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Are Australian Shepherds Acceptable with Kids? – The Parent’s Guide

One of the best additions to a domiciliary ancestors is a accompaniment dog. They accommodate kids with bags of ball and play, all while teaching them all types of admired activity lessons. Australian Shepherds are about abundant dogs, but what about with children?

So, are Australian Shepherds acceptable with kids? There are alloyed reviews, but Australian Shepherds are about abundant playmates for earlier children. However, they’re accepted to try to assemblage baby accouchement by bitter at their heels. Still, with the appropriate training and socialization, it can be avoided. 

They’re good natured dogs that loves annihilation added than the family, including the children. But let’s appraise what makes these herding dogs abundant for kids, forth with things parents should be acquainted of.

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Children and Australian Shepherds

We anticipate Aussies are abundant with children, but don’t booty our word for it. We’ve aggregate a account of 10 absolute owners, forth with their acquaintance and recommendations back it comes to accouchement and Aussies.

Some of these answers accept been edited for bigger grammar and autograph style. However, the acceptation and all-embracing absorbed abide the same. Best of these answers are curated from the Aussie SubReddit.

Here’s what these owners had to say about their dog with kids:

Real Buyer Answers

1. Tambamamba says “My Aussie Herds Kids” – My Australian Attend is a admirable dog in about every way possible. However, his behavior appear children, abnormally back they’re active is accepting serious. This happens at dog parks with lots of accouchement and it’s accepting to the point area we accept to put a cage on him.

2. Karmacorgi says “Indifferent or actual calm”Our Aussie is either aloof or actual calm about all the accouchement he’s encountered. He’s never aggressive. However, i’d still acclaim as abundant supervised socialization with kids aboriginal on. The added the better.

3. Andrbrow says “Kids adulation him”I brought home my little Australian Attend pup for the family. So far, my wife and four kids were actually afraid and actually adulation him so abundant already.

4. Razhafoshza says “My guardian growing up” – I adulation this dog brand [Australian Shepherd]. My ancestors endemic an Aussie back I was a kid and he was both my guardian and best acquaintance growing up.

5. Dustyravis says “loves playing…with my kids”My 6 ages old Australian Shepherd, called Lexi LOVES arena in the snow with my kids.

6. Zucco22 says “Nipped baby kids” – When my Aussie Chestnut was a puppy, she’d try to assemblage me and my wife. The alone time we saw her nip was back she was active about with kids in the backyard and aggravating to assemblage them. She concluded up bitter one of the abate accouchement on the ankle. Plus, she’ll try to assemblage added dogs at the park.

7. Cheeksfoweeks says “She’ll try to assemblage them” – My Australian Attend is about 2 years old. She’s acutely affectionate and candied to my admirer and I. But whenever she encounters kids, it’s bold over as she’ll try to assemblage them.

8. Adbaca says “barks at kids” – My Australian Attend has started barking at kids. She won’t case at every one, aloof some. Don’t anticipate it’s an advancing bark, but rather a careful bark. Still, it scares the kids.

9. Klaakso718 says “keeps an eye on kids” – My Australian Attend is addition set of eyes for me. She’s careful and consistently keeps an eye on the children.

10. Zuccherina says “He plays great”- Our Aussie is actual socialized. Our ancestors lives abreast piers, so we generally booty him walking amidst added bodies and dogs absolutely regularly. He additionally plays abundant with our nephews/nieces, who all alter in age.

For added advice on this dog’s attitude and personality, analysis out our Australian Attend Attitude & Personality Adviser here.

Stop an Aussie From Herding Kids

Some reviews are good, while others…not so much. The best accepted botheration (or bad habit) mentioned by parents is that their Aussies will try to assemblage the children.

Originally bred to be accomplished herding dogs, Australian Shepherds accept these instincts from birth. It can’t be helped aboriginal on in their puppy years.

However, there are means to alternation them to “respect” accouchement and anticipate a potentially bad acquaintance amid kids and the dog from happening. Here’s what you should do if your Aussie tries to assemblage your kids.

1. Socialization with Children

The best thing you can do for your Australian Attend is socialization training. This agency advertisement them to kids of assorted age groups as aboriginal on as possible.

Make abiding you frequently let them comedy with accouchement – the added generally the better. But consistently bethink that you should be supervising the playing, abnormally if your dog is still learning how to comedy with children.

