They’re admiring little dogs, consistently assuming affection and an eagerness to please. From the Yorkie side, these dogs are additionally actual able and crave less exercise than added alive baby breeds.

And because both parents are low-shedding dogs, you can calculation on the Yorkie-Ton to be a hypoallergenic dog breed as well. In added words, these Yorkie mixes are best acceptable for about every bearings and owner!

5. Scorkie

Parents: Scottish Terrier x Yorkie

via Instagram: @princesstinystar

Crossing two of the arch terriers from Scotland and England, the Scorkie is the ambrosial mix amid the Yorkshire and Scottish Terriers. In fact, they’re so popular that they’ve been accustomed by three dog brand registries!

However, the three clubs can’t assume to agree on an official name. Whether you alarm them the Scorkie or Scorkie Terrier, these baby Yorkie mixes are a charming delight. Some say they accept an “old man” disposition – they’re calm and well-tempered.

Though small, the Scorkie needs affluence of mental stimulation to break aciculate and happy. They’re decumbent to developing abrogating behaviors, such as digging, after the all-important dispatch daily.

6. Yorkeltie

Parents: Sheltie x Yorkie

via Instagram: @just_nacho

The Yorkeltie combines the active and bright personality of the Shetland Sheepdog with the playful nature of the Yorkie. This amalgam dog can be the ultimate accompaniment for owners that appetite a dog to seamlessly fit with the family.

From both the Sheltie and Yorkie side, the Yorkeltie inherits the intelligence – including work, obedience, accustomed and adaptive intelligence. They’re all about acute dogs. But what makes them abundant is their affectionate personalities.

Yorkelties are great with all people, including children of the family. And while they may be almost baby dogs, they’re not as bark-y as added baby breeds. In addition, they’re acute abundant to accomplish appropriate watch dogs.

7. Baron Charles Yorkie

Parents: Cavalier Baron Charles x Yorkie

via Instagram: @gisestagram

The Baron Charles Yorkie is a cantankerous of two of my admired baby dog breeds. They’ve affiliated all the best characteristics of the Condescending Baron Charles Adulator and Yorkshire Terrier.

King Charles Yorkies are playful, gentle, affable and extremely loyal. They are everything you’d want in a baby companion. Alike admitting they counterbalance no added than 20 pounds, they will consistently have your back.

With a favorable temperament, Baron Charles Yorkies are fan-favorites amid kids, adults and alike seniors. They were developed to be superb companions, and that’s absolutely what they are. It’s adamantine to abide the agreeableness of these dogs.

8. Boston Yorkie

Parents: Boston Terrier x Yorkie

via Instagram: @maddiemaepup

The Boston Yorkie is the aggregate of two iconic accompaniment dogs from New England and “old” England. With unique looks and a bit of courageousness, these Yorkie mixes can be very loyal – generally developing able bonds with owners.

As for basset smarts, the Boston Yorkie has high accordance & alive intelligence. Not alone are they quick learners, but they’re very accommodating to please. In added words, they’re awful trainable baby dogs.

They’re the absolute accession to any family. But because of their baby size, they don’t abide rough comedy from baby accouchement well. So, consistently accomplish abiding to administer all interactions if that’s the case.

9. Fourche Terrier

Parents: Westie x Yorkie

via Instagram: @fourcheterrier

Although the amalgam name isn’t as obvious, the Fourche Terrier is absolutely the cantankerous of the West Altitude White Terrier and the Yorkie. Conceivably these hybrids are bigger off alleged the Yorkie West or the West Altitude Yorkie.

But behindhand of what you alarm them, the Fourche Terrier has a lively personality that’s affirmed to brighten up anyone’s day. They’re the life of the party and they adulation annihilation added than absorption from the owners.

However, these active baby dogs charge more concrete activity than dogs that are the aforementioned size. Fourches accept a lot of balance energy! But if you can accumulate this in check, they’re some of the best Yorkie mixes on the market.

10. Yorkie Russell

Parents: Jack Russell Terrier x Yorkie

via Instagram: @sidneythejorkie

A Yorkie Russell (also alleged “Jorky”) is the beauteous amalgam of England’s premier alive terriers: the Jack Russell Terrier and Yorkie. No added than 15 inches tall, the Yorkie Russell is absolutely a “small dog with big personality.”

These dogs are all about fun and could comedy with you all day if you let them. But alike admitting they’re active dogs, they accept a very affectionate side. Yorkie Russells are consistently gluttonous your absorption and alternate love.

The best important affair about adopting the Yorkie Russell is stimulation, both concrete and mental. They’re intelligent and active, which agency they charge a lot of stimuli and exercise to abide blessed and healthy.

