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Do Australian Shepherds Get Forth With Cats? – 21 Answers from Absolute Aussie Owners

It’s no secret, Australian Shepherds are accepted to accept absurd temperaments (make abiding to apprehend added about the Aussie’s attitude here). They adulation bodies and bodies adulation them. But owners may be apprehensive if these dogs extend this adulation to their artful counterparts?

So, are Australian Shepherds acceptable with cats? According to our survey, best Australian Shepherds get forth with cats. In fact, 48% of absolute Aussie owners said their dog gets forth with bodies actual well. About 33% said they’re accept together. In contrast, 19% said their Aussie doesn’t get forth with cats.

Before you jump to conclusion, accumulate in apperception that all Australian Shepherds are different. In addition, environments and training generally accomplish a huge aberration in how able-bodied these dogs get forth with added pets. It’s why some get forth able-bodied with bodies while others don’t.

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Owners: Does Your Aussie Get Forth With Cats?

Each dog/cat bearings can alter depending on the pair. It’s why we found real answers from Australian Attend owners apropos how their dog gets forth with a cat.

Here are 21 altered belief that we’ve begin from online forums, such as Reddit. We’ve edited some answers for bigger grammar and breeze but meanings abide the same.

1. Ehh_soso says YES

Our Australian Attend actually adores arena with cats. In fact, she’s actual affable with them.

I can acquaint she absolutely wants to collaborate and comedy with them. However, the cat may or may not acquiesce it depending on mood.

Funny enough, I’d say she brand bodies added so than dogs. Plus, we accept a chief cat and our Aussie gives her the account and amplitude she demands (because she’s been warned a few times).

2. Guy_with_a_body says YES

My Australian Attend is accomplished with cats. Although my Aussie didn’t abound up with one, my ancestors accept a cat.

My Aussie met the cat back she was aloof one year old. There wasn’t anytime any aggression, rather she was aloof analytical of the cat.

3. Plantlady113 says OKAY

We got my Australian Attend back she was 7 years old. Still, she got forth accomplished with our ancestors cat.

At first, she’d be affronted at the cat, but never advancing in any way. All this happened while the cat badly capital to be her friend.

The cat would try to apple-pie her face, beddy-bye on her, and the dog aloof laid there annoyed. Although it took some time, our cat eventually accomplished the Aussie to adulation her back.

4. Foonashaluna says YES

We accept two Australian Shepherds. One brand to comedy with bodies and the added brand to bundle with them. Neither of them amusement bodies as prey.

5. Jnhbur7 says NO

We accept three Australian Shepherds and they are all actually aflutter of cats. The oldest will generally bark and hiss our cats.

6. Trimi75 says NO

I accept both bodies and an Aussie. My antecedent dog abandoned the bodies and wouldn’t alike attending at them. However, the Aussie I accept now is actually abashed of cats.

The bodies apperceive it and they affliction her. Their accord is congenital on: who can get on anniversary other’s fretfulness more.

7. Zwack16 says NO

Our Aussie, called Rufus, loves every active animal he’s anytime appear across. Of course, we admitting he’d be blessed to accept a new acquaintance – a cat.

So far, it’s been rough. Rufus doesn’t like accepting added animals in his house. He’s been aggressively barking at the cat, which he never does.

8. Nonuclidiansquid says OKAY

I own 2 Australian Shepherds and 2 cats. I anticipate they get forth accomplished as continued as you accession them up together.

Although neither of my dogs accept an affair with either cat, the macho Aussie is absolutely added affable about them.

9. Chief_economist says YES

I own a miniature Australian Attend that I aloft back puppyhood. She gets forth abundant with my cat. In fact, i’d say they’re best friends.

I anticipate it helps because they’re agnate in size, so they can tumble and comedy with anniversary added all day.

10. Sirius_moonlight says OKAY

I accept three bodies and one Australian Shepherd. Pippie, our Aussie, doesn’t carefully try to aching them, but still loves to hunt them. She’ll alike boop them with her adenoids if they don’t alpha running.

One of our cat adores her and will generally bundle with Pippie. Addition one will abide Pippie and occasionally comedy with her.

The oldest one hates our dog and has been abashed back day one (10 years ago).

11. Ilovethensa says YES

I own a (almost) two year old Aussie that i’ve had back a puppy. He won’t carefully try to aching the cat but will hunt afterwards him for continued periods of time.

However, the cat absolutely enjoys this best of the time – sometimes initiating the chase. As continued as you accession your dog and cat appropriate (with a lot of love), they’ll be affectionate and admiring to anniversary other.

12. Presertim says OKAY

My Australian Shepherd, called Nami, enjoys block about my two cats. However, the bodies don’t absolutely affliction her my dog.

Nami loves to lick them but my bodies will run away.  Nami has never been annihilation but analytical back arena with the cats.

13. Pinkamema_pie says OKAY

I own 4 Australian Shepherds and a cat. It absolutely depends on your training adjustment and the aplomb of the cat.

Of the four, one is abashed of the cat. Two of them don’t absolutely pay abundant attention. However, the aftermost one loves my cat and the bodies loves that Aussie. They’ll alike benedict anniversary other.

14. Elenadearest says YES

My Australian Attend Callie gets forth abundant with our cats. He’s actuality aloft by bodies and alike steals her brother’s sleeping spot.

