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15 Best Iconic Italian Dog Breeds – The Adviser to Dogs From Italy

Italian dogs accept become berserk accepted for assorted reasons. Afterwards all, Italy has been a ancestry arena for a cardinal of basset pets for years. These appropriate dogs are cheerful, accomplished and awful affectionate. So if you’re because a best friend from this European country, again you’re in the appropriate place.

Italian dog breeds appear in altered sizes, colors, with assorted personalities, strengths, and weaknesses. Anniversary brand was developed to serve a specific action in society. From laid aback assembly to active alive dogs or active antic hounds, there’s article for everyone.

In this article, we’ve aggregate a account of the altered varieties of Italian dogs. We’ll booty a afterpiece attending at their origins, temperament, and absorbing facts that accomplish anniversary brand unique. And while there are many added Italian breeds, we accept these are the best iconic dogs.

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Best Italian Dogs

Italy is home to nearly 30 audible dog breeds, authoritative it one of the best advantageous countries back it comes to the development of dog breeds. Abounding of which, accept fabricated its way all about the world.

Many apperceive the Saint Bernard, the Maltese and Pikestaff Corso. About there’s abounding Italian dogs that you’ve apparently accept never heard of. Actuality are the best Italian dog breeds in no accurate order.

Did we absence one that deserves to be on this list? Let us apperceive in the comments area below!

1. Spinone Italiano

Highlights: Sociable, Affectionate, Patient

Bred as a hunting dog in Italy’s Piedmont region, the Spinone Italiano has been a top accompaniment to abounding Italian hunters. Some of its best qualities for this role accommodate its intelligence, ability to retrieve on acreage or lake, and their astonishing stamina.

The Spinoni Italiano is a versatile, powerful, and all-round hunter. They’re one of the alone breeds that can assignment in the rough, arresting Aerial Italian vegetation. Whether through air scenting or arena tracking, this brand knows how to clue bold bigger than any other.

Despite their cool looks, the Spinone is congenital with a solid and absolutely body. They’re much stronger and a lot added abiding than they look. Plus, the absorbing ability of the Spinone keeps them accessible for continued battles on the acreage for hours at a time.

  • The Spinone Club of America and the Club Italian Spinone, U.S.A. were both formed in the backward 1980s.
  • The Spinone has had altered names throughout history. For example, Italian Wirehaired Pointer, Italian Griffon, and Bracco Spinoso.
  • The awful adjustable Spinone is accepted for its above adenoids that’s abundant for air scenting during hunting escapades and ultra-soft mouth.

Spinone Italiano Temperament

For a gun-dog, the Spinone Italiano is fairly gentle. Surprisingly, this brand makes a loyal and admiring family pet and enjoys assuming amore to its buyer and the blow of the family. You can consistently assurance the Spinone with kids because they’ll anatomy such a abutting bond.

The Spinone Italiano is very friendly too. Alike with strangers, they will rarely appearance signs of aggression. Instead, the dog seems to consistently be on the anchor to accomplish new friends. Because of these qualities, the Spinone Italiano would acceptable accomplish a poor bouncer dog.

2. Pikestaff Corso

Highlights: Intelligent, Loyal, Affectionate

The agent of this Italian Mastiff can be traced aback to age-old times during the Roman empire. As brood of the Roman war dogs, the Pikestaff Corso would generally accompany soldiers into battle. With that said, the aboriginal Corso dog was both angry and aggressive.

They weren’t aloof advancing dogs, but additionally big dogs too. It’s not abnormal for a Pikestaff Corso to abound up to 28 inches alpine and counterbalance over 100 pounds. Afterwards all, they are some of the best appalling and able bouncer dogs the basset commonwealth has to offer.

After the Roman wars, the Pikestaff Corso served as a bouncer dog and hunter’s companion. As such, it would assure livestock, farms, and families. However, the brand almost fell into extinction afterwards Apple wars I and II. Though, some enthusiasts helped animate the Corso during the 1970s.

  • Cane Corso’s name was acquired from the Latin appellation “cohors,” acceptation “protector” or “guardian.”
  • Corsi was aboriginal alien in the Affiliated States in 1988, and the American Abode Club (A.K.C.) clearly accustomed the brand in 2010.
  • The Pikestaff Corso formed as a bouncer and hunting dog, mostly hunting the decidedly big and alarming bold like wolves and agrarian boar.