11. Yorkshire Aussie

Parents: Mini Aussie x Yorkie

via Instagram: @yinghwa87

As an buyer of a miniature Australian Shepherd, I actually adulation the abstraction of the Yorkshire Aussie. These different dogs can accept the stunning colors of Aussies, but absorb the overall appearance of the Yorkshire Terrier.

The Australian Attend is a work-focused dog that needs connected dispatch to break “entertained.” Yorkies can be just as energetic, but added focused on play rather than work. From what I see, the Yorkshire Aussie is a great balance of the two.

These Yorkie mixes are small, but they can still be protective of the family. Plus, both dog parents are abundant learners, so you can apprehend the aforementioned from the Yorkshire Aussie.

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12. Carkie

Parents: Cairn Terrier x Yorkie

via Instagram: @fitmomnurselife

Crossbreeding the Abundance Terrier with the Yorkshire after-effects in one of the most underrated Yorkie mixes in our opinion. Three words call the Carkie best: spirited, adventurous and loving.

Highly intelligent and courageous, these little dogs accomplish some of the best adaptable and versatile baby dogs. It’s not difficult for them to adore and thrive with either accommodation or burghal life. They’ll adulation to go outdoors, but can adore cuddling central too!

They’ll accomplish abundant ancestors assembly if you can handle their abundance of energy. Again, baby dog doesn’t mean they don’t charge abundant exercise. However, they’re accommodating to adore any action as continued as it’s with the owner.

13. Ratshire Terrier

Parents: Rat Terrier x Yorkie

via Instagram: @splinter_ninja_dog

Both the American Rat Terrier and Yorkshire Terrier can be argued as the best ratting dog in the dogdom. Back crossbreeding the two together, it’s assured you’ll see an equally accomplished ratter.

Because both parents were bred as hunting and alive dogs, the Ratshire Terrier will accept plenty of energy that needs to be expended. But at the aforementioned time, their baby admeasurement agency they don’t comedy well with baby children.

Overall, the Ratshire is a fairly acquiescent dog. However, they’ve been accepted to go on their stubborn streaks from time to time. But with absolute accretion and consistency, alike a amateur buyer can alternation these dogs.

14. Affenshire

Parents: Affenpinscher x Yorkie

via Instagram: @alotta_animals

Affenshires are some of the most entertaining Yorkie mixes you can find. That’s because they tend to accede the comical nature of the Affenpinscher, but additionally the feistiness from the Yorkshire Terrier.

A huge additional of the Affenshire is the hypoallergenic coat, which both ancestor breeds additionally have. And depending on which ancestor they booty added from, Affenshires can accept either a furry (rough) or bland coat.

Inquisitive by nature, Affenshires tend to get into trouble. They can accept a stubborn ancillary with a adumbration of mischief. However, it’s all in acceptable fun. At the end of the day, all these dogs appetite to do is comedy with you!

15. Chorkie

Parents: Chihuahua x Yorkie

via Instagram: @lainy.o_o

A almost recent addition to the apple of artist dogs, the Chorkie is the accessible cantankerous amid the Chihuahua and Yorkshire. They’re both baby and ambrosial dogs with similar qualities – so it makes a lot of sense.

Loyalty and affection are characteristics that both ancestor dog breeds are accepted for. As such, Chorkies are accordingly careful little watch dogs with abiding loyalty. Don’t let their baby admeasurement fool you, they’re courageous and bold!

Because the Chorkie is after a standard, they can alter in appearance. Still, they tend to absorb the long locks of the Yorkie. Plus, they’ll about consistently accept the signature head shape and erect ears of the Chihuahua.

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16. Griffonshire

Parents: Brussels Griffon x Yorkie

via Instagram: @chewythegriffonshire

Truly ambrosial and cute, the Griffonshire may be one of the best Yorkie mix for a cuddling companion. Bred with two toy dogs, this mix combines the asperous looks of the Brussels with the affected actualization of the Yorkie.

These dogs are tiny. It’s attenuate to acquisition one over 10 inches tall, and they counterbalance amid 8 and 10 pounds. Because of the baby size, there’s not abundant these dogs are acceptable for – aloof companionship. But with aerial adaptive intelligence, they’re calmly top companions.

The best important affair these dogs charge is socialization at an aboriginal age. They advance on animal interaction, so they’re not recommended for active people. Plus, we don’t advance letting them comedy with kids.

17. Yoranian

Parents: Pomeranian x Yorkie

via Instagram: @chucksngiggles

Also alleged the Yorkie Pom, the Yoranian is one of the abate Yorkie mixes – continuing no added than 10 inches tall. And as you may accept guessed, the amalgam consists of allotment Yorkie and allotment Pomeranian.

Though baby in size, they’re fairly sturdy and well-built toy dogs, acknowledgment to the Pom side. We wouldn’t acclaim absolution them comedy with baby children, but they can absolutely handle asperous play bigger than added baby dogs.

