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What Were Chihuahuas Originally Bred For? – The Accuracy About The Chihuahua’s Origins

Chihuahuas are little bundles of agreeableness and sass. Admitting these Mexican dogs are tiny, they accept big and admirable personalities. As a result, they’re some of the best accepted ancestors lap dogs today. But with their baby size, owners may admiration what they were bred to do.

So, what were Chihuahuas bred for? Chihuahuas are birth of an age-old dog, alleged the Techichi dog. The ancestors of the Chihuahua were originally bred for assorted purposes, such as companionship, religious ceremonies & rituals and food. However, avant-garde Chihuahuas are bred alone for accompaniment today.

There’s abundant added to the Chihuahua’s history than best bodies know. And clashing some dogs, it’s not as accessible as actuality atramentous and white. That said, let’s attending into the Chihuahua’s circuitous origins and ascertain the accurate affidavit why these dogs were bred.

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The Chihuahua Origins

Chihuahuas were bred from the Techichi dog from ancient Mexican civilizations.

For hundreds of years, we believed Chihuahuas originated from an age-old acculturation of Mexico. Admitting this is all true, accomplished advisers accept claimed that the ancestors of the Chihuahua actually originated from Asia. And to be specific, roots from China.

It’s absolutely a arguable claim, because how iconic and cogent the Chihuahua is to Mexican culture. They may not be the civic dog of Mexico (the Xoloitzcuintli is), but they ability as able-bodied be.

But admitting these contempo claims, we can cautiously say that the avant-garde abundance of the Chihuahua was developed in Mexico. That’s because they were bred from the age-old Mexican dog, alleged the Techichi

Bred From the Age-old Techichi

It’s been continued believed that Chihuahuas were developed from the ancient dog of Mexico’s Toltec indigenous tribe, alleged the Techichi dog. These dogs can be traced aback as far aback as 9th aeon AD

What’s absorbing about the Techichi is that they’re mute dogs. In added words, they didn’t bark. And it’s ambiguous if they absolutely knew how to bark. But because how Chihuahuas are belled barkers, it’s a bit adamantine to brainstorm they were acquired from these aphasiac dogs. 

Unfortunately, there isn’t abundant advice on these age-old Mexican dogs. We apperceive actual little about the antecedent breeds of the Chihuahua. The Techichi dogs are abolished today and aggregate scientists accept abstruse about them accept appear from old artifacts.

What Chihuahuas Were Originally Bred For

Nearly every distinct dog brand we apperceive today accept been advisedly bred for a job or role in society. For example, the Australian Shepherds were bred to assemblage livestock. Aureate Retrievers were bred to retrieve game. Alike Pit Beasts were bred for bull-baiting – an banned claret sport.

However, not all dogs were bred for a specific “working” job, including the Chihuahua. Still, these dogs served abounding jobs and purposes aboriginal on. In fact, the age-old Chihuahua arguably had the best abnormal roles in their society. The Chihuahua was absolutely a multi-purpose dog.

To awning all the aboriginal roles of the Chihuahua, we charge aboriginal attending at the Techichi in age-old Mexico. Admitting they’re not absolutely the aforementioned dogs, they are their true affiliated breed.

Chihuahuas as Sacrificial Dogs

As birth of the Techichi dog, Chihuahuas were accepted amid religious ceremonies and rites. Sadly, this agency that Chihuahuas were sacrificed during angelic Toltec practices.

In addition, affirmation suggests that the age-old Aztecs and Toltecs believed that these baby dogs guided the body to the abyss after death. For this reason, the Techichi dogs were generally active with their asleep ancestors associates and owner. 

Though it may assume like these age-old civilizations advised these dogs poorly, this is not the case. Back these dogs aren’t actuality sacrificed or buried, they were taken cared of actual well. The Toltec bodies admired these animals!

The bodies advised these dogs as angelic animals because of their connections to the religious ceremonies. And as you may accept guessed, they were some of the best accepted accompaniment pets aback again too – at atomic in age-old Mexico.

Chihuahuas For Food

Most of the western apple accept banned the burning of dogs today. Alike in added genitalia of the apple area arresting dogs is legal, it’s still advised anathema (such as Korea). 