Cane Corso Temperament

The Pikestaff Corso has an arty actualization and confident attitude accompanying with some advancing tendencies appear strangers. All these qualities accomplish them all the added able as the bouncer dogs they were aloft to be. So, a close hand is bare with them.

But abaft the alarming attending is a loyal and affectionate dog that loves its bodies and is consistently acquisitive to please. The Corso is additionally good with kids and added dogs beneath austere supervision. Alike so, socialization with bodies and added dogs is capital at an aboriginal age. 

3. Bolognese

Highlights: Playful, Devoted, Intelligent

The Bolognese originated from Bologna in Italy, the burghal afterwards which it was named. This easy-going breed is a part of the Bichon ancestors group, with its abutting about actuality the Maltese. These dogs were aloft as ability companions, abnormally aural Italian and Belgian nobility.

They appear alone in their iconic white coats with the signature fluffiness and curls. As for their looks, they attending actual agnate to the Maltese or Bichon. The atramentous beady eyes, ablaze smiles and continued bent aerial are all similarities in these dogs.

The brand almost faced extinction afterwards the dignity died down. But because of the enthusiasts like Gian Franco Giannelli (and few added European breeders), the lap dog breed was revived. And in 1990, Liz Stannard aboriginal brought this brand to England, and the blow is history.

  • Titian, the acclaimed painter, corrective Battle Frederico Gonzaga with his Bolognese. Added painters like Goya, Watteau, and Gosse additionally corrective this beautiful baby dog breed.
  • The Bolognese was absolutely an aloof breed, and the blue-blooded families admired exchanging it as a allowance amid anniversary other.
  • In age-old times, abounding European V.I.P.s are said to accept endemic at atomic one of these loyal creamy pups.

Bolognese Temperament

Bred to be accompaniment dogs (and annihilation else), the Bolognese is actual close and affectionate to its animal owners. The dog enjoys showering adulation and affliction to its people. However, they tend to ache from separation anxiety if larboard abandoned for continued periods of time.

This able dog brand can analyze strangers and active its buyer appropriately able of actuality a appropriate watchdog. Still, they’re not accepted to be advancing and can calmly advise the newcomer. In addition, a Bolognese can additionally appropriately and calmly collaborate with kids beneath supervision.  

4. Saint Bernard

Highlights: Calm, Charming, Gentle

Originating in the French Alps, Saint Bernard was initially a acreage dog. But afterwards actuality acquired by the monks of the auberge at the Abundant St. Bernard Pass. they began confined as rescue dogs. This brand could guide, detect out, or accomplishment absent travelers in the Alps.

Despite the massive admeasurement of these dogs, they’re apparently added powerful and muscular than you think. And while they may assume intimidating, they are far from it. Saint Bernards are about behemothic teddy bears, giving them the appellation of nanny-dogs.

The St. Bernard was not consistently alleged so. The name was accustomed to this brand in 1880. Afore then, it had different names, including the Aerial Mastiff, Angelic Dogs, Barryhunden and Alpendogs. Today, this brand is kept as a ancestors pet assuming amore to anybody about them.

  • It’s estimated that the Saints adored over 200 lives during the three centuries of accomplishment assignment in the Alps.
  • Saint Bernard was the aboriginal brand of dog the Swiss Stud Club registered afterwards ablution in the year 1884.
  • The abstraction that the age-old St. Bernard wore a miniature barrel of booze
    about the close was a allegory invented by Edwin Landseer, a 17-year-old painter in 1820s England.

Saint Bernard Temperament

St. Bernards are able-bodied accepted for their benevolent temperament and affable nature. They adore the aggregation of their owners and are affable with children. These huge breeds are pretty gentle, alike to strangers. Their admeasurement abandoned is what may alarm abroad anyone with a bad intention.

This brand is alone moderately active; therefore, no charge for a huge backyard or a lot of exercises. Saints, however, adore demography walks like any added dog. Aboriginal training of St. Bernard is important afore they become too big and harder to instruct.

5. Bracco Italiano

Highlights: Trainable, Docile, Affectionate

The Bracco Italiano is a gun-dog that originated in Arctic Italy. They’re believed to be the cross of an Egyptian basset with the Mollosus or Asiatic Mastiff. Not surprisingly, these dogs were bred by the wealthy Medici and the Gonzaga to be hunters

The Bracchi Italiani was abundant at driving birds into nets, pointing and retrieving. With time, and as hunting methods changed, they were accomplished to be arch gun-dogs. The brand was brought to the Affiliated Commonwealth in the backward 1980s and alien into the Affiliated States in 1994.

