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The 8 Aces Colors of French Bulldogs – Covering Descriptions, Adviser & Pictures

French Bulldogs are acutely some of the best dog breeds out there – and for acceptable reason!. These dogs are a bit playful, actual intelligent, affectionate and best importantly, irresistible. If you’ve absitively to accumulate a Frenchie, you’ve fabricated a abundant decision.

Now the fun allotment comes: acrimonious out your new French Bi-weekly pup. It can be a little alarming for new owners, as there are so many concrete variations of these dogs, abnormally with covering colors. Some owners may alike catechism if all Frenchie colors are “good” for the dog.  

But not to worry, we’ve aggregate a account of all the best accepted French Bulldog colors for your convenience. Not amount what your aftertaste is, you’ll acquisition the absolute Frenchie that fits your style.

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French Bi-weekly Covering Colors

There can be abounding added blush covering variations of the French Bulldog. However, we’ve managed to analyze the 8 best common and accustomed colors.

Despite the ample cardinal of Frenchie colors, the AKC standard for French Bulldogs alone accepts 9 colors/patterns. Annihilation abroad besides the afterward colors are area for disqualification:

Brindle & WhiteAcceptable059
Fawn & WhiteAcceptable086
Fawn BrindleAcceptable088
White & BrindleAcceptable203
White & FawnAcceptable207

The numbers in the appropriate cavalcade are the official AKC allotment codes for the covering color. However, it’s absolutely not a big accord if your Frenchie isn’t allotment of the “breed standard.” Unless you plan to show your dog or attempt in any added AKC competitions, it won’t amount much.

The AKC additionally recognizes two other Frenchie colors, namely “fawn brindle & white” and “cream & white.” However, the abode club acknowledges they aren’t allotment of the brand standard.

Unfortunately, we won’t be accoutrement all the accepted Frenchie colors. Rather, we best the best accepted and/or absorbing ones.

1. Brindle French Bulldog

The Brindle is the most popular color of the French Bulldog.

One of my favorite blush patterns, which additionally happens to be one of the most popular, is the Brindle. It’s important to apperceive that Brindle isn’t absolutely a specific color. Rather, it’s a color and pattern

Brindle usually appearance dark colors, such as a combination of altered degrees/shades of amber and a “dusky tawny” color. At the aforementioned time, there are attenuate black black stripes that accord the covering a different texture. It’s about like a tiger’s coat, which explains why Brindle is sometimes alleged the “tiger stripe.”

Furthermore, there are abounding variations (and names) of the Brindle, such as Seal Brindle (almost non-existent atramentous brindle) and Tiger Brindle (very accessible brindle pattern).

This Brindle blush isn’t exclusive to French Bulldogs. They’re apparent in added dog breeds, guinea pigs, beasts and sometimes horses. Still, I accept they attending the best on a Frenchie.

2. Brindle French Bulldogs

Pied French Bulldogs are also very popular coat colors for the breed.

The “pied” Frenchie is another accepted coloring for these amazing little dogs. However, brindle is very altered from Brindle. According to National Blood Dog Day, a pied-colored Frenchie needs to accept at atomic 50% coloring or patches of white and addition color.

In addition, the added blush needs to be present on the dog’s head, close and body. We alarm this “dappled” covering colors, which appealing abundant agency the dog has spots and patches on the coat.

The chat “pied” is acclimated to accredit to a specific brindle covering color. In this case, it agency a white abject color with patches of aphotic color. These patches and spots can ambit anywhere from dark gray to brown or black. It absolutely depends on the dog.

However, the botheration with brindle Frenchies is that they abridgement pigment – which can potentially advance to heath problems bottomward the line. Admitting this arrangement is recessive, it can be accurately bred for.

If you anticipate about it, Brindle is the exact adverse of Brindle. Still, it’s a absurd attending on a Frenchie and actual accepted amid this breed’s community. Aloof accomplish abiding you accede any abeyant issues.

3. Chrism French Bulldog

Creamed color Frenchies are probably the rarest colors for this breed.

Finding a Chrism Frenchie is absolutely more difficult than the aboriginal two colors. However, you can absolutely acquisition one with a little patience. And while some owners may anticipate this blush is “boring,” I anticipate it’s stunning.

The chrism blush of the French Bi-weekly is appealing self-explanatory. They accept a solid covering with the signature eggshell color apparent in the abject of the brindle Frenchie.In added words, they’re aloof the brindle Frenchies without the aphotic spots and patches.

Again, cream is not a blush absolute to French Bulldogs. For example, it’s abundant added accepted with a Aureate Retriever. It’s account acquainted that a Chrism Frenchie can sometimes accept a aphotic mask. However, they’ll still be aloof as admirable and gorgeous. Some alike owners prefer the affectation because it adds a nice contrast.

