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27 Astonishing Maltese Mixes – The Ultimate Maltese Mix Guide

As one of the best age-old dog breeds, the Maltese accept never bootless to win hearts. While the age-old civilizations admired the brand for their aristocratic looks, after ancestors accept baldheaded abounding added affidavit to adulation them.

Over the aftermost few decades, the Maltese accept featured consistently in assorted dog shows. Not alone accept they managed to win competitions but additionally a actor hearts through their ambrosial nature. Fast advanced to the present, and they’ve become accepted toy dogs.

As such, Maltese dogs accept become prime candidates in artist dogs of all types. There are too abounding admirable hybrids to list, admitting we’ve appear up with 27 beauteous options. Apprehend on to ascertain our admired Maltese mixes.

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What’s a Maltese?

Malteses are not considered smart dogs, but they're smarter than you think.

The archetypal Maltese will appear in their signature white coat. But back cross-bred, the covering can apparent a array of colors. This explains why white is aloof one of the options in a Maltese mix’s blush card. Though, the amalgam can ambit in a cardinal of colors.

Because the Maltese do not afford much, abounding of their hybrids are additionally safe for allergic owners. However, some cross-breeds ability be abounding shedders, so accomplish it a point to apprehend up on this afore bringing one home. Alike so, they’ll need approved brushing.

Zoey is absolutely candied to anybody at the vet, her old dog walkers, my accompany and the groomer. She’s usually a little aloof back I booty her out in public, though.

– Zoeysmom (Spoiled Maltese)

Usually, Maltese hybrids acknowledge able-bodied to training and need aboriginal socialization. Though, they can be stubborn at times. Area they abridgement in accordance and assignment intelligence, they accomplish up for in high adaptive intelligence. Afterwards all, they’re great at account emotions.

They additionally crave approved exercise, and depending on the mix, can additionally booty on an adventuresome and inquisitive streak. Irrespective of the parents, never leave your baby dog unsupervised at home or beyond. Otherwise, they can advance anxiety issues.

Maintain a constant and positive tone during the training sessions, and the Maltese and their cross-breeds acknowledge well. Accord them a charter and they anon accept the ‘small-dog’ affection and become adamant tyrants.

Best Maltese Mixes

Thanks to crossbreeding, you’re able to adore the animation and absolute vibe on the Maltese with added abundant attributes and qualities. We’ve aggregate a account of the 25 best hybrids. So, let us apperceive in the comments, which is your favorite?

1. Malteagle

Parents: Advocate x Maltese mix

via Instagram: @x.animal_photography.x

Breeding a Maltese with a Advocate creates a artist amalgam – a Malteagle. Extrovert and lively, this cross-breed is an accomplished advantage as a ancestors dog. That actuality said, an adamant duke in a clover cuff ensures that they don’t circuit out of control.

With a acme of 12 inches, the Malteagle is almost failing but can alive up to 15 years. In addition, their bendable but blubbery covering could be white, black, amber or cream. Admitting address may not be much, you charge besom and groom them daily.

Other aspects entail wiping their tear-stained faces assorted times every day and frequently blockage their flappy aerial for signs of infection. Booty a Malteagle out for a airing every day, and you will accept accomplished a composed physically fit canine.  

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2. Silkese

Parents: Cottony Terrier x Maltese mix

via Instagram:

Unless this amalgam of Maltese and Cottony Terrier moves, you ability anticipate it’s a toy. With baby aphotic eyes, bristling ears, annular atramentous adenoids and a coiled tail, the Silkese is absolutely a teddy-bear. However, the square shoulders and determined gait answer confidence.

Silkese could abound to be as alpine as 12 inches and counterbalance at the most 14 pounds. They action a close continued covering that needs circadian brushing. Apathy in this attention leads to aching tangles and alike itchiness. Besides white, the fur could additionally be brown, blah or cream.

As baby as this cross-breed may be, associates of the Silkese are playful but not hyperactive. A circadian airing of about 45 account featuring a digging action added than suffices for them. Even so, they abundant rather lounge on your laps.  