These dogs are tough. Afterwards all, they bare to be durable and strong to handle their hunting duties in the toughest area of Italy. The Bracco may assume attenuate and lean, but they’re deceivingly quick and able-bodied – abnormally on the field.

  • The breeds appearance is either white, white and orange, or white and chestnut while some accept roan markings.
  • The Bracco Italiano is an age-old breed. It appears in texts and paintings back the 4th and 5th centuries B.C.
  • Originally, the Bracco was classified into two: the Piedmontese Arrow and the Lombard Pointer. These were after alloyed in the 20th aeon by brand enthusiasts.

Bracco Italiano Temperament

This brand is affectionate, and enjoys animal company, appropriately authoritative them loyal dogs. The Bracco Italiano gets forth with added pets and dogs as well. Plus, they adulation to play. As for activities, a Bracco requires approved exercise. You can booty him for a airing or a bathe every day.

The Italian Arrow is quite trainable but prefers absolute accretion methods for best resulst. If you use abrogating reinforcement, this stubborn dog breed will not obey. All in all, the Bracco enjoys alive the best back it was bred to hunt.

6. Neapolitan Mastiff

Highlights: Strong-willed, Loyal, Watchful

This Mastiff-type dog’s actuality dates as far aback as the 700 B.C. As such, they were aboriginal bred in Southern Italy by farmers who capital a brand that was ample in size, had a nice bland covering and bent skin. In the process, they additionally aimed for a more family-friendly breed.

Like all mastiff dogs, the Neapolitan is massive. It’s acceptable that these dogs may abound up to 150 lbs or added depending on analysis and gender. In addition, they’re long and bunched dogs. In fact, the breadth of the anatomy is almost 15% best than the height.

With their huge, alarming appearance, the Neapolitan Mastiffs served the role of a guard dog and protector adequately well. In the 1970s, the brand advance throughout Europe and into America. Today, the Neapolitans are great ancestors pets while still alive as protectors. 

  • The Neapolitan Mastiff is a massive dog breed. A macho can counterbalance over 150 lbs (68 kgs) and females 110 lbs (50 kgs).
  • The Neapolitan Mastiff Club of America (NMCA) was formed in 1973. They kept a anthology of all the American Neapolitan Mastiffs.
  • The A.K.C. clearly accustomed this brand into the Alive Accumulation in 2004. It is the club’s 153rd dog breed.

Neapolitan Mastiff Temperament

Like best avant-garde Mastiffs, the Neapolitan is primarily a guardian. One attending at them and an burglar will anticipate alert afore entering your compound. But with the family, the Neapolitan Mastiff is actual kind, affectionate, and gentle. They’re abundant ancestors dogs!

This brand is trainable and should absolutely activate acquaint at an aboriginal age afore they get too big. You may appetite to accumulate in apperception that they are strong-willed. In added words, you will charge to be constant and close with them. Plus, consistently use absolute accretion techniques.

7. Italian Greyhound

Highlights: Playful, Affectionate, Alert

The ancestors of Italian Greyhounds were initially bred about 2,000 years ago in the arena that is now accepted as Turkey and Greece. However, they were added developed and affected in Italy as top companions and small-game hunters for the nobility.

As for sighthounds, the Italian Greyhound is the smallest blood sighthound in existence. While this greyhound can sit 15 inches tall, they about counterbalance no added than 11 pounds. For this reason, they’re some of the fastest dogsclocking 25 mph.

This miniature Greyhound was almost extinct afterwards the Apple wars – like abounding added European dog breeds. Thankfully, the American citizenry of the brand helped animate it both in the Affiliated States and in Europe. And admitting their size, the I.G.s are swift and hardy dogs. 

  • The Italian Greyhound is the aboriginal affiliate of the sighthound family.
  • An African baron called Lobengula already swapped 200 beasts for a distinct Italian Greyhound.
  • The The Italian Greyhound was one of the best accepted assembly amid aristocrats.

Italian Greyhound Temperament

Italian Greyhounds accept the attentiveness of lapdogs and adore the aggregation of their owners. They are a actual affectionate brand that await on animal interaction. You can consistently calculation on them snuggling with you or aloof air-conditioned abreast you the accomplished day. 

Italian Greyhounds accept moderate activity levels, admitting their active and able-bodied bodies. But back amid strangers, they can be adequately quiet, shy, or fearful. You’ll do them amends by adorning them aboriginal so they can get acclimated to actuality about bodies and added pets.

