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7 Korean Dog Breeds – The Complete Adviser to Built-in Korean Dogs

Korea has added to action than aloof K-pop and K-dramas. Abaft the amaze and allure of the massive ball industry are some of the best different dog breeds in the world. Korean dog breeds accept all the agreeableness and activity to deserve all-around recognition.

When best bodies anticipate of “Korean dog breeds,” the Jindo dog aboriginal comes to mind. But in reality, there are a lot added amazing dog breeds aboriginal to the “Land of the Morning Calm.” Many of which, you’ve never alike apparent – let abandoned heard of.

Despite the country’s abysmal attitude of arresting dog meat, the abstracts tells us this trend is fading. What’s alike added able is the accretion amount of dog buying in the country.

All signs point to one fact: Koreans are finally bringing dogs into the the abundance of their homes and alleviative them as friends. Here are seven amazing built-in Korean dogs that you charge to apperceive about today.

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All Built-in Korean Dog Breeds

Although Korea doesn’t accept as abounding built-in dog breeds as their adjoining Asian countries. Korean dog breeds accommodate the Jindo, Korean Mastiff, Sapsali, Jeju Dog, Nureongi, Donggyeongi and Pungsan Dog.

Several of these breeds are adverse extinction. However, organizations all about the country are aggressive to save and bottle these dogs. 

7. Korean (Dosa) Mastiff

Highlights: Friendly, Good-natured, Dominant

The Korean Mastiff is Korea's friendly giant dog breed.

The Korean Mastiff, additionally accepted as the Korean Dosa or Mee Kyun Dosa, is calmly the better dog brand to arise out of Korea. Able of extensive up to 185 pounds, this dog may assume alarming and frightening.

However, the Korean Mastiff break the “mold” and is not like other mastiff breeds. They are absolutely sweet-natured dogs, bred for accompaniment and as appearance dogs.

Their bark resembles that of a Bully Kutta or English Mastiff – about accoutrement the body, arch and neck. The covering is short, but acutely bland with a agleam appearance to it. The colors on these dogs are artlessly beautiful. They can appear in a brownish amber or a abysmal amber chocolate.

The agent of the Dosa can be traced aback to the backward 1800’s, back they were aboriginal bred. Unfortunately, historians don’t assume to apperceive absolutely how the Korean Mastiffs came into existence. Some brainstorm they were developed by crossbreeding assorted alive dog breeds that accustomed from Europe.

These imports included the Saint Bernard, English Mastiff, Dogue de Bordeaux amid abounding others. However, the best accepted acceptance is that the Japanese Tosa were beyond with the Neapolitan Mastiff and Dogue de Bordeaux.

  • The Korean Mastiff is the abroad accessory of the Tosa Inu (Japanese breed).
  • These “beauty dogs” were initially bred with selections based alone on actualization and temperament, which is why they’re such abundant appearance dogs.
  • The best big-ticket dog anytime alien into India was a Korean Mastiff – worth 10 actor Indian Rupees ($140,000 USD).

Korean Mastiff Temperament

Unlike the Japanese Mastiff (Tosa Inu), the Korean Mastiff is acceptable natured, adjustable and loves actuality with people. But it’s not all good. In fact, the best difficult allotment about befitting a Korean Dosa is accordance training, admitting it’s not because they’re impaired dogs.

They will try to accept the albatross of backpack baton because of their inherent aptitude to anatomy a backpack hierarchy. It is acute that you authorize ascendancy in your training sessions, with a bright cold of accomplishing backpack baton status. Abortion to do so can prove to be troublesome.

The Korean Mastiff is what owners alarm a “gentle giant” – and for acceptable reason! Like the Abundant Dane or the Bernese abundance dog, these mastiffs are acutely affable appear bodies and admired ones.

They’re about aloof with alien people, but can accessible up absolutely easily. It doesn’t booty continued to be-friend this mastiff dog. And admitting their size, they’re abundant about accouchement and can get forth with added dogs. These dogs are what you alarm a “giant lap dog.”

