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What Are Pit Beasts Bred to Do? – The Roles, Jobs & Aphotic History of the Pitbull

The American Pit Balderdash Terrier is one of the best accepted dog breeds in America (an estimated 3.6 actor Pit Beasts in 2018). And admitting their bad reputation, Pit Beasts can be admiring and affectionate dogs. However, their beefy anatomy and advanced arch makes you admiration what they were absolutely bred for.

So, what were Pit Beasts bred to do? The ancestors of the Pit Balderdash were originally bred in the Affiliated Commonwealth for balderdash baiting, ratting and dog fights. With Bulldogs, they were the dog-of-choice for the bloodsport. But afterwards accession in America, Pit Beasts were reinvented to be multi-purpose dogs. They’re best frequently acclimated as bouncer dogs, watch dogs or companions, but additionally serve abounding added purposes.

The history of Pit Beasts is not as simple as you would think. They’ve appear a continued way back their old days. Let’s dive into the affluent history and agent adventure of the Pit Balderdash to see why they were bred the way they are. We’ll additionally analyze the antecedent purpose these dogs.

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The Pit Balderdash Terrier

The most distinctive physical feature of the Blue Nose Pit Bull is the color of the nose.

The Pit Bull, additionally referred to as the American Pit Balderdash Terrier, is a dog brand accepted for its courage and strong will. And admitting their angel of actuality a alarming dog, they’re absolutely absolutely friendly and affectionate dogs.

With the able accordance training and socialization, Pit Beasts accomplish wonderful ancestors dogs. Admitting they can be stubborn at times, their clownish personalities accomplish them some of the best entertaining, alert dogs.

They’re some of the best playful dogs you can acquisition at their size. In fact, they accomplish abundant assembly for earlier children, abnormally back aloft in a admiring environment. Some owners accept gone as far as calling them amazing “nanny dogs” too.

I don’t accept kids myself, but my Pit loves them to death. With me, he’ll be absent-minded and run into things back he’s excited. But with children, he knows to be affable and calm. Such a acute dog!

– Joel L. (Pit Balderdash Terrier owner)

Throughout their history, Pit Beasts accept gone through many altered roles and jobs in society. Already feared and shunned, these dogs advance amid families all over the apple today. 

What’s absorbing is that these dogs managed to acceleration from their aphotic past, to become one of the best accepted dog breeds in America today.

Is the “Pit Bull” a Breed?

The abbreviate acknowledgment is no, they’re not. The Pit Balderdash technically isn’t a dog breed, per se. However, best Americans or dog lovers accredit to the American Pit Balderdash Terrier back adage the name.

In actuality, it’s added of a characterization or appellation that describes the group of assorted “bully breeds.” These dogs accommodate the Bull Terrier, American Staffordshire Terrier, Staffordshire Balderdash Terrier and the American Bulldog. You can apprehend added about the 4 types of Pit Bulls and their origins in this article.

What’s added absorbing is that alike dogs that don’t allotment any abiogenetic connection can be considered Pit Balderdash dogs. They artlessly alone accept to look like a Pit Bull and not abundant more. 

Furthermore, the American Pit Balderdash Terrier isn’t a recognized dog breed, according to the American Abode Club. In fact, it’s only accustomed as allotment of the terrier accumulation by the United Abode Club.

Some dog enthusiasts affirmation that the American Pit Balderdash Terrier and the American Staffordshire Terrier are the aforementioned breed. And although the two do allotment agnate genes, it is not absolutely the same. It’s acceptable the acumen why we don’t accept the American Pit Balderdash Terrier in the AKC admitting their bulge in America. 

Purpose-Bred Pit Bulls

Different dog breeds are characterized by their behavioral and physical traits. In the past, every brand of dog was bred to perform a assertive role in association or a assertive job. 

These jobs could ambit from retrieving birds, to hunting, accompaniment (lap dogs), or herding livestock. Some dog breeds served abounding altered jobs as an “all-purpose” dog.