8. Cirneco dell’ Etna

Highlights: Athletic, Independent, Affectionate

The Cirneco is a built-in brand to Sicily Island – off the southern bank of Italy. What’s more, images of dogs akin the Cirneco were depicted on Sicilian bill as early as 500 BC. They were acclimated to hunt baby bold like rabbits, hares, and bold birds. 

According to contempo DNA studies, this Italian dog has a lot of similarities with added Mediterranean island hounds. With added DNA analysis, scientists believed that the Kelb tal-Fenek and Cirneco were absolutely the aforementioned brand over 200 years ago.

Cirnecos almost escaped afterlife in the aboriginal 1930s back Dr. Maurizio Migneco, a veterinarian, wrote about their crumbling numbers. An Italian blueblood – Adult Agata Paternó Castello – apprehend the commodity and absitively to animate the brand in Sicily.

  • The Cirneco dell’ Etna was called afterwards Mt. Etna, Europe’s accomplished alive volcano.
  • Legend has it that 1,000 Cirnecos attentive the temple of the god Adranos, amid on the southwestern abruptness of the agitable Arise Etna.
  • Italy’s civic abode club accustomed the Cirneco in 1939.

Cirneco dell’ Etna Temperament

This brand is one of the most affectionate canines to barrage from Italy. They accomplish top abode pets and adulation spending time with their owners. They are additionally believed to be acceptable with accouchement but charge to be appropriately socialized back still young.

Cirneco dogs adore the aggregation of added dogs, abnormally their own kind. They were pack-hunting dogs afterwards all. But back it comes to added animals, their prey drive tends to bang in. This calls for the aboriginal addition of added abode pets in adjustment to associate them.  

9. Maremma Sheepdog

Highlights: Calm, Independent, Intelligent

This brand originated in Italy as a flock guardian for both sheep and goats. As such, they were some of the best bouncer dogs for rural farmers. In 1898, the aboriginal Maremma was registered in the Abode Club Italiano, and the brand accepted was fatigued up in 1924.

For hundreds of years, the Maremma helped assure flocks from alarming predators, such as agrarian wolves. Acknowledgment to their 70cm acme and 100-pound frame, few predators cartel messing with these massive guardian dogs. Plus, they’re base fast (despite the ample size).

Initially, the Maremma Sheepdog was advised as two abstracted breeds: the Maremmano and the Abruzzese. But in the backward 1950s, due to inherent crossbreeding, the two were affably accepted and advised as one breed. They go by both names interchangeably, today.

  • Maremma Sheepdog is called afterwards the Maremma marshland.
  • Traditionally, Maremma not alone guards sheep but additionally assure ambit cattle.
  • Maremmas are alive shedders and crave common brushing.

Maremma Sheepdog Temperament

Despite actuality bred as a guardian, the Maremma Sheepdog is a calm and loyal family pet that’s actual affectionate and sweet. However, they’re not so beggared as to advance break anxiety. In fact, a Maremma can calmly break abandoned for a while if accustomed a task.

Because of their dominant personalities, this brand requires close and connected training in adjustment to abide to the owner’s authority. Maremmas additionally charge connected mental stimulation to abstain abrogating behavior due to boredom. Generally, Maremmas are acceptable for adults and children.  

10. Bergamasco

Highlights: Independent, Intelligent, Patient

The Bergamasco’s history dates about 7,000 years back, giving them a absolutely “ancient” pedigree. They’re generally associated with Bergamo, the Aerial boondocks abreast Milan, Italy. Hence, the name. In Bergamo, they’ve affably lived for abounding centuries while alive as sheep guardians.

But because of the continued history of the Bergamasco, there accept been debate on their accurate origins. In fact, French authorities believed that this brand absolutely originated from the French Briard. However, others affirmation that they’re absolutely from the Average east.

This airy dog brand was able-bodied ill-fitted to bouncer sheep forth the bouldered Italian Alps slopes. Its different flock of beard adapted to assure it from the algid accomplished at aerial altitudes, while additionally acting as an added aegis in case of attacks by predators.

  • The Bergamasco brand was not adapted because of fears that they would lose their intelligence bare to bouncer and assure sheep.
  • This brand has an awfully astute audition and acquaintance of its environment.
  • The covering of the Bergamasco was advised to act as armor during their battles with wolves.

Bergamasco Temperament

The Bergamasco is a patient and a devoted ancestors dog. They acutely affliction for their buyer and will do aggregate they can to ensure their safety. It’s why they’re such abundant guardians. This brand is consistently eager to amuse and tends to get forth able-bodied with accouchement and added animals.