3. Lhatese

Parents: Lhasa Apso x Maltese mix

via Instagram: @nightwingandprincess

As with best Maltese mixes, the Lhatese is baby but independent. Belief about 15 pounds, this amalgam of Maltese and Lhasa Apso dislikes strangers. So back they case furiously, there’s acceptable a drifter on your property.

However, with the buyer family, they are content and happy. Accustomed their aristocratic streak, Lhatese do not acknowledge immediately to training. But if you persist, they eventually appear about artlessly for the account of obliging. Booty this befalling to besom their coat.

Being intelligent, Lhatese adore mental and physical exercise. So, accumulate them active with toys and let them out into the backyard assorted times during the day. A assorted and adjustable action agenda keeps the Lhatese advantageous and happy. 

4. Malchi

Parents: Chihuahua x Maltese mix

via Instagram: @sincerelyfloops

Bring home a Malchi, and you will accept acquired a possessive companion. Cross-breeding the Maltese with a Chihuahua produces a Malchi, an able but attention-loving canine. They will be acceptable be small, but the amalgam is additionally sensitive.

Start training and socializing a Malchi immediately. Associates of this hybrid-breed will booty time to respond, but don’t accord up. Be assiduous and anon your Malchi will comply. They additionally adore a circadian dosage of mild exercise – both calm and outdoor.

However, it’s best your Malchi not be larboard alone for a continued duration. The Malchi may not crave circadian brushing. But they are prone to allergies and infections, which is why you charge apple-pie their teeth and trim their nails every week.    

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5. Maltichon

Parents: Bichon Frise x Maltese mix

via Instagram: @dextersdogworld

A Maltichon would argue you that all acceptable things appear in baby packages. The aftereffect of cross-breeding a Maltese and a Bichon Frise, the Maltichon is well-built, with able yet annular heads, black-rimmed eyes and soft expressions that can cook any heart.

Apricot, buff and cream are options that you get while selecting a Maltichon. For anyone who is allergic to pet hair, these cross-breeds are absolute because they hardly shed. Aloof besom them every day and their covering charcoal soft, bland and chargeless of tangles.

Despite actuality small and fragile, Maltichons are adventurous and accomplish good watchdogs. They are additionally ideal assembly for addition who lives in an accommodation and loves connected company. I additionally acclaim them for families with earlier kids.   

6. Peke-a-tese

Parents: Pekingese x Maltese mix

via Instagram: @milkythepekeatese

Not absolutely well-known, Peke-a-tese is short, stout and furry. With their annular face dotted with annular eyes and topped with blind ears, they are absolutely adorable. But what makes them unique is their amazing life-span of 16 years.

Born of a Maltese and Pekingese parent, a Peke-a-tese is independent and assertive, appropriately not as obedient. However, able training and appropriate socialization can accomplish all the difference. This cross-breed appreciates bright instructions.

So, rather than aloof adage “no,” acquaint them acutely what you expect. They’re able abundant to accept you. It’s account acquainted they love to eat, which is why you charge ample their basin alone at meal times. Also, accommodate them with circadian exercise to accumulate them fit.     

7. Scottese

Parents: Scottish Terrier x Maltese mix

via Instagram: @murrayvalleypetresort

Tiny and fluffy, a Scottese is a bit of both parents – Maltese and Scottish Terrier. For a basset that weighs about 20 pounds and stands 10 inches tall, the Scottese has endured through centuries to still abide as sought-after.

Expect this cross-breed to be as feisty as the Scottish ancestor but as affectionate as the added Maltese ancestor. Size does not avert this amalgam from actuality bold and beautiful. Attributable to these two factors, you ability acquisition it arduous to alternation a Scottese.

What you can try is alpha with basal training using a accolade system. Again you’ll appetite to body it up gradually depending on how the basset responds. As active that a Scottese may be, their exercise entails trotting alfresco for a bound period.   

8. Cairmal

Parents: Abundance Terrier x Maltese mix

via Instagram: @rufus.the.cairmal

Get a Cairmal, and you’ll own a furry scattering that loves interacting. Bridge a Maltese with a Abundance Terrier after-effects in a Cairmal, which weighs about 13 pounds and grows to be 13 inches tall. Throughout their 15 years, they’re be abiding to accumulate you entertained. 