When breeders are developing the breed, they baddest dogs from the clutter that show the best characteristics for the roles they appetite the dogs to perform. In added words, dogs assuming the best adeptness for the job are consistently best to abide breeding.

Physical Attributes & Behavior

Dogs that are aristocratic will accept behavioral tendencies that favor the acquirements of the role they are to perform. What’s more, they will additionally accept the physical attributes all-important for the role.

For example, Bound Collies were bred accurately to assemblage livestock. As a result, they’re one of the best herding dogs in the apple due to their quickness, assignment belief and herding instincts. 

On the added hand, Pit Bulls were bred with strength, agility and vigilance in mind. These qualities fabricated them perfect for abounding assorted tasks that crave such attributes.

These dogs additionally had a wide skull, stocky frame and muscular build. Because they were such beefy dogs, it was adamantine to advance them around, appropriately aperture opportunities to a advanced arrangement of abeyant jobs.

Obviously, analysis do comedy a part, but alike with abundant genetics, there is still a appropriate bulk of aberration aural breeds. 

What Pit Beasts Were Originally Bred to Do

The ancestors of the Pit Balderdash can be traced aback over 2000 years to the Affiliated Kingdom. Originally, the Pit Balderdash was bred from the Old English Bulldog, which has a attending not too antithetical from the American Bi-weekly today. 

If you didn’t already know, Pit Beasts are the aftereffect of crossbreeding bulldogs with assorted terrier breeds. So, their continued history and origins absolutely alpha with the bulldog.

These dogs were acclimated for balderdash baiting. It was a atrocious action in which a brace of bulldogs would abrade and advance a balderdash until the beastly gave up and collapsed. This was for authentic ball and annihilation more.

This sport, forth with other baiting sports, was outlawed in 1835 and so a new ailing action came of interest. This was alleged “ratting.” Dogs were alveolate adjoin rats in a antagonism as to whose dog could annihilate the best rats.

The name “Pit Bull” derives from the actuality that rats were put in a pit in a bid to accumulate them from escaping. Eventually, the advantaged action became dog fighting because this was easier to adumbrate from the authorities!

Since angry and ratting bare added acceleration and activity than a bi-weekly offered, this was back breeders began bridge bulldogs with terriers. This was back the aboriginal “official” Pit Balderdash Terriers came about.

Modifying Pit Balderdash Characteristics

Breeders fabricated acquainted decisions to brand Pit Balderdash Terriers with abounding of the characteristics Pit Balderdash owners adulation today. They were bred selectively and adopted if they showed characteristics that were unfavorable. 

For example, if a Pit Balderdash bit a human, alternative usually took abode and it wasn’t acclimated for breeding.

This is due to the actuality that Pit Balderdash owners had to be able to access the pit in adjustment to handle their dogs and, of course, they did not appetite to accept a chaw in the process!

Through accurate breeding, Pit Beasts became abundant more affectionate and friendly. They are abundant added geared added appear families and companionship.

Still, these dogs are belled for advancing bodies because of apathy and bad training of the owners. 

The American Dream: New Pit Balderdash Roles

The role of the Pit Balderdash absolutely afflicted back the British brought their Pits over to America. As mentioned, these dogs were originally bred for fighting. However, already in America, they became added of an all-purpose dog

They were bred for roles such as herding cattle, guarding/protecting for families or livestock, and hunting game. As such, they developed a acceptability as companions as able-bodied as working dogs due to their admiring address and adherence to humans.

The Pit Balderdash that bodies already knew had been reinvented into a absolutely altered dog. But unfortunately, the old stigma had latched on to these dogs in abounding cases. As a result, they’re still beheld as advancing dogs to those alien with the breed. 

As Pit Beasts became beneath of a angry dog and added of a companion, they became well-loved throughout America. In fact, during both Apple Wars, the Pit Balderdash was the mascot for the Affiliated States Army.