6. Sapsali

Highlights: Docile, Patient, Affectionate

The Sapsali is one of the most family-oriented dog breeds from Korea.

The Sapsali dog is a built-in Korean brand best accepted for its continued and furry coat, akin that of a baby bobcat cub. In fact, the locals generally accredit to them as “lion dogs” due to the similarities in appearance.

For a medium sized dog, the Sapsali is somewhat beefy and alpine with beard accoutrement its eyes – like what you see with an Old English Sheepdog. Their covering blush is not as constant as added dog breeds too. For example, they can appear in gold, brown, red, grey, atramentous or a mix.

The Sapsali is a awful admired dog brand in Korea. And in 1992, the Korean government declared the Sapsali dog as a Civic Abundance of the country. Unfortunately, this aboriginal Korean dog has not been clearly accustomed by any above abode clubs yet.

The Sapsali dogs were accepted pets during the aphorism of the Silla Commonwealth and usually kept by alone aristocrats. The noblemen admired the Sapsali so abundant that they alike enrolled these dogs into the Silla military, area they served as multi-purpose alive dogs.

  • After the Japanese collapsed the Sapsali dogs, the Korean brand was active application alone the 8 actual dogs.
  • The Japanese collapsed these dogs to accomplish coats for their aggressive troops residing in Manchuria.
  • The Sapsali were anticipation to accept the ability to repel angry alcohol and ghosts.

Sapsali Temperament

Upon aboriginal impression, this dog looks like a accommodating and affable dog – and that’s absolutely atom on. The Sapsali is one of the best affable and antic breeds amid all the Korean dogs.

They’re accepted for accepting outstanding patience and accepting innate friendliness appear bodies and animals alike. It’s a big acumen why these dogs accomplish such accomplished ancestors and accompaniment dogs.

They are amusing and can be acutely antic in a accumulation of dogs or humans. Abounding owners call the Sapsali dog as loyal dogs that do what they can to amuse their owners.

It’s safe to say they get forth abundant with children, added pets and strangers. As a result, they may not be the best ideal bouncer or watch dogs. If you’re attractive for a guardian, accede a Jindo dog instead (see below).

5. Nureongi

Highlights: Calm, Friendly, Sociable.

Unfortunately, the Nureongi is the most popular dog for consumption in Korea.

The Nureongi, contrarily accepted as the Korean Chicken Spitz, is a landrace brand built-in to Korea. As a medium-sized spitz, the Nureongi is eerily agnate to the Jindo dog. However, they do accept differences in concrete actualization and characteristics.

Even so, this dog brand tends to accept abbreviate covering with patches of chicken on the fur. Best Nureongi dogs additionally accept a melanistic mask, which is about a arrangement on the covering that gives the actualization of the dog cutting a mask. But this isn’t always the case.

Korea has a continued continuing attitude of arresting dog meat, accepted as “Gaegogi,” which dates aback to the age-old times of the aboriginal aeon AD. The best adverse allotment is that the Nureongi is reported to be the best accepted best of dog for Koreans to consume.

Animal activists are actively angry this convenance and we achievement the atramentous bazaar of dog burning will end anon enough. The acceptable account is that the action to end this is working.

  • The Nureongi is the alone landrace brand in Korea. This agency they were developed over time after the arrest of humans.
  • The Nureongi is the “dog of choice” for burning in Korea, unfortunately.
  • They are the oldest Korean dog brand that has been clearly recorded, dating aback to the 1st Aeon AD.

Nureongi Dog Temperament

The Nureongi dog is a fairly articulate dog breed. In added words, they love to bark and will case as their capital adjustment of communicating with humans. Abounding bodies call them as boundless barkers because of they’re amusing dogs with a able admiration to communicate.

On the cast side, they are smart dog breeds and not accepted to be advancing appear bodies or added dogs. Rather, the Nureongi can be advised a “pack dog.” Abounding of these dogs absorb their accomplished lives in a abode and alike then, it’s attenuate to see dog fights occur.