15. Blabsx says YES

Cats and Aussies should be accomplished together. My Australian Shepherd loves my cat, but my cat hates my Aussie because he’s territorial. Still, they consistently comedy together.

16. Apzy91 says YES

We accept a cat and it took my Australian Attend about 8 months to advise the cat. He started by block and bitter at her but now will bundle with the cat.

17. Danwrubel says OKAY

Our Australian Attend is one, but we accept a 7 year old cat. Our cat grew up with a chief boxer (passed abroad aftermost year) so we were acquisitive our cat would advise the Aussie too.

Turns out the cat was abundant happier with the earlier and calmer boxer. Not as abundant with crazy and aerial activity Aussie.

18. T-boner952 says YES

I aloof best up a 4 ages old Australian Shepherd. The mannerisms and personality of this dog brand is so abundant altered than any of my antecedent dogs.

The way they act about bodies and how they “introduce” themselves is sooo Aussie-like. I’m alpha to apprehend how different and abundant Aussies are.

19. Richsanchezforpres20 says YES

My Aussie was aggravating to accomplish accompany with our neighbor’s cat the added day. Afore I knew it, they were arena with anniversary other! I was appealing surprised.

20. Papersky says OKAY

Our Australian Attend loves to hunt our two cats. Although one will accept none of it, the added is adolescent and braver.

In fact, he acts added like a dog than a cat, so he gets forth with our Aussie adequately well.

21. Glazirus says NO

I ambition my Aussie got forth with my cat! The cat will hiss and advance my dog. And afterwards clawing my Aussie a few times, she’ll run abroad scared.

The cat will accept an acute acclamation barrage – it’s the craziest affair ever.

Recap on Buyer Answers

Although our sample admeasurement is small, we can (probably) accept that about bisected of Australian Shepherds will get forth with cats.

This does not beggarly you put the two calm and they’ll assignment it out. Socialization training is actually all-important and acute to accomplish things work.

48% of the owners say their dog(s) get forth abundant cats. However, best buyer followed up adage that the accord wasn’t at aboriginal sight. For best cases, it took some time for them to get acclimated to anniversary other.

33% of the Aussie owners said their dog has an accept accord with cats. This could beggarly they accede anniversary added but don’t adore arena with one another. It could additionally beggarly that one cat admired the dog and one didn’t – or carnality versa.

The actual 19% said their dog does not get forth with the cat. Sometimes, personalities aloof don’t bout and it’s difficult to change a pet’s personality.

Introducing Australian Shepherds to Cats

It can be a nerve-wrecking acquaintance bringing home a new puppy to a home abounding of bodies (and carnality versa). It may not be a bland alteration best of the time, as these animals are acutely different.

However, it is accessible to advance a admiring accord amid an Australian Attend and a cat. Actuality are some tips from absolute Aussie owners.

Socialization Tips

Reddit user seph_martin stresses the accent of socialization training for these situations. The user mentioned that “all behaviors can be accomplished with abundant patience.”

For example, seph_martin recommends accepting some acceptable comedy and exercise with your Aussie to tire them out. Already they’re tired, you can accompany out the cat because they’ll be beneath hyperactive.

Bring the treats out and continuously accommodate absolute accretion (praise and treats) every time they administer to break about anniversary added for 30 seconds.

Of course, access the continuance calm over time. If the dog starts block the cat, abolish them both and end playing/training time until they’re calm.

Getting a Safe Amplitude for the Cat

Another user recommended keeping the cat in one room, at atomic until the two are adequate with anniversary other. As they associate more, he’ll boring let the cat out beneath administration for best durations.

He assured by suggesting bodies charge to accept a safe amplitude area they can adumbrate when they feel threatened.

Hunter3657 chimed in suggesting to crate or bridle restrain the Australian Attend until the dog is acclimated to seeing the cat after the appetite to hunt them. Aloof accomplish abiding the dog knows bitter is never okay.

Final Thoughts

Inherently, Australian Shepherds are acquiescent dogs. They usually don’t seek to hunt or abuse added baby animals.

The problems is their intense energy and activity, which could put off a lot of cats. In response, the abashed cat may advance back.

The key to accepting your cat and dog to advance a acceptable accord is persistence with socializing. It may assume absurd in the beginning, but it’s not. All these belief you’ve apprehend are accurate stories.

My Advancement on Aussies with Cats

In my opinion, a apathetic and steady desensitization action is necessary. This agency regularly exposing the dog and cat, but beneath austere supervision.

The added they’re apparent to anniversary other, the added adequate they’ll be with one another.

If things get rowdy, cull them afar appropriate away. The aftermost affair you’ll appetite is for either beastly to go through a alarming experience, such as an attack. It would be demography a footfall advanced and assorted accomplish back.

I accede with seph_martin in commendations to using absolute reinforcement. If you see them arena with anniversary added or alike cuddling, consistently accord them acclaim and possibly a treat.

This is important because it lets them apperceive that what they’re accomplishing is “positive behavior.”

Never force a cat to play with your Australian Shepherd. If it takes longer, again it takes longer. There’s absolutely no point in banishment a accord amid two actual altered animals. It could account added abuse than good.

Did i absence any abundant tips for introducing your Australian Attend to cats? If i did, leave a tip in the comments area below!

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