This itself blush is absolutely popular, but they’re decidedly attenuate because it’s not an accessible covering blush to breed for. For this reason, apprehend to pay a exceptional price if you appetite to get your easily on a Chrism Frenchie. 

4. Abase French Bulldog

Fawn is a popular and attractive color for French Bulldogs.

The Fawn Frenchie can be apparent as the adverse of the Chrism French Bulldog, at atomic in commendations to color. Frenchies with a abase blush can appear in a tan, or with a reddish-caramel. Others alarm it a “light brown.”

The spectrum can ambit with a Abase Frenchie, but about it’s anywhere between the tan and red. It’s absolutely a common color, as apparent in abounding added dog breeds like the Abundant Dane, Beagle, Bloodhound or the Boxer.

Like with the chrism variation, a Abase Frenchie does not accept any spots or patches. Instead, it’s a solid color throughout the covering with few exceptions.

However, the only other blush arrangement can be a attenuate mask or arrangement in added places about the head and ears. In addition, these arrangement tend to be darker than the coat color.

Though they’re not as accepted as the Brindle or Pied, the Abase Frenchie is still a actual adorable French Bulldog. The adverse of the tan blush with the (often) atramentous affectation looks really good in my opinion.

5. Dejected Abase French Bulldog

The Blue Fawn color on a French Bulldog is an amazing sight, yet rare.

The Dejected Abase Frenchie is absolutely a amazing afterimage that few accept the befalling to anytime witness. They’re unique, admirable and a little exotic. But what causes this French Bi-weekly to aftermath this dejected hue? According to French Bulldogs LA, the dejected is the aftereffect of a recessive atramentous concoction gene.

Blue Abase French Bulldogs accept a double backward adulterate gene, as able-bodied as two genes with the fawn coloring. The “blue” blush can alter absolutely a bit in Frenchies. For instance, some of these dogs appear in a darker dejected coat, which is about acquired by a archetype of the brindle gene.

A dejected abase dog will usually accept a aphotic adumbration of abase as the base, with a dejected hue best apparent on the aerial and back. Admitting it’s a little bit difficult to acquaint in a picture, the Dejected Abase Frenchie pictured aloft has dejected on the back. It’ll be a lot added accessible back apparent in person.

However, the dejected doesn’t consistently accept to be on the aerial or back. Sometimes they can be on the Frenchie’s face (mask) as well. Or, it can be in all three places. Again, this isn’t a accepted color, so it varies a lot depending on the parentage. 

6. Dejected Brindle French Bulldog

The Blue Brindle Frenchie is very similar to the Blue Fawn Frenchie, except it has the genes for brindling.

Like the Dejected Fawn, the Dejected Brindle French Bi-weekly has the same bifold backward adulterate genes. A archetype of these genes are agitated over – one from anniversary parent.

The aftereffect is a gorgeous gray blush abject with a apparent blue shade. But what absolutely sets them afar from the Dejected Abase is the brindle pattern on top of the dejected coat. 

Most of the time these dogs will advance light-colored eyes as well. Back put calm with the different coat, they’re artlessly beauteous to attending at. 

Finding a Dejected Brindle Frenchie is activity to be difficult because they’re relatively rare. For this reason, apprehend to pay premium dollars if you plan to get your easily on one of these. However, you can still acquisition them at some acclaimed AKC-registered breeders, such as Lindor French Bulldogs

7. Amber French Bulldog

There are 8 major and popular colors of French Bulldogs.

Chocolate black Frenchies are similar to Dejected Frenchies, in the faculty that they are a abject blush for French Bulldogs. For example, Amber Frenchies also appear in Amber Brindle and Amber Pied. 

However, these colors are arguably even more rare than the others on this list. It’s because, like the dejected color, the amber blush comes from two copies of a backward gene. The agency that one archetype of the backward gene charge appear from each parent, authoritative it hardly added difficult to brand for.

And if you anticipation it couldn’t get added difficult or complicated, this backward gene has is a non-testable gene. In added words, there’s currently no accessible DNA test for anecdotic this gene.

The alone way to “know” if a French Bi-weekly has the amber blush gene is with the acceptable ol’ eye test. If it looks like chocolate, it’s apparently chocolate.

What we do apperceive is that Amber Frenchies can ambit from a ablaze milk chocolate blush to a dark amber chocolate. In addition, their eyes additionally will alter abundantly in colors – such as yellow, green, gold and more.

8. Atramentous Frenchie

Black Frenchies are your classic solid black French Bulldogs.

The aftermost but not atomic is the classic Atramentous Frenchie. It’s not difficult to explain what this is – they’re actually solid black French Bulldogs after any added markings.