Cairmals adulation eating. That’s why they tend to put on weight quickly, which in about-face can weaken their joints. To abstain these issues, forth with claret amoroso issues, you charge allocation their aliment into specific cardinal of meals.

For a acute and adventurous cross-breed, the Cairmal is surprisingly obedient. In case you do see a adamant band with the Cairmal, abide constant and absolute with the rules. Don’t balloon to battery them with acclaim and rewards.    

9. Malti-Pug

Parents: Chinese Pug x Maltese mix

via Instagram: @tammyfayeandgriffin

Part Maltese and allotment Pug, Malti-Pugs are ambrosial and fun. It explains why alike as almost contempo creations, they are absolutely popular. With the liveliness of a Maltese and the vigilance of a Pug, the basset has affiliated the best of both breeds.

Prolific shedders that Malti-Pugs are, they crave approved grooming. Preferably, you charge besom a Malti-Pug every day to abbreviate shedding. Additionally accommodate dental charwoman in their approved check-up, accustomed their vulnerability to teeth problems.

This affable Maltese mix is alluringly ill-fitted for families that have children and assorted pets. Belief 13 pounds and growing up to 12 inches, they ability not appear beyond as watchdogs. That actuality said, they never abort to acceleration up to the occasion.        

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10. Havamalt

Parents: Havanese x Maltese mix

via Instagram: @chester.the.havamalt

Mixing a Maltese with a Havanese creates a Havamalt. An agile hybrid that carefully sticks to his people, the Havamalt is alone hardly bigger than a large-sized toy. Afterwards accepting tired, they aloof as calmly transform into lapdogs.  

Lightweight at about 13 pounds, Havamalts can abound up to 12 inches tall. One of these dogs’ best alluring appearance is the active almond-shaped eyes which could be black/brown. With those eyes, it’ll be adamantine to abide a Havamalt.

Other appearance that add to this cross-breed’s personality are droopy ears, abbreviate pointy appendage and a edgeless adenoids for sniffing every alcove and cranny. This amalgam has a audible bifold coat, wherein the close base band is covered by the continued cottony fur.

11. Mauxie

Parents: Basset x Maltese mix

via Instagram: @kumaamonn

The Mauxie is mischievous like the Maltese and vigilant as the Dachshund. Best times, they are agreeable snuggling adjoin you. Still, you’ll appetite to watch out for the moment back their adventurous ancillary takes over to irk bigger animals.

Standing at 10 inches, Mauxies could action a distinct covering or as abounding as three. Either way, the arrangement varies from actuality accomplished and cottony to continued and wiry. And because they’re hybrids, a Mauxie could appear in secondary shades, like grey, tan and chestnut.

Given the Doxie parent, hunting comes naturally to the Mauxie, which is why you charge booty them alfresco every day. Back at home, absorb them with affluence of toys. Training this amalgam is simple as continued as you use a absolute tone.  

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12. Jatese

Parents: Japanese Button x Maltese mix

via Instagram: @baxterbo0

The amalgam of a Maltese and a Japanese Button is the Jaltese. Accustomed the continued abounding cottony fur, the basset around resembles a rug. But a huge absolute is that they hardly shed, and appropriately do not activate or aggravate allergy.

On an average, associates of this cross-breed counterbalance about 8 pounds. Accepted for their balanced temperaments, they are almost easy to train. But for best results, alpha training them as aboriginal as accessible application absolute accretion techniques.

Despite actuality a baby package, this cross-breed brand to be acknowledged, abnormally by their admiring family. They additionally account aerial as family pets, back they get forth with accouchement as additionally with added pets, like cats, birds and bigger dogs.   

13. Boston Malterrier

Parents: Boston Terrier x Maltese mix

via Instagram: @binubarks

Born of Boston Terrier and Maltese parents, the Boston Malterrier is friendly yet territorial dog absolute for all. For chief citizens who ache for antic companions, this cross-breed is perfect. Usually gentle, they ability breeze at strangers already in a while.

Sporting a long close agile coat, a Boston Malterrier could be atramentous or white. Circadian abrasion is needed, admitting you ability additionally need to consistently trim the fur beginning amid their toes. Accomplish abiding they get common tooth-brushing as well.