But because of their abominably circumstance, there aloof isn’t a lot of advice and abstracts on how they collaborate in a ancestors environment. Hopefully, this will change in the abreast future.

4. Jindo Dog

Highlights: Courageous, Loyal, Energetic

The Korean Jindo is the most popular Korean dog and declared as the country's official breed.

The Korean Jindo is apparently the best acclaimed brand to arise from Korea, as they’re the aboriginal Korean brand best bodies anticipate of. In fact, the Jindo is the civic dog brand of Korea.

But the absolute acumen why they’re so accepted is because they’re just that abundant of a dog. Aboriginal to the Jindo Island of Korea, the Jindo dog is a appalling hunting dog accepted for adherence and courage. But throughout the years, they accept acquired into accomplished ancestors and bouncer dogs. 

Legend has it that three Jindos took bottomward a distinct Siberian tiger. Whether this is accurate charcoal to be seen. But alike so, we’d like to accept it’s true!

Much accomplishment has been put into training them to be able military dogs for the Korean army. However, they’re not as ill-fitted as German Shepherds because of their able hunting instincts.

Experts accept that they are abundant bigger off as chase and accomplishment dogs, area they accept been thriving. The Jindo Dog is the alone Korean dog brand to be accustomed by the Korean Abode Federation.

  • The Korean Jindo is acclaimed as the civic dog brand of South Korea and the 53rd Civic Abundance of the country.
  • During the 1988 Summer Olympics captivated in Seoul, Korea, over a hundred Jindo dogs marched in the aperture ceremony.
  • Jindo dogs are accepted to be abashed of water, generally abnegation to cantankerous abounding river streams and venturing out into the rain.

Jindo Temperament

A big allotment of why the Korean Jindo dogs accomplish such accomplished hunting assembly is because of their backbone and courageousness. They’re additionally accepted for accepting unwavering loyalty appear their owners. Back you accompany them in your home, they’ll assure it at all cost.

Although they’re generally high in energy, they can be as affable as any added breed. With abundant socialization, they will get forth with bodies and accouchement aloof fine. I beggarly – there’s a acumen they’re the best accepted ancestors dog to appear from Korea.

The Korean Jindo is an extremely able breed too. As a amount of fact, abounding owners affirmation that their dog may be too acute for its own good. Often, cerebration for themselves and acquirements from antecedent mistakes and experiences.

However, this aloof agency they charge a lot of mental and concrete stimulation for advantageous living. They crave affluence of exercise and abundant amplitude to roam about freely. It’s not accessible adopting a Jindo.

3. Donggyeongi

Highlights: Friendly, Devoted, Dependable.

The Donggyeongi dog is a rare Korean breed best notable for their bob-tail feature. The Donggyeongi was called afterwards the littoral burghal in which they originated from – Gyeongju, Korea. Physically, they attending actual agnate to the Jindo dog, except for the awfully short-tail.

At one point, they were almost accepted dogs and locals fabricated abundant efforts to bottle them due to their civic characteristics. About by the time of the aboriginal 20th century, the Japanese invaded Korea and slaughtered this dog breed.

The Japanese intruders believed that these dogs resembled the Japanese Komainu, which somehow affronted the nation. One would anticipate they would acknowledge the resemblance. And as a result, the Donggyeongi couldn’t absolutely absolutely balance afterwards this massacre. It was barbarous and unfortunate.

After the Civic Liberation Day of Korea in 1945, the Donggyeongi dogs faced alike added hardship. Their abbreviate cape were beheld as a deformation and anticipation to bring bad luck. For this reason, breeders chock-full ancestry these dogs and owners chock-full adopting them.

  • The Donggyeongi is one of alone 34 dog breeds that are naturally built-in with a bobtail.
  • Koreans believed that the abbreviate bobtails were an adumbration of bad luck, which acutely hindered the breed’s survival.
  • When the Donggyeongi became a civic abundance in 2012, there were alone 460 of these dogs larboard in South Korea.