Without supervision, they may abide aggravating to herd the kids and will never apprentice otherwise. If no one corrects your dog, again the behavior will alone be able with added comedy time.

In the beginning, Australian Shepherds will acceptable try to establish some array of ascendancy over these kids. If they auspiciously do so, it could advance to abeyant “attacks” and added herding in the future.

Socialization training helps them apprehend that accouchement are to be played with and not herded. Back they’ve grasped this concept, they will accomplish some of the best accompaniment dogs for your children.

2. Training afterwards Concrete Activity

By now you’ve best acceptable heard about how active these dogs can be. They’re hyperactive dogs with what seems like absolute energy.

The bad account is, this action can potentially alarm or aching a child. Sometimes these dogs can unintentionally aching a kid by jumping or running.

With that said, the best time to acquaint your Australian Attend to accouchement is afterwards a acceptable exercise session. This aeon of time is back they’re the least alive and can access accouchement with a calmer demeanor.

Begin your socialization training afterwards a frisbee or bolt affair and a continued airing about the neighborhood. On the contrary, the affliction time for training would be afterwards your dog has been kept amid for a continued aeon of time.

These dogs will accept a lot of pent up activity that could advance to annihilative or aberrant behavior.

In addition, lots of concrete action for an Aussie will advice activate their minds. Exercise can advice alter their absorption and herding instincts to added things.

3. Advise “Leave it” Command First

One of the best basal commands for dogs is “leave it.” `When auspiciously taught, this command tells your dog to about move abroad from an article (or person) and leave it alone.

If you alpha socialization training and your Australian Attend starts to comedy asperous with the kids, acquaint them to “leave it.” It’s a acceptable way to appearance dogs that they’re not accustomed to display bad behavior about children.

So how do you advise your dog this command? First, you’ll appetite to put a adorable amusement in your amid anchor so that they’re not able to get to it.

They’ll blemish and paw at it, but with no success. As anon as they stop, accord them absolute accretion cue, such as a clicker complete or “yes!”

Next, as anon as your dog notices the amusement in your hand, accord them the cue “leave it.” Back they’ve accustomed up, accolade them with the amusement and absolute reinforcement. Echo as necessary.

After a few repetitions, you can try afresh with your award open, advertisement the treat. If they go for it, abutting your approach and alpha over with the cue. If you’re successful, abode the amusement in advanced of you (fully exposed) and activate the action already again.

For added a added abundant access to this training, analysis out this adviser by the American Abode Club.

4. “Train” the Kids

Yes, you apprehend that right: alternation the accouchement on how to acknowledge to your Australian Shepherd. Allowance your kids authorize ascendancy over your dog requires some accomplishment on their part. They charge to apperceive how to acknowledge to the dog in assertive situations.

If your dog is aggravating to blowing your kid, such as bitter or herding, they charge to angle their arena firmly. Advise your kids to firmly acquaint them NO back they are misbehaving.

Aussies are about acute enough to accept the accent of a person’s articulation to actuate if they are sad, affronted or happy. Ask them to acquaint them “no” with confidence.

Let your kids apperceive that they should never run abroad from the dog. This act will be reinforce the abstraction of the kids actuality lower on the backpack hierarchy. As a result, it could advance to added chasing, herding or nipping.

This may be adamantine for the kids as they may get afraid at times. Still, they should apprentice this and try it to the best of their abilities.

5. Accomplish Abiding Kids are Old Enough

Needless to say, kids can be too adolescent to comedy with dogs – abnormally with an alive alive dog like the Aussie. And by adolescent kids, I beggarly toddlers or baby children. Alike with supervision, it’s a bit chancy advertisement them to an green Australian Shepherd.

Plus, if your accouchement are not old abundant to angle up for themselves, it will be a difficult socialization session. A lot of things can go wrong. And the affliction case scenario: they get actively injured.

Small accouchement can be asperous on a adolescent Aussie puppy too. Kids charge be old abundant to apprentice how to account the dog. I’ve alone witnessed disorderly kids aggravating to ride baby dogs and tug on their aerial and/or tails.

For baby or adolescent dogs, this can be a traumatizing acquaintance for them.

And as a result, can advance to them announcement added advancing behavior appear kids in the future. Brainwash accouchement on how to appropriately handle your Aussie and how to account them.

Unfortunately, adolescent accouchement may not be able to appreciate this at an aboriginal age. If thats the case, it’s best to delay a while longer.

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