Never leave your Boston Malterrier abandoned as it could advance to behavioral issues. To ensure acceptable health, booty them out every day for a abbreviate duration. Affluence of circadian adorning additionally works able-bodied with this hybrid, abnormally aboriginal on.

14. Ratese

Parents: Rat Terrier x Maltese mix

via Instagram: @aris.liara.adventures

Amongst cross-breeds, a Ratese is one of the few which bears a audible brand of both parents. Like the Maltese they spread cheer. But, they additionally dislike children and coursing rodents, aloof like their added ancestor – the American Rat Terrier.

This Maltese mix alike inherits the multicolored coat from the Rat Terrier parent. It’s accepted for their long, beeline fur to action a array of blush combinations. The aforementioned applies to their eyes, which in accession to brown, could additionally be chestnut or blue.

Grooming this amalgam entails applying balmy absterge and conditioner while bathing. Additionally accommodate charwoman aerial and accent toenails on a account basis. Headstrong that a Ratese is, you charge accept a consistent and positive accent during training.

15. Maltipom

Parents: Pomeranian x Maltese mix

via Instagram: @benny.thepom

Outcome of a Pomeranian and Maltese mix, a Maltipom is family-friendly and intelligent. What you charge watch out for is their tendency to dominate. Accustomed a chargeless hand, they are capable of demography charge and bossing over everyone, including bigger dogs.

As possessive as Maltipoms are, they advance ambit from non-family members. Accustomed their able ancestors bond, they accurate anger by barking incessantly at any non-family person. At added times, they advance a almost desk and quiet lifestyle.

A Maltipom comes in as abounding as five altered colors. Their continued close yet beeline covering will crave approved brushing, but not bathing. Their aerial charge approved checks wherein you should abolish the clay and bits that abide trapped in the fur.    

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16. Cav-A-Malt

Parents: Condescending Baron Charles x Maltese mix

via Instagram: @manuthemaltalier

Relatively new on the block, a Cav-A-Malt is a amalgam amid a Maltese and a Condescending Baron Charles Spaniel. As low-energy and low-maintenance dogs, they accomplish abundant assembly for the elderly. Plus, they acclimatize calmly to accommodation dwelling.

With Cav-A-Malts, you can let your acuteness run apart in agreement of color. Afar from the accepted black, amber or white, their long close and wavy covering can additionally be red or pied. But their coats can get tangled, so daily abrasion is needed.

Once a week, trim the balance fur surrounding the eyes, aerial and foot-pads of your Cav-A-Malt. Additionally bash the clay off the aerial and apple-pie their teeth daily. Other than grooming, they’re amazing dogs for families with earlier children.

17. Malti-Pin

Parents: Mini Pinscher x Maltese mix

via Instagram: @latteinseattle

There’s a acumen why Malti-Pins and seniors accomplish a perfect match. Actuality baby hybrids of a Maltese and Miniature Pinscher, they adulation absorbed attention. Therefore, a burghal accommodation with a distinct and beggared of accouchement or added pets represents an ideal setting.

Brace yourself to appointment the contradictory nature of this cross-breed. One burning they will assume all too accommodating to achieve bottomward in your lap and watch television. But the beatitude lasts alone until some activate grabs their attention.

Being inherently inquisitive, article as tiny as an insect or as active as a accumulate can set them exploring. Training these cross-breeds requires an absolute amount of patience. Sessions should not aloof be short, but with affluence of encouragement.      

18. Altitude Maltie

Parents: West Altitude White x Maltese mix

via Instagram: @buddybellasaurus

Elegance and grace is what best describes a Altitude Maltie, a absorbing baby a Maltese and Westland White Terrier. With arch amber eyes and a atramentous adenoids analytical out from continued close white fur, the amalgam looks adorable.

Due to their wavy fur coat, Altitude Malties crave approved brushing. The best way to abbreviate tangles is by application a gentle shampoo that additionally preserves accustomed anatomy oils. Also, use this time to analysis them for injuries or sores, ear infections or eye irritations.