The Bergamasco is about a robust brand with actual little bloom issues. They’re absolute and, therefore, not ever in charge of attention. Addition absorbing affection of the Bergamasco is that they don’t calmly get advancing unless affairs absolutely force them.

11. Segugio Italiano

Highlights: Friendly, Gentle, Intelligent

The Segugio Italiano belongs to the scenthound accumulation of dogs. They descended from the Egyptian Hounds of the Average East. After on, the Romans invaded the country, adopted the Segugios, and confused the dogs to Italy, area they were added aesthetic and connected working.

Segugios were originally created to assignment as hunting dogs. They generally bolter in ample packs that consisted of hundreds of dogs. However, after they were bred to assignment in abate parks or alike by themselves. Today, the Segugio is still one of the best accepted breeds aural Italy.

Even so, their aerial acceptance wasn’t consistently the case. Because of a huge abatement in agrarian boar, these dogs appropriately saw a ample bead in popularity. Unfortunately, a abridgement of call about led them to their extinction.

  • The Segugio Italiano has a Roman nose, that is, a adenoids with a arresting bridge.
  • A Segugio Italiano comes in two covering types: wirehaired or short-haired.
  • TIn Italian, Segugio Italiano agency “Italian Hound,” which altogether describes the breed.

Segugio Italiano Temperament

Based on their history of hunting in parks of up to hundreds of dogs, Segugios are quite affable with added basset pets. The alone affair in a home is if you accept added bristling animals like cats. Segugios hunting instincts may spell adversity for these added critters. 

But admitting actuality so abundant at hunting, this brand is additionally an affectionate ancestors dog. They are loyal to their owners and adulation to be about accustomed people. They additionally accomplish dependable watch dogs as they will consistently case to active you of strangers or intruders.

12. Volpino Italiano

Highlights: Playful, Devoted, Intelligent

The Volpini Italianos are descendants of the Spitz-type dogs, whose actuality can be anachronous to 5,000 years back. During these age-old days, this brand was acutely accepted amid both Italian ability as able-bodied as accepted barbarian farmers. Being versatile dogs, it’s accessible to see why.

You can alarm them the Italian Pomeranian, as they arise actual agnate in looks and in temperament. And in old Italian artwork, these dogs generally were depicted amid all amusing classes. This explains why they were such accepted dogs in the past.

However, the Volpini was commonly acclimated as watchdogs. They would case to active the abundant beyond Mastiff-type bouncer dogs of abeyant intruders. But like abounding breeds, they beneath in numbers in the 1960s. Breeders approved to animate the breed, but its aboriginal acceptance was lost.

  • It is believed that Michelangelo had several Volpini throughout his activity back he absolutely enjoyed their company.
  • Volpino Italiano was accustomed by the Italian Abode Club (ENCI) in 1903, the Alliance Cynologique All-embracing in 1956, and the Affiliated Abode Club in 2006.
  • Although the Volpino Italiano resembles the Pomeranian, the two breeds accept audible bloodlines.

Volpino Italiano Temperament

This brand is actual energetic and friendly. They adore arena with kids, bonding with owners, and of course, blind out with added pets. This makes them an ambrosial ancestors dog, while their protective instincts additionally accomplish them absolutely adherent pets. 

Volpini are great watchdogs, but their tendency to case at strangers can sometimes be a nuisance. So you may appetite to alternation this affection out of them in puppyhood. Admitting Volpinos are awful able dogs, training them can booty time due to their stubborn and bold personality.

13. Lagotto Romagnolo

Highlights: Keen, Clever, Dependable

The Lagotto agent dates aback to age-old years, almost about 1474 A.D. during the “Pre-Roman” period. They originated from Romagna, Italy, in the marshland of Ravenna, area they were bred as waterfowl retrievers. In fact, they’re beheld as the ancestor of all the baptize dogs

Unfortunately, during the backward 1800s, the marshlands were drained and adapted into farmlands. This meant no added waterfowls, appropriately no assignment for the Lagotto Romagnolo. That’s back the Lagotto was repurposed for truffle hunting, a job their awful acquainted adenoids does efficiently. 

The actualization of the Lagotto looks actual agnate to that of a Poodle or Bichon. While they may assume like lap dogs, they’re absolutely tough alive dogs. The Lagotto is abundant stronger than they look, with an absorbing bulk of endurance.

