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43 Funny Pug Jokes – The Internet’s Best Pug Puns

We can all accede that pugs are amazing dog breeds with arbitrary personalities. Their concrete appearance are alike added different with their wrinkly, abbreviate acclimatized face and coiled tail. All of which, accomplish these dogs the absolute for some amusing pug jokes or able puns.

After a ton of time and accomplishment spent on tracking these bottomward throughout the internet, these are the best jokes (including puns and memes) that we could acquisition – in no accurate order.

If you feel like i’m missing a pug joke, leave your antic in the animadversion area below. If we like it, we’ll add it to this list! We are consistently afterlight this account of jokes.

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Best Pug Jokes on the Internet

Not all dog jokes can administer to pugs, but the ones that do are affirmed to accomplish you laugh. These are our admired pug jokes on the internet. Are we missing anything?

1. Question: What do you alarm a pug that’s been in the sun all day?

Answer: A hot dog

2. Question: How to you about-face a pug into a watchdog?

Answer: You accord him a Rolex.

3. So, I Bought My Wife a Pug…

My wife begged me to get her a dog, so I brought home a pug aftermost night. Admitting the bad-tempered face, billowing eyes, squashed bill and rolls of fat, the dog absolutely seemed to like her.

4. Accelerate this pug jokes account to your friend, again attending in the mirror 🙂

A pug waiting for his friend's reaction to the pug jokes.

5. Two Men are Walking their Dogs (a Doberman and a Pug)

They were craving and absitively to grab some aliment at a restaurant nearby. Aloft entering, they see a ample assurance acquaint abutting to the access door: “NO DOGS ALLOWED”.

“I apperceive what to do, aloof chase my lead,” says the man with the Doberman. He puts on a brace of sunglasses and walks in. 

The aide bound spots him and credibility to the sign, adage “I’m apologetic sir, your dog can’t be in here.” The man replies, “Oh, i’m dark and this is my adviser dog.”

“Really? A Doberman for a adviser dog?” The aide asks. 

“Of course, Dobermans are actual loyal and protective. They accomplish accomplished adviser dogs.” replied the man. The aide had no best but to advance the man to a table.

The additional man with the pug throws on his sunglasses and enters. The aide tells him “I’m apologetic sir, we don’t acquiesce dogs here.”

The man replies, “Oh, you don’t understand. I’m dark and this is my adviser dog.”

“A Pug for a adviser dog?” The aide asks.

“A Pug?” The man asks. “They gave me a Pug?!”

6. Question: Area do pugs go afterwards they lose their tail?

Answer: The re-tail store

7. Pug: alibi me, I anticipate my cake’s on fire

Why did you light this pug's cake on fire?

8. Question: What’s a agreeable apparatus that all pugs can play?

Answer: The Trom-bone

9. Question: Why don’t pugs comedy nice with added dogs?

Answer: Because they’re all about that pug life.

10. Question: What do you alarm a pug that can comedy American football?

Answer: A Pugskin

11. The alone pug that’s not accepting any fun

Throwing a pug around will result in a bad time.

12. Question: Why do pugs like to use corpuscle phones?

Answer: Because phones accept collar ID

13. Mike Tyson the Pug

A adult has a bedmate who frequently campaign all over the apple for business. She is generally anxious about her safety, actuality home abandoned all the time.

One day, she decides to get herself a bouncer dog for abundance and protection.

She active to a specialized trainer and asks for the best barbaric bouncer dog they have. The trainer responds, “that would be Mike Tyson, aloof delay one second.”

He goes aback to the abode and brings out a little pug.

“That’s him? He’s tiny!” she exclaimed. 

The trainer replies, “That’s true, but watch this.” He looks at the pug and says “Mike Tyson – tire!” In a flash, the pug lunges at the additional annoy in the bend and rips it to sheds in a amount of seconds. 

Stunned, the woman says “I’ll booty him!”

The woman is athrill and brings the pug home. She decides to try out the dog’s appropriate accomplishment as anon as she got home.

“Mike Tyson – chair!” she commanded. The pug rips the armchair to shreds, as expected.

The abutting day the bedmate allotment from a cruise and says, “That’s your bouncer dog?! It’s cute, what’s his name?”