Finally a “Regular” Dog

Pit Beasts connected to be bred afterwards the wars and were assuredly beheld in a agnate way to added breeds of dogs for the aboriginal time. They were bred as a accompaniment dog. And, they were actual popular.

Obviously, there was apparently some Pit Balderdash angry still activity on abaft bankrupt doors but about speaking, these dogs were bred as loyal and admiring ancestors pets or for hunting, herding and guarding.

Changes to the Law

Unfortunately for the Pit Balderdash and abounding Pit lovers, the 1980’s saw a improvement of dog fighting. Aloof bisected a decade earlier, the Animal Abundance Act of 1976 declared dogfighting actionable in all 50 American States.

This was acutely a absolute development for these dogs because the ancestry of Pit Beasts to be stronger and tougher for fights decreased. Additionally, they weren’t accountable to these abhorrent practices and could assuredly alive accustomed dog lives in the homes of admiring families.

There is a acceptance that the conception of this law absolutely fabricated abyss added absorbed in dog angry already again. However, there is no abundant affirmation to aback this up.

Pit Beasts as Angry Dogs

The acceleration of actionable dogfighting, unfortunately, meant that abyss approved out Pit Beasts for ancestry in adjustment to run actionable dogfights. These bent breeders approved characteristics to brand the Pit Balderdash into a altered mold. In added words, they were actuality bred to action in adulterous clandestine underground fights.

There was an increase in appeal for these dogs and, as abounding of the breeders were ancestry them illegally, there was not abundant concern for the ancestry of social dogs with good temperaments.

The ancestry of Pit Beasts was purely for profit and little application was fabricated for annihilation else, such as attitude and amusing attributes.

Due to this actionable breeding, the Pit Balderdash became associated with crime and exploited schemes rather than the loyal assembly they already were.

The Atrophy & Acceleration of the Pit Bull

In 1987, Time Annual ran a awning adventure advantaged “The Pit Balderdash Acquaintance and Killer.” This acquired the Pit Balderdash to be feared by the accepted public, which led to abounding alone in shelters.

But admitting the media demonizing the Pit Bull, in 2007, these dogs were able to prove themselves already afresh acknowledgment to several beastly groups.

These organizations took a adventitious on rehoming alone Pit Bulls with abundant success. In fact, these organizations still abide to advice these dogs today.

When bodies began to apprehend that this dog could still be the affable accompaniment it already was, they became accepted dogs already again. If it weren’t for these groups, we would be cogent a abundant altered adventure today.

What Pit Beasts are Bred For Today

There is a lot more absolute press these canicule apropos Pit Beasts and Pit Bull-type dogs. In fact, abounding arresting abstracts accept called to accession these dogs, which gives them appropriate accent as a abundant pet.

Nowadays, the Pit Balderdash is already again, being bred to be a alive dog. They’re generally apparent in law enforcement, narcotics detection, chase and rescue, as analysis dogs and as account dogs.

Believe it or not, they’re additionally bred as show dogs and are abundant at weight affairs and activity amid added things. They accept so abundant versatility and it shows.

Due to their ancestry history and the characteristics that accept been bred into abounding Pit Bulls, unfortunately, abounding countries now ban or bind the ownership of these dogs. 

On the ablaze side, these obstacles haven’t chock-full bodies from admiring these dogs and appropriately bringing them into their homes.

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Carlos Carrera

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Jenny Rose

Friday 19th of June 2020

OK sooo IF what you affirmation is true, again DO ACQUAINT US... What did this commodity get amiss AND what IS the "TRUTH" about Pitbulls???

Richard Jeng

Tuesday 3rd of December 2019

Thanks for your comment, Carlos. It would be abundant if you could actual us (and everybody else) on what was misinformation and what is absolutely authentic according to the "best dogman." You're aloof criticizing after abetment up annihilation at this point.