However, this acumen was not consistently the case about the world. Best of the western apple did not ban the burning of bistro dog meat until the early 1900’s

With that said, Chihuahuas (Techichi dogs) were also bred to be food. In fact, about 10% of meat consumption of the age-old Mayans came from their admired dogs. 

It’s adamantine to appreciate why these bodies absitively to eat such a “sacred” pet. But some advisers accept that the civilization faced above aliment shortages and had to resort to such consumption. Still, we accept no absolute affirmation that can aback this theory. 

Bred as Companions

Aside from actuality sacrificed and eaten, Chihuahuas were additionally accepted companions for the families of the Toltec. Alike afterwards all these years, they accept remained some of the best dog assembly all about the world.

These dogs were (and still are) charming and affectionate, authoritative them absolute ancestors dogs no amount what time period. The bodies of the Toltec acculturation lived in baby homes about the awash age-old city. Because of this, befitting a baby aphasiac dog such as the Techichi was a absolute fit.

Similarly to how Chihuahuas are now some of the best accommodation dogs, the Techichi dogs were ideal for those active in that time period. 

What Chihuahuas are Bred For Today

The Chihuahua is the world’s aboriginal dog brand (full account of baby dogs) so they’re absolutely bound on what jobs they can absolutely do. That actuality the case, we can aphorism out herding, guarding, hunting, tracking and retrieving.

So what are Chihuahuas absolutely bred for today? Chihuahuas are alone bred as admiring accompaniment dogs today. And according to Purina, Chihuahuas are one of the top 11 best accompaniment dogs in the basset kingdom. However, in rural areas, there are still Chihuahuas that serve as accomplished ratting dogs.

Highly Accomplished Ratters

So what absolutely is a “ratter?” They’re dogs developed accurately for allowance bodies in the abduction and killing of rats. And although they’re abundant assembly for families, some will altercate Chihuahuas are alike bigger at hunting baby vermin (such as rats!).

As a amount of fact, these dogs are fearless ratters that booty bottomward squirrels, rats and added rodents in their built-in country of Mexico. This congenital skillset is their instinctive intelligence. It’s partly what makes the Chihuahua smarter than bodies think. 

Even afterwards domestication, these instincts to coursing still alive aural the Chihuahua. If you accept a rat botheration in your home, again a Chihuahua may be your best weapon! Accumulate in mind, these dogs are alone acclimated as ratters in added rural areas of Mexico.

The Ultimate Lapdog

Part of the Chihuahua’s agreeableness is that they accomplish such accomplished and affectionate lapdogs. With a able band and admiring relationship, there’s annihilation they adore added than cuddling up with their owner. And Chihuahuas adulation to do this with their ancestors members.

Joe, a Chihuahua owner, tells us:

My Chihuahua sits on my mom’s lap appealing abundant endlessly. If she lies bottomward she sleeps on her chest.

Other Reddit users chimed in, adage “that’s appealing typical” for a Chihuahua. 

Other says they’re not absolutely lap dogs, but rather abundant “velcro dogs.” And by velcro dogs, we beggarly they stick to you (the owner) or added ancestors members.

Another Chihuahua buyer on Reddit said,

If either of us are sitting down, Brinkley (Chihuahua) is in one of our laps. Back we accept one of his dog esplanade accompany over, there is consistently antagonism for for the accessible lap.

One buyer said, “mine follows me everywhere, hangs out in the bath back I’m accepting dressed, wants to sit at atomic beside me back I’m sitting, and sleeps abutting to me anytime I’m sleeping.

If you analysis out the Chihuahua Subreddit forum, there are actually hundreds and hundreds of owners cogent you the aforementioned thing. They all say that these dogs were meant to be lap dogs. And abiding enough, they’re one of the best in the apple at this “job.” 

Chihuahuas as Watchdogs 

Okay, they weren’t absolutely bred for this. About don’t belittle their watchdog abilities. Also, don’t get it confused. We’re adage they can be great watch dogs, and not guard dogs.

If you apprehend a Chihuahua to advance an burglar and avert the house, you’ll apparently be out of luck. But because these dogs are adequately territorial and yappy, apprehend them to case like a berserk back intruders come.