Donggyeongi Temperament

This brand is so attenuate that there isn’t abundant information on the attitude and personality of Donggyeongi dogs. In the snippets of advice begin in forums, we apperceive that they were abundant assembly in the accomplished though.

Plenty of netizens brainstorm that they are friendly and loyal dogs, which is why they were already abundant ancestors dogs. Their ample anatomy accomplish them potentially accomplished bouncer dogs.

2. Pungsan dog

Highlights: Lively, Dominant, Stubborn

The Pungsan is the only dog breed to come from North Korea.

Unlike the added Korean dog breeds on this list, the Pungsan dog is the alone brand to accept originated from Arctic Korea. They were accomplished hunting dogs bred in the Kaema Plateau of Arctic Korea, area acclivity accomplished 2,000 meters high.

To this day, the Pungsan is still advised a almost attenuate dog brand and begin mostly in Arctic Korea forth with Northeastern regions of China. Because adopted bodies accept alike visited Arctic Korea, there is little advice on the origins of the breed.

Most bodies admit the Pungsan dog as the official civic dog of the Anchoress Kingdom. What the Korean Jindo is to South Korea, the Pungsan dog is to Arctic Korea.

Multiple times in our history, the baton of Arctic Korea has able these dogs to added nations as a accord alms or present. For example, at the Inter-Korean Acme of 2000, Kim Jong-il (previous Arctic Korean Leader) gave two Pungsan dogs to Kim Dae-jung (South Korean President).

These dogs lived in the South Korean President’s Dejected Abode for abounding years afore backward at the Seoul Zoo. Eventually, they were accustomed with the appropriate cachet as “guests of the state.”

  • At the Inter-Korean Acme of September 2018, Arctic Korean Baton Kim Jong-Un able the South Korean Admiral two white Pungsan dogs as a accord offering.
  • Many bodies accept that the Pungsan is the aftereffect of wolves alliance with dogs in the aerial regions of Kaema highlands.
  • Local Ballad has a acclaimed adventure about a Pungsan dog that took bottomward a Siberian Tiger.

Pungsan Temperament

Many owners call the Korean Pungsan as “wolf-like” with a dominant personality and high casualty drive. They are abounding of activity and accept the addiction to authorize ascendancy bound over added animals (including humans). So a close and constant abettor is needed.

With that said, these dogs are not accessible to affliction for and recommended alone for the best accomplished trainers. Not alone will accordance training be tough, but they crave a minimum of two hours of concrete activity per day.

Many Pungsan dogs like to dig holes in the backyard as a adjustment of expending energy. But, accomplish abiding your backyard is cautiously secured, as they will try to escape. If they anytime get out, it’ll be actual difficult to clue them bottomward and accompany them home.

Early socialization is key to accepting them to comedy nice with bodies and children. As continued as you’re constant with training, they should accept no botheration in the approaching and can alike become great guardians. If you appetite a reliable alpha dog, the Pungsan dog is perfect.

1. Jeju Dog

Highlights: Loyal, Agile, Protective

Many believe that the Jeju dog may have originated from China over 3000 years ago.

The Jeju dogs got their name from the island off the southern bank of Korea, Jeju Island, area they were originally bred. They’re advised to be one of the better built-in Korean dogs and allotment abounding ancestry with the Korean Jindo.

The capital aberration is their wide and pointy foreheads. Abounding accept the changeable Jejus attending like foxes, admitting the macho Jejus attending like wolves. Both of which, are fairly alarming comparisons in my opinion.

They are conceivably the rarest breed to arise from South Korea, with only 69 purebreds in actuality as of 2010. At one point, they were on the border of afterlife afore an advancing ancestry attack brought them aback from the dead, about literally.

However, it wasn’t until 2010 that these dogs becoming the acumen of “national ancestry animals,” which brought them abundant aegis with the ambition of preservation.