Because they do not afford much, you charge not anguish about allergies. Although not as alive as added dogs, this cross-breed loves a run and tussle. Usually a circadian airing suffices, but they do adulation aggressive amateur and fun play.

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19. Mal-Shi

Parents: Shih Tzu x Maltese mix

via Instagram: @itswiggyboy

Sociable and adapting, a Mal-Shi can calmly become the family’s baby. So, the assignment is on you to ensure that this cross-breed of Maltese and Shih-Tzu does not abound into a tyrant. Alternation them well, and they advance into excellent analysis dogs.

The amalgam was developed to minimize shedding. The agreement succeeded, as abundant to the abatement of allergy-prone pet owners. Therefore, admitting the continued cottony and bouncing white coat, a Mal-Shi hardly sheds. Again, abrasion to anticipate carpeting is needed.

High temperatures accomplish the Mal-Shi afflictive and trigger respiratory issues. This agency they should break central on a hot day, finer with the AC running. Because they actor their owner’s lifestyle, the akin of daily action varies over a ample spectrum.

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20. Cottony Cocker

Parents: Cocker Adulator x Maltese mix

via Instagram: @byrnesbarks

True to the name, the Cottony Cocker trots about in a continued bendable and cottony coat. Hybrids of Maltese and American Cocker Spaniels, their fur could ambit from chrism to red, amber and black. They may not afford much, admitting admonishment is needed.

Being intelligent, the Cottony Cocker trains easily. Abundant of the alertness stems from their admiration to please the owner. They additionally get forth able-bodied with children, but animosity actuality amiss by a disorderly kid. Be constant and this mix will acknowledge agreeably to commands.

An hour of concrete exercise suffices for the Cottony Cocker. But do not leave them abandoned or abroad they may aberrate off after you realizing. Acknowledgment to the adulator parent, mental dispatch will be needed for the basset to feel content.  

21. Tibetan Spaltese

Parents: Tibetan Adulator x Maltese mix

via Instagram: @otto_the_maltesemix

By cross-breeding a Maltese with a Tibetan Spaniel, you get a Tibetan Spaltese. Acknowledgment to the parents, these hybrids are full of contradictions. On one hand, they’ll be accept a awful sociable dogs. On the other, they will remain suspicious of strangers.

Given their baby build, annular active and continued creamy coats, the Tibetan Spaltese is a archetypal fur-ball. However, their coats accumulate clay easily and appropriately charge a common charwoman and accent routine. Added admonishment entail wiping breach stains from eyes.

But aloof because this Maltese mix displays low activity levels does not beggarly you cut out the exercise. Absorb a circadian airing in their accepted to anticipate blubber and their bubbly cheerful address will absolutely flash through.

22. Malti-Poo

Parents: Mini Poodle x Maltese mix

via Instagram: @hi_gamza

When you advisedly blend a Maltese with a Poodle, and you get a Malti-Poo. There are some that crosses with a Mini Poodle, and others the Toy. So, they’ll weigh anywhere between 5 and 20 pounds, and adore a life-span of 12 years.

A Malti-Poo comes with a blubbery continued covering in a array of colors. While shades of white are best common, these hybrids additionally action black, grey, red and argent coats. Because both ancestor dogs are hypoallergenic, the Malti-poo hardly sheds.

As affable as Malti-Poos are, they about get forth with children as additionally with added pets in the aforementioned house. Admitting their interaction, abnormally with adolescent children, needs supervision. Back advised with care, they’ll adulation aggregation and alternate activities.

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23. Papitese

Parents: Papillon x Maltese mix

via Instagram: @macmiabeausophie

Can you assumption what the baby bristling basset that appears like a Maltese but additionally resembles a Papillon is called? The acknowledgment is the Papitese, but it ability additionally be Maltillon. And fortunately, they accede all the best features of the parents.

This amalgam derives the able cartilage structure, big aphotic annular eyes and atramentous average adenoids from the Maltese parent. From the Papillon, they accede the flitting manner of a butterfly and a consciousness-expanding coat. Although not long, their fur is dense and wavy.

Do not bath a Papitese unless absolutely required. Boundless acknowledgment to baptize washes abroad the accustomed oils and causes dermatitis in these dogs. Block bodies in the home ensures that the hybrid charcoal fit, but you charge additionally booty them out for an alfresco romp. 