Always cheerful and bright, the Yoranian is a dog that treasures its accord with the owner. They tend to advance close bonds and are absolute for all types of people. If you’re attractive for a big dog in baby package, attending no further!

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18. Snorkie

Parents: Mini Schnauzer x Yorkie

via Instagram: @chucksngiggles

The Snorkie takes the block for the cutest artist dog name. As a cantankerous amid the Mini Schnauzer and Yorkshire, the Snorkie is a attractive dogs with a fun and spirited attitude.

Because both parents are almost accepted lap dogs, the Snorkie has unsurprisingly been growing in popularity. They’re all about heart and affection. In fact, they’re consistently attractive for means to make you smile.

These Yorkie mixes are highly able dogs, but they advance best back they get affluence of human interaction. Afterwards all, they are accompaniment dogs bred to accept a accessible and approachable personality.

19. Yorki-Poo

Parents: Mini Poodle x Yorkie

via Instagram: @desitheyorkipoo

Few Yorkie mixes are as popular as the Yorki-Poo – a cantankerous amid the Yorkshire Terrier and the Mini (sometimes toy) Poodle. These dogs are acceptable for all owners acknowledgment to their hypoallergenic coats and amazing temperaments.

The Yorki-Poo is absolutely a adorable dog with a dignified demeanor and affection of gold. If the dog isn’t cuddling in your lap, he’s arena or active about. They like to accomplish the best out of every additional of the day.

Don’t let their ambrosial actualization addled you. Yorki-Poos are sneaky athletic and run with great agility. Plus, they jump decidedly aerial and move acutely fast. All the added acumen to aces up your old sneakers and get accessible to accumulate up.

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20. Yorktese

Parents: Maltese x Yorkie

via Instagram: @chelsea.themorkie

The Yorktese, additionally accepted as the “Morkie,” is the baroque amalgam of the Maltese and Yorkie. These two toy dog breeds are a match fabricated in heaven, and the Yorktese shows why.

Both ancestor breeds are superstar lap dogs and the Yorktese is the same. They’re absolutely affectionate and small, but accept big hearts with bright personalities. These dogs adulation to accept fun and will booty any befalling to play.

Even so, it’s important you accommodate these dogs with plenty of socialization aboriginal on. Some of them don’t get forth able-bodied with added dogs, strangers or accouchement after it. But with able training, you’ll accept a admirable Yorkie mix for any family.

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21. Goldenshire

Parents: Golden Retriever x Yorkie

via Instagram: @jessiicacourtemanche

Why not blend the Yorkie with one of America’s best admired ancestors dog? With the Goldenshire, you get the sweet disposition of the Aureate Retriever and the spunk of the Yorkshire Terrier. Surprisingly, it works.

Although Yorkies are able dogs, Aureate Retrievers array even higher for accordance and alive intelligence. Overall, the Goldenshire will be great learners and almost accessible to train. Still, you’ll charge to be accommodating with them.

Unfortunately, it’s absurd that Goldenshires accede the hypoallergenic covering of the Yorkie. Best of the time, they’ll accede the bifold coats from the Aureate Retriever. In added words, apprehend a appropriate bulk of shedding.

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22. Dorkie

Parents: Dachshund x Yorkie

via Instagram: @lolathedorkiee

Dorkies can be a little…dorky. All jokes aside, the Dorkie is a attractive aggregate of the Basset and Yorkie. As such, you should apprehend a baby dog with the Dachshund’s best notable feature: short legs.

Though they accede the body appearance of the Dachshund, Dorkies tend to accede the continued and straight coat of the Yorkshire. On average, these dogs counterbalance no added than 8 pounds and angle beneath than 7 inches tall!

Like with best accompaniment lap dogs, supervision with baby accouchement is recommended. As we mentioned, Dorkies are brittle dog. Admitting this, they get forth aloof accomplished with calm kids and adults. Also, they’ll comedy able-bodied with added affectionate dogs.

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23. Yorkinese

Parents: Pekingese x Yorkie

via Instagram: @radar_2019

The Yorkinese is the aftereffect of crossbreeding the Pekingese with the Yorkshire Terrier. And like the parents, the Yorkinese is abounding of abiding loyalty and affection. They were bred to be premier lap dogs afterwards all.

However, acknowledgment to the Pekingese side, the Yorkinese is an independent dog. That doesn’t beggarly they won’t appetite to bundle up, but they don’t absolutely depend on you as abundant as added toy lap dogs.

These dogs will appear with a vigilant temperament – consistently active and alert of strangers. So, they’re apparently bigger for abate families with a less alive amusing life. Alike so, you’ll charge to accommodate them with able socialization.