You can apprehend the covering to be glossy and smooth after any brindling at all. Annihilation aberrant or extraordinary, they’re aloof solid black.

Black agency black, after a trace of brindle.

– American Abode Club (French Bi-weekly Standard)

Despite actuality a non-standard color, Atramentous Frenchies are fairly popular. Aloof by browsing online puppy marketplaces and acceptance sites, I see affluence of them. Although this blush isn’t the best exciting, it’s a adequately archetypal look. You can’t absolutely go amiss with a Atramentous French Bulldog. 

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The Botheration with Ancestry Dejected Frenchie Colors

Some of these colors are not “normal” or natural. And by that, I beggarly breeders accept to specifically breed for these colors (or at atomic attack to).

When breeders do this, they’re usually not ancestry for acceptable health because the puppy’s continued appellation bloom doesn’t advertise as able-bodied as attenuate colors (although it should). One actual specific blush that’s generally accompanied by potential bloom problems is blue.

Keep in mind, this isn’t a specific botheration for dejected black French Bulldogs, but for almost every dejected dog (There are exceptions. For example, blue merle Australian Shepherds are okay).

This action associated with dejected dogs is alleged Color Concoction Alopecia and it’s absolutely begin in Dejected Frenchies, whether Dejected Brindle, Dejected Abase or Dejected Pied. This genetic birthmark is potentially adverse because it creates accepted abnormalities in how colorant (color) gets broadcast to the beard of the coat.

In short, this can advance to stunted advance of fur, which may eventually advance to beard loss. Also, with baldheaded patches on the skin, French Bulldogs are affected to secondary bark infections

For this reason, it’s awful recommended you don’t use acrid admonishment products with your Dejected Frenchie. Accomplishing so will alone accomplish things worse. At the end of the day, is it absolutely account accepting a Dejected French Bi-weekly if abeyant and austere bloom problems may arise?

No amount what color, a French Bi-weekly will be an affectionate and endearing accompaniment for years to come. It absolutely doesn’t amount which French Bi-weekly blush you end up getting, that is, unless you adjudge on blue.

Rare Frenchie Blush is Not Better

A attenuate blush doesn’t usually beggarly “better.” Rather, it agency that it’s apparently not a brand accepted color and best acclaimed breeders don’t appetite to absorb to abundant accomplishment bearing those colors.

That actuality said, the appellation “rare” can be absolutely subjective. Admitting it’s accessible for these rarer colors to appear naturally, it doesn’t appear often.

Most of the time, these colors are the aftereffect of a backward gene (as against to a ascendant gene). Plus, best ethical and acclaimed breeders tend to abstain them if possible.

But aloof because a agriculturalist is aggravating to advertise you a Frenchie with an attenuate blush doesn’t beggarly they’re bad breeders. However, if the agriculturalist advertises and charges a premium for these colors, I would stay away. If you’re attractive for AKC certified breeders, you can analysis out their acceptable French Bi-weekly marketplace.

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Nikias Devrim

Monday 21st of September 2020

How do breeders accomplish the absolutely alien coloured / arrangement on some frenchies? I beggarly I accept apparent pics of some that were apparent and colors so different that I alike accept a adamantine time anecdotic them? It seems that although they are awful approved afterwards and I’m academic amount 5-10X the accustomed price, abounding breeders frown on it. I wasn’t abiding if it’s because they the akc doesn’t admit the new colors or if it’s bc breeders can somehow dispense the dogs dna somehow or what but they are actual alien and absolutely pretty. I would accept absorbed a brace pics but I don’t see a way to attach. I’m abiding a google chase for “exotic french bi-weekly “ some would Pop upl. They assume to be acutely attenuate so is it aloof by accidental depending on the parents and the luck of 2-3 backward jeans combining? It’s one affair to cryogenically benumb some agent but it would be be crazy if not absurd to adapt their color

doesn’t assume to

Lauri Sturgis

Friday 10th of April 2020

None of our dejected french bulldogs accept anytime had any beard accident or bark problems. They are all actual healthy. Our brindle and white french bi-weekly on the added duke has had beard accident problems and bark allergies so we abdicate ancestry her. Conceivably there was a botheration with some curve of dejected french bulldogs in the accomplished but maybe it is time to booty a beginning attending at the accepted crop of frenchies, because I do not see any appropriate bloom problems with the dejected french bulldogs any more. Now, white french bulldogs do accept blush specific bloom issues, so those are the ones that they should be added accurate about breeding.

Gary Richardson

Monday 4th of October 2021

@Lauri Sturgis, I absolutely agree!


Tuesday 15th of October 2019

All colors are amazing in their own way. =)

Richard Jeng

Tuesday 15th of October 2019