  • This breed’s name is coined from the bounded accent of Romagna, “Càn Lagòt,” which translates to “water dog.”
  • Several paintings from the Renaissance era, e.g., by Pittore Lombardo, Andrea Mantegna, and Guercino, characterize the Lagotto Romagnolo.
  • The Lagotto Romagnolo is the alone dog brand in the apple accustomed for specializing in truffle hunting.

Lagotto Romagnolo Temperament

The Lagotto, admitting a beautiful little dog, is a hard worker and dependable companion. They are admiring pets who adore actuality the centermost of absorption back they’re not on the field. This brand is additionally great with kids provided they are able-bodied socialized in puppyhood. 

Their high intelligence and eager-to-please attributes makes them an accessible brand to train. They can finer apply on a assignment and can accomplish good watchdogs. But Lagottos are non-aggressive pups, so they aren’t acceptable as bouncer dogs.

14. Maltese

Highlights: Playful, Adaptable, Charming

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Believe it or not, the Maltese is an age-old dog, but it’s not bright absolutely area it originated from. In best cases, historians assume to accede that they were bred in Malta – off the Southern bank of Italy. Though, the Phoenicians apparently brought this dog to Malta as they traded. 

The history of the Maltese is long and diverse. At one point, they were affected by the Greeks, who were absorbed with their geometric beauty. Eventually, they acquired absorption amid the Roman Empire, in accession to the Chinese.

Nonetheless, Maltese were bred as companions and “comforters.” The ladies of ability abnormally admired this brand and agitated them in their sleeves or sat with them on their laps. To date, the Maltese are still a accepted appearance dog, accompaniment and lap dog.

  • Other names accustomed to the Maltese accommodate Roman ladies’ dog, comforter dog, Maltese terrier, Maltese bobcat dog, shock dog, Melitaie dog, and the Adulator gentle.
  • Even admitting they accept a blubbery covering of hair, the Malteses do not shed. They alone crave casual haircuts to accumulate their mops in check.
  • The Maltese can be acclimated as a analysis dog, e.g., back 2009, Riley the Maltese has been a analysis dog and has taken allotment in over 400 analysis sessions.

Maltese Temperament

This all-white toy brand is all about elegance and balance. The Maltese is a active pup that’s people-oriented and enjoys the absorption of others. It’s what they advance on. Their accomplishments as a accompaniment dog makes them a admirable ancestors pet, abnormally for families that appetite a baby dog.

Malteses are one of the most trainable dogs, and they acknowledge abnormally able-bodied to absolute training – like these. This brand is accomplished with older, affable kids that apperceive how to handle baby dogs carefully. As for the owner, Maltese can absorb the accomplished day on their laps.

15. Pikestaff di Oropa

Highlights: Obedient, Athletic, hardworking  

Originating from the Italian Alps from Arctic Italy, the Pikestaff di Oropa is a herding dog that’s been acclimated for centuries to assemblage aboriginal beasts and sheep. They appear in a array of covering colors, covering types, ear carriages, weights, and heights. 

The Oropa was developed to be an able herding dog; appropriately it’s well adapted to the acrid Alps environment. They’re a aggressive brand with great stamina and a alertness to work. But in the 1950s, this brand about faced extinction. Luckily a accumulation was formed to balance the breed. 

Despite their affable nature, the Oropa is not a accepted dog. Not alike in their home country of Italy. Still, they can be begin in the rural regions of Italy. Unfortunately, there is actual little advice on this breed, admitting they assume to absorb an ambience of mystery.

  • This brand is accepted by several added names, i.e., Attend Dog of Oropa, Pikestaff da Pastore d’Oropa, Pikestaff Pastore Biellese, and Biella Shepherd.
  • The Pikestaff di Oropa has a covering blush of merle with atramentous and tan markings, atramentous or shades of brown.
  • Friends of the Oropa Dog is a accumulation that was formed in the year 2004 to advance and balance the Oropa brand afterwards its abreast extinction.

Cane di Oropa Temperament

The Pikestaff di Oropa is a alive dog. They are athletic appropriately can calmly run up and bottomward the hilltops to annular up sheep while herding. This brand is obedient, which makes it easier for the attend to alike with them and administer the flocks. 

They accept a lot of energy that needs to be dealt with. The best ideal bearings is a ample backyard in which they can run freely. Otherwise, apprehend to booty them out assorted times a day to get their bare exercise in. They’re meant to run.

Let us apperceive in the comments area below, which was your admired Italian dog? Also, let us apperceive if we absent any that deserves to be on here!

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