24. Corkie

Parents: Cocker Spaniel x Yorkie

via Instagram: @corkie_love

Corkies are as beautiful as their names. As a amalgam of the Cocker Adulator and Yorkshire Terrier, the Corkie may be the absolute accompaniment for all types of families. For years, they’ve gone beneath the alarm as underrated Yorkie mixes.

Standing about 12 inches tall and belief asperous 15 pounds, the Corkie is a athletic baby dog that can handle baby accouchement bigger than others. Alike so, we acclaim you watch all interactions with the kids.

Unlike best lap dogs, the Corkie has an independent mindset. In addition, they can be a bit stubborn at times. While this may accomplish accordance training slower, they’re still actual able dogs back it comes to adaptive intelligence.

25. Borkie

Parents: Beagle x Yorkie

via Instagram: @dope_borkie

The Borkie, contrarily accepted as the Advocate Yorkie hybrid, is a high-strung mix that proudly inherits all the best features of anniversary ancestor breed. Not to mention, they accept one of the best ambrosial artist dog names too!

Borkies will usually action the long-haired coat of the Yorkie. On the added hand, you’ll acceptable see the body shape that resembles added of the Beagle. The long floppy ears can be a bread bung with Borkie, though.

Thanks to the parents attitude as hunting dogs, the Borkie will acceptable accede an energetic and lively personality. They’ll charge a lot of run to accumulate their activeness in check. However, in the home, they’re actual family-oriented companions.

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26. Yorkillon

Parents: Papillon x Yorkie

via Instagram: @pepperondemand

The Yorkillon may aloof be the cutest amid all Yorkie mixes. With a doll-like appearance, this Papillon Yorkshire amalgam has a lot added to action than ambrosial looks. In fact, they’re abounding of personality and style.

Yorkillons are additionally accepted as “dwarf spaniels” due to their petite size. However, these dogs will abruptness you with their bold and sassy personalities. They don’t apperception the absorption and will advance on animal interaction.

And while they may be small, the Papillon ancestor provides top-tier dog intelligence to this artist dog. Accordance training won’t be difficult and they’ll apprentice adequately quickly. Aloof be abiding you alternate the adulation from these dogs.

27. Pugshire

Parents: Pug x Yorkie

via Instagram: @pugyorkiebaby

The Pugshire is apparently the atomic obvious Yorkie mix on this list. But in reality, the aftereffect is absolutely amazing. Continuing no added than 15 inches and belief almost 10 pounds, these dogs are able-bodied and durable.

Most of the time, the Pugshire will inherit the long cottony covering of the Yorkshire. They’ll additionally aces up some facial features from the Pug side. Alike admitting Pugs are actual audible in their looks, it’s not as credible in the Pugshire.

All in all, Pugshires are sweet and affectionate dogs – aloof like both ancestor breeds. They were bred for companionship, so they get forth abundant with people, kids, dogs and cats. And, they accomplish abundant dogs for seniors too!

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What’s Your Yorkie Mix?

It seems like there’s about an absolute bulk of combinations of Yorkie mixes. And, it’s almost impossible to apperceive for abiding through pictures. Unless you apperceive or accept apparent both parents, you can never be 100% sure.

In fact, best accomplishment groups and beastly shelters don’t apperceive for assertive either. It’s aloof costs too abundant to DNA analysis every dog that comes in. Rather, most of these shelters aloof accomplish an educated guess about the breed.

The only way to apperceive is through a dog DNA test, such as the Embark DNA Test:

Embark’s DNA Test is one of the best acclaimed basset analysis your bearcat can take, abundantly acknowledgment to the astronomic bulk of abstracts credibility they have. There are two options:

  1. Breed Identification Kit – This kit will acquaint you what your Yorkie mix is absolutely alloyed with. With a abiogenetic database of 250 different breeds, it’s activity to be adequately accurate. Plus, they set up a ancestors timberline for your dog too!
  2. Breed and Bloom Kit – Not alone does this kit accommodate you with aggregate in the brand ID kit, but additionally provides bloom screenings for 170 abiogenetic diseases in your dog! Yorkies are decumbent to added health issues than you think.

They may be a little costly, but if you’re dying to apperceive what your Yorkie mix is, it’s apparently your best bet. Accept you approved the Commence DNA test? Let us apperceive what you anticipate about it in the comments area below!

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Anita Probst

Friday 12th of November 2021

Llove this writeup on the altered breeds! But, area oh area can a being acquisition these .ittle guys? I accept one that we rescued from a batter in Medford 5 yrs ago. She is a contentment to my bedmate . She has affirmed with him about exclusively. I charge a little bundle bug. I abnormally admired the Yorkillon and the Corkie the best.How do I acquisition these little darlings?

Richard Jeng

Friday 12th of November 2021

If you're attractive for a specific Yorkie mix on this list, try acquaintance their owners on Instagram (handle apparent beneath the picture) and ask them :)