This can be a acceptable or bad thing. For example, if you accept a gated advanced backyard and pedestrians airing by, affairs are your Chihuahua will go investigate and case as they’re passing. With their always-alert ears, they assume to consistently aces up on the aboriginal of sounds.

It can be annoying to abounding owners. And it absolutely takes a while to get acclimated to. However, back exceptionable intruders absolutely access your property, you’ll be blessed that your little Chihuahua was able to active you and the family. 

Why Get a Chihuahua?

There are so abounding affidavit to accumulate a Chihuahua. They’re not decidedly difficult to affliction for. These dogs are accustomed shedders. They don’t crave as abundant concrete action as added dogs. 

In addition, they’re spirited and lively little dogs. There’s rarely a addled moment back you’re with a Chihuahua. Plus, they’re added able than bodies accord them acclaim for.

It’s absurd that you charge a Chihuahua to advice coursing vermin. You’re acceptable attractive for a companion, which these dogs were literally bred to do. 

When debating about a dog breed, accomplish abiding that you pick a brand because their attitude and personality fits yours. Also, accede your schedule, as some dogs can’t absorb too abundant time alone. Because Chihuahuas are accompaniment dogs, they can’t angle actuality abandoned all day long.

To accomplish the accord assignment amid your Chihuahua, you’ll charge to be accommodating with them. You’ll bound apprentice this back accordance training starts, as they’re stubborn little dogs.

Every adventitious you get, battery them with love and affection – annihilation less. In return, the Chihuahua will be one of the best loyal and absorbing assembly you’ll anytime own. Give the Chihuahua a try and you won’t affliction it!

So do you own a Chihuahua? Let us apperceive in the animadversion area what you anticipate about these accomplished roles and jobs of these admirable baby dogs.

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Rochelle D Forste

Monday 8th of November 2021

I grew up with chihuahuas mom and grandma both had the I'm 38 now and assuredly got my actual own my Brilliant takes abroad my affliction and all-overs and makes soo blessed and yes she is the better aboriginal lap dog anytime and I adulation her acknowledge you for absolution me share


Friday 5th of November 2021

"Some dog enthusiasts had ahead proposed a articulation amid the Chihuahua and miniature dogs from China. But the latest analysis appears to aphorism that out." -the aforementioned BBC commodity affiliated in the post

Man, amuse apprehend what you adduce but acknowledgment for giving acceptable sources. It's article best places don't do nowadays.

Veda Jasso

Tuesday 2nd of February 2021

Hello, I accept no abstraction who may apprehend this but I appetite to point out some inaccuracies aural the article. The abstraction appear in the Aristocratic Association Account bent that no articulation amid Chihuahuas and Asian origins could absolutely be found. Instead, it begin a absolute articulation from avant-garde Chihuahua to Mexican pre-Columbian dogs. Secondly, this commodity attempts to accomplish sacrificial offerings abrogating but in reality, it's absolutely the opposite: the chihuahua was called to be sacrificed due to the abundant ability they were perceived to possess.

Mary beckett

Thursday 17th of October 2019

I've been adopting n ancestry sence I was 8 I'm 58 now Chihuahua alone brand I had or appetite to accept still begin out some facts I didn't apperceive wow acknowledge u.i accept 5 now grandmom5 bearing n dad n granddad aunt n mom n I kept one of the puppie I accumulate all 80 if I lived on a acreage I had my dream appear accurate berth of my babe Chihuahua had there pup at aforementioned time 10 puppie all to my cocky I kept them in my bed allowance I was afraid they accept there own personality n affection it went to fast b4 I knew it there were in abundant new home I still accumulate acquaintance with all but 2 80 over the years I mt there puppy n I'm actual beholden for that. N additionally accumulate the puppy if there owners move n charge time so they won't accept to accord them up or aloof for a babyish babysitter adulation it now I accept in basset specialist Stanford academy again I'm activity to vet academy n there appealing dam acute at atomic my amber smarter again the old one she goes on cardboard they won't there starting to chase amber n go on cardboard to acknowledge god they go afterwards bigger dog again them they assume to.forget there Chihuahua adulation every distinct abundance n all the blow that why god on apple .

Richard Jeng

Thursday 17th of October 2019

That's amazing, acknowledgment for administration Mary!