The woman replies, “Mike Tyson.” The man bursts into tears of laughter: “Mike Tyson….my ass!”

14. The little pug is actually terrified 

Little pug, meet big pug.

15. Question: What do you do afterwards a pug eats your dictionary?

Answer: You booty the words appropriate out of his mouth

16. The Pug Attractive for Justice

A abstruse three-legged pug with a cowboy hat walks into a bar, climbs on the top of the bar adverse and exclaims, “i’m attractive for the man that attempt my paw.”

17. Exercise? What’s that? Aloof bear the fries!

The pug thought you said extra fries!

18. Why God gave us pugs

It’s generally said that pugs are active affidavit that God, in fact, does accept a acceptable faculty of humor.

19. Question: Why do pug farts aroma so bad?

Answer: For the account of the bodies who are audition impaired.

20. This is article that all pug owners can chronicle to

How come every time my pug sneezes at me, im yawning?

Further reading:

Incredible Pug Puns

The name “pug” is short, simple and rhymes or meshes altogether with a deluge of words we use on an every day basis. In added words, pugs are the absolute dogs for puns. Here’s what we mean:

21. A pug agriculturalist had 198 pugs in his farm, but back he angled them up, he had 200 pugs.

22. My dog doesn’t comedy nice with added dogs. I assumption he’s all about that pug life.

23. Sorry, I pugged the toilet.

A pug stuck in the toilet.

24. Angelic pugamole! My dog ate the accomplished avocado aural a amount of second.

25. Afterwards a continued day at work, the man allotment to his home to acquisition that his dog had besmirched his living. He yelled, ” For pugs sake, this is the third time this week!”

26. Oh no! Not the bed pugs again…

Be careful not to get bed pugs.

27. My pug farted while on the elevator. It was amiss on so abounding levels!

28. The acumen why pugs are so accepted is because they’re fun and free-spirited. Some ability alike say they’re absolutely the pawty animal.

29. The puggle is real.

30. Officially, my new admired drink: The pugkin aroma latte.

31. Is that Bearded Pugger and the Sorcerer’s bone?

Hairy pug-ger

32. This little one is all about that pug life.

This little pug is all about that pug life.

33. The best affair about my dog is that every time I appear home, he showers me with pugs and kisses.

34. I larboard the allowance for one minute and my pug got to my pizza. It’s now a pug-aroni pizza.

35. I’d like to accept some s-pug-hetti with a ancillary of rolls, please.

Spaghetti and pug go together like peanut butter and jelly.

36. Me to my pug: I told you i’d get the kibbles, amuse stop puggin‘ me.

37. Do you apperceive why pugs like french chips so much? Because their admired vegetable is the pugtato.

38. Annihilation to see here, it’s aloof a pugboat.

A pug hanging out poolside.

39. No amount what happens in life, accepting your pug by your ancillary keeps things pugsitive.

40. Question: What do you alarm a farting pug?

Answer: A fetor pug.

41. I admiration what this pug did to end up here…

What did this pug do?

42. It’s adamantine not to blow back your dog is so puggin‘ awesome.

43. Sometimes pug memes and puns are terrible. In fact, I acquisition them re-pug-nant.

Submit Your Pug Puns & Jokes

If you feel like we’ve absent a abundant pug joke/pun, let us apperceive in the comments area below! We try our best to acquisition the very best on the internet but are consistently attractive for added abundant jokes. 

We analysis these comments often, and if we like your joke, able-bodied accommodate it on this list!

If you feel like you should be accustomed for a picture, leave a bulletin in the animadversion area beneath and able-bodied acquaintance you to verify and appropriately acclaim you.

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Tuesday 31st of Baronial 2021

What do you alarm a dog that’s hot A HotDog

Richard Jeng

Tuesday 31st of Baronial 2021



Wednesday 15th of July 2020

Owner to pug: why are your anxiety all wet? Pug to owner: I stepped in a puggle


Sunday 28th of June 2020

What do you alarm a hot pug...

A hotdog


Friday 27th of December 2019

Love me some pugs!


Thursday 21st of February 2019

Love these, so funny I alike admired the Annoy Potter one alike admitting I abhorrence annoy Potter