There are abounding affidavit why these dogs achromatic so quickly. At one point, they became one of the best captivated dog breeds in Korea, forth with the Nureongi dog. Plus, the Japanese that colonized Korea and collapsed their dogs absolutely didn’t advice either.

  • The Jeju dog brand was active from the alone 3 actual dogs begin on Jeju Island in 1986.
  • It’s believed that this dog brand came to Jeju Island over 3,000 years ago. However, historians aren’t assertive how they absolutely got there.
  • These dogs were already acclimated in the South Korean aggressive for assorted jobs, including chase and rescue.

Jeju Dog Temperament

Jeju dogs are abundantly accepted for their loyalty, authoritative them some of the best bouncer dogs you can find. Not alone can they assure your home, but they’re acutely skilled hunters as well.

Many hunters in the accomplished brought forth a Jeju as a trusted hunting companion. Their incredible faculty of smell allows them to calmly clue animals. Jeju dogs accept been accepted to booty bottomward deers, badgers and added medium-size game.

These dogs can accomplish abundant ancestors dogs because they do it all. They’re abundant as a ancestors companion, but will additionally bouncer area and assure their owners. However, they’re difficult to alternation and should be aloof for alone the best accomplished owners.

They’re additionally difficult back arena with added dogs and animals, alike with socialization training at an aboriginal age. It’s not impossible, admitting not an ideal bearings for them. If possible, accomplish abiding you accumulate your Jeju dog in a one-dog household.

Korean Dog Meat Controversy

Help save the korean dogs from the farms.

One of the better controversies in South Korea has been the burning of dog meat. This abysmal “delicacy” is alleged “Gaegogi” (개고기), which actually translates to “dog meat.”

Unfortunately, this is one of the longest continuing traditions in Korean ability and dates aback to the first aeon AD, during the Three Kingdoms Era.

At the time of writing, affairs dog meat for burning is not absolutely illegal in South Korea, but the atrocious adjustment of slaughtering them is adequate by Beastly Aegis Appropriate – Commodity 7.

As a result, the affair of outright banning the accomplished dog meat barter industry has been a hot affair in contempo years.

Currently, there are still thousands of dog farms operating all over the country. It’s no abruptness this has garnered the absorption of the better beastly rights groups in the world. Some of which, include: the ASPCA, PETA and the Korean Beastly Abundance Association.

However, the opposing Korean Dog Meat Affiliation is frequently challenging any efforts fabricated by beastly rights organizations.

The Korean government understands the abrogating stigma and analysis from all-embracing countries. Nonetheless, they abort to booty activity as bound as we hope.

During the 1988 Summer Olympics captivated in Seoul, the government apprenticed citizens to cease burning of dog meat to advance the country’s angel to visitors. They accept it’s frowned upon, which is a acceptable aboriginal step.

Dog Meat Trend in South Korea

There is acceptable account to all this. The appeal for dog meat is rapidly falling as added Koreans accept the mindset of dogs actuality friends, not food. Dog farms are starting to abutting bottomward as business decline.

The US-based Accommodating Association All-embracing (HSI) has been authoritative the accommodation easier for farmers by alms advantage to shut bottomward their business. In fact, 10 altered farms accept shut bottomward in the amount of three years. Slowly, but surely.

A 56-year old farmer, with 170 dogs at his Namyangju farm, explains:

This business is doomed…I capital to avenue afore it’s too late. Amount of dog meat has plummeted in contempo years.

According to a Korean Survey, 70 percent of the citizenry do not and will not eat dog. However, only 40% accept that dog burning should be outright banned. Still, these numbers are abundant bigger than they were in the past.

In 2018, a cloister cardinal fabricated account back the South Korean city, Bucheon, ruled that killing dogs for meat is illegal. Although this is aloof one city, the battleground accommodation could potentially pave way for a country-wide outlaw.

Help End the Dog Meat Trade

There are still a actor dogs captivated anniversary year in South Korea, and alike added in adjoining Asian countries.

Although were far abroad from an all-embracing ban, South Korea is a abundant aboriginal step. If you absolutely appetite to help, there are means to accord to the cause.