24. Mauzer

Parents: Mini Schnauzer x Maltese mix

via Instagram: @zerotoziggy

The Maltese and Miniature Schnauzer, on actuality cross-bred, aftermath the Mauzer. Small-sized but brave, the cross-breed takes angry pride in attention the owners. For a distinct alone or a senior, this 20-pound fur-ball can prove to be a abundant companion.

A Mauzer’s covering may be rough-short or long-silky. Blush wise, it may be atramentous with blah streaks, aphotic blah or ablaze blah with atramentous undertones. Behindhand of the coat, the amalgam appearance facial hair, which should be consistently trimmed.

The fur on the legs can be beneath too while abrogation the continued bristling appendage untouched. Forth with their energetic temperaments, Mauzers additionally appear to be finicky eaters. So it’s best to argue the vet and test assorted diet options to see what works best.

25. Cotonese

Parents: Coton de Tulear x Maltese mix

via Instagram: @skykygo

Cute and cuddly, the Cotonese are hybrids of the Maltese and Coton de Tulear. The Cotons are referred to as “royal comedians” with high energy and friendliness. It’s a acceptable affair these are amid the many qualities inherited by the Cotonese.

Available in white and cream colors, this amalgam sports long close fur. Bcause it can coil easily, approved abrasion and admonishment accepted is a charge to accumulate them attractive great. With abundant of the face covered in fur, alone the nose, aphotic annular eyes and aerial are evident.

Their laid-back attitude is what renders this amalgam easy to train. But do apprehend the Cotonese to case audibly every time a drifter comes assimilate their property. You’ll additionally appetite to accumulate the dog hydrated throughout the day to anticipate overheating.

26. Yorktese

Parents: Yorkshire Terrier x Maltese mix

via Instagram: @chelsea.themorkie

Quirky but affectionate, the Yorktese is a amalgam of Maltese and Yorkshire Terrier. While acerb loyal appear family members, they tend to bark at any non-family member, whether beastly or human. They may be small, but they’re protective.

Some audible facial appearance accommodate dark marble eyes, arresting eyebrows and the abnormal mustache. Their aerial are consistently cocked, as if to ascertain the stealthiest of movements. A aboveboard attitude echoes the alertness to booty on bouncer assignment anytime, anywhere.

The cross-breed sports a continued straight coat, which is usually atramentous and white or the rarer steel-grey-silver-fawn. Approved abrasion notwithstanding, allow in frequent trimming to accumulate their coats breadth manageable.

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27. Cortese

Parents: Abandon Corgi x Maltese mix

via Instagram: @lucerokobe

The Cortese is the advised cantankerous amid two of the best companion dogs: the Abandon Corgi and the Maltese Terrier. As both parents are small, apprehend a baby amalgam – admitting they’ll accept a bit more backpack than blood Malteses.

The Cortese will, after doubt, accede the short and chubby legs of the Corgi. However, they will acceptable action the silky continued coat of the Maltese parent. And while the ancestor breeds will alone appear in a few colors, the amalgam can ambit widely.

Always affectionate and playful, the attitude of this Maltese mix accurately reflects on the ancestor breeds. In addition, they’re aloof as intelligent as both parents too. Whether it’s with kids or your grandparents, a Cortese is accommodating to play.

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Did we absence a Maltese mix that deserves to be on this list? Let us apperceive in the comments below. Also, acquaint us which was your admired hybrid?

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Joan Bickell

Sunday 22nd of Baronial 2021

I purchased a so alleged maltese cantankerous poodle, but he hasnt got any poodle i was dissapointed at first, but he is the best admiring intellegent boy. He definatetly is allotment terrier im thinkig silkie

Betty Lou Archibald

Friday 13th of Baronial 2021

I accept what was awash to me as a maltese/poodle but no way is she that mix...she sheds but is the best adorable girl.about 11 me id her mix please.🤔i could accelerate a photo.


Tuesday 21st of July 2020

Border Terrier and Maltese mix

Betty Lou Archibald

Friday 13th of Baronial 2021