1. Brainwash Yourself

To apprentice added about the account and how you can help, i’d advance visiting the Humane Association International.

They’re the frontrunner for this amazing account and accommodate abreast advice on dog meat barter in countries all over the world.

2. Booty Action

Knowledge is power, but there are added means of contributing. The Accommodating Association All-embracing (HSI) accepts donations that go anon appear this cause. 

If money is short, feel chargeless to assurance their address to stop dog meat trade. For those that appetite a added hands-on way of helping, they generally accept advance opportunities as well.

3. Accomplishment Korean Acreage Dogs

As added and added farms abutting down, the actual dogs are larboard after a home. Afterwards experiencing barbarous active conditions, these dogs are brittle – both mentally and physically.

They charge to boring acclimatize to the “normal” ambiance of a admiring family. There are several organizations that accompany these dogs aback to the US and Canada for adoption.

If you feel like this is your calling, appointment Free Korean Dogs, Soi Dog and Korean K9 Rescue.

Thank you again, for alert and sharing.

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Sunday 21st of November 2021

WRT dog meat consumption, I've heard it's a almost new abnormality in Korea. It may not be alone Korean dogs who've been at accident but additionally Western breeds kidnapped from their homes.


Thursday 16th of September 2021

This was absorbing to read, yet I begin the insights about belted farmland and burning of dog meat by Lee in the comments alike added so. Actuality of European origin, I am not accustomed with bistro dog meat myself and would not readily absorb it, because I appearance dogs with affable affinity. However, I acquisition the akin alteration of Western sensibilities and behavior with the aloft specifics as needlessly bull and not chargeless of a amount of coercion. I am analysis that a cultural convenance is put bottomward to baby to the Western-minded abundance zone. Because back it comes to debating behavior instead of awkward a acceptable accord can be said, as Yoonmi Kim comments below. Still, acknowledge you actual abundant for adopting acquaintance on the accountable and for announcement my comment.


Tuesday 15th of September 2020

Nice commodity about I don't get why advertence kpop was necessary. Alternation is boilerplate found.


Monday 21st of September 2020

You do apperceive that the "k" in k-pop stands for "korean," right? This commodity is about KOREAN dog if you still don't accept the alternation than you can't be helped

Jay Lin

Saturday 25th of January 2020

@Yoonmi Kim: ACKNOWLEDGE you so abundant for your well-informed, nuanced, anxious response. The akin of ignorant, paternalistic Rudyard Kipling-style airs in this commodity and comments is unreal. Or rather, it’s far too real, I aloof wasn’t assured to blunder into it on a accidental Saturday morning while googling baby dog breeds.

I’ve never eaten dog either and acceptable never will, back I alive in the US. But the actuality is, there is no 18-carat biological or ethical acumen amid what’s a aliment beastly and what’s a pet animal. And it’s additionally a actuality that anticipation and policing added cultures’ aliment choices has continued been a allotment of Western colonialism. (Well, all colonialism, but Western colonialism is the one still impacting us today.) Your aliment traditions aren’t superior, you’ve aloof been subconsciously conditioned into assertive anybody abroad is archaic agents who charge to be enlightened.

Owen Cutting

Monday 28th of October 2019

My name is Owen and currently own a Pungsan male, his name is Simba. I'm so in adulation with Simba, he's intelligent,stubborn, and will attack to ascendancy me if allowed. He's admiring and tries actual adamantine to acquaint with the ancestors via arch gestures and eye movement. We accept annihilation but acclaim for this breed. Simba is now 11yrs axis 12 in December 2019. Attractive to get addition Pungsan. Commodity was actual advisory about the assorted breeds of Korea. AKC doesn't admit the Pungsan breed, and I would like to change that. Any suggestions?

Richard Jeng

Monday 28th of October 2019

Thanks for the comment, Owen. This may be advantageous for you:

I achievement you do get the Pungsan brand registered by the AKC someday...good luck!