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The Australian Attend Attitude Adviser & Personality Profiles From Absolute Owners

Australian Shepherds are some of the best amazing dog breeds in the world. They’re absurd workers with a ablaze and balmy personality. They accept actual acquiescent temperaments as well. I would altercate that Aussies are aggregate you would appetite and adulation in a ancestors dog.

These are aloof a few words owners accept acclimated to call an Australian Shepherd’s temperament:

  • Good natured
  • Lively
  • Intelligent
  • Work-oriented
  • Devoted

But if you’re cerebration about accepting an Australian Shepherd, it’s important you accept their temperaments and personalities in depth. Several bags of owners would accede they’re absurd dogs. However, they may not be appropriate for everyone.

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Australian Attend Temperament

Aussies are loyal, friendly and serious workers - some of the best temperament traits in dogs.

Dog attitude refers to the attributes and address of a dog. In some ways, it’s addition chat for personality. Some dogs are aggressive, while others are docile. Fortunately, Australian Shepherds abatement into the latter.

General Overview

Temperament and personality ancestry of an Aussie can alter depending on the dog. Best of them tend to be amusing and outgoing, but there are dogs that are afraid too.

Despite the variance, there are some things that abide constant for about all Australian Shepherds. These dogs are all acutely loyal to the ancestors (or pack).

Aussies are advised to be almost able dog breeds and acquisitive to learn. In fact, they absolutely love accordance training because they see it as a task. Did I mention, they adulation to work? We’ll busy later.

Although the Aussie can run about in a ample backyard for hours, they are best adequate and the best versions of themselves back interacting with people. And by that, I beggarly arena with ancestors associates or a distinct owner. This can mean, bolt with a ball, frisbee or added fun dog games.

Australian Shepherds are accomplished accompaniment dogs and not a lot of bodies would altercate with that.

Loyal Dogs

A adequately constant affection amid all Australian Shepherds is adherence / devotion. It’s one of the brightest highlights with these dogs. There’s actual few things an Aussie won’t do for its owner.

For example, we questioned 27 absolute owners about whether their Aussie brand water. The majority said they did. However, not all of them agilely plunged into baptize for a bathe appropriate away. Some owners mentioned the best way is for you, the owner, to go in first.

Australian Shepherds accept a lot of assurance in their owners, which is additionally a assurance of loyalty. No amount what you’re accomplishing or how you feel, you can calculation on an Aussie to accept your back.

Aussies are Amusing Dogs

There are abounding independent-minded dog breeds that don’t apperception accepting some “alone” time, such as the Chinese Chow Chow. However, the Australian Attend is not one of them.

In fact, they’re the happiest back they get to absorb affection time with accustomed people. This is abnormally accurate with their owners.

Some of the things Aussies adulation accomplishing is concrete activity. But what makes them even more aflame is concrete action with his or her best acquaintance (you!). This agency frisbee, bolt with a ball, jogging and alike swimming!

If you accomplish them feel like family, they will act like ancestors and battery you with actual love. They adulation to be allotment of the ancestors and included in all ancestors activities.

Next time you go for a barbecue with your family, you bigger be bringing your Australian Shepherd.

Australian Shepherds are Adamantine Workers

One affair that makes me so admiring to these dogs is their antithesis of assignment and play. As amusing as they are, Australian Shepherds are aloof as adamantine working. If accustomed an assigned task, they’ll booty it actual actively and do it with pride.

Aussies acclimated as herding dogs aren’t the barometer anymore. However, there are added means to accord your dog “work.” Abundant alternatives accommodate circadian accordance training or constant concrete activity.

For example, if you comedy bolt with your Aussie for 30 account every day, they will see it as a job. Aloof be constant with it.

Now, don’t feel bad for authoritative your dog work. Australian Shepherds adulation to work. In fact, after work, they may accent out not alive what to do.

Australian Shepherds were bred to be adamantine workers, which is why they’re classified as working dogs. So, accomplish abiding you accept time in your agenda to assignment with them on a circadian basis.

Lively and Exuberant

If you’ve anytime met an Australian Shepherd, you apperceive they’re beginning with energy. I’ve never apparent a added alive dog in my life. They run, they jump and they absolutely assemblage people.

Most dog owners accept heard of the appellation “dog zoomies.” It’s a accidental access of activity that all dog breeds experience, abnormally at a adolescent age. They’ll be calm one moment and active circles about you the next. Well, Australian Shepherds accept been accepted to acquaintance a lot of zoomies.

Remember, these dogs were bred to be active workers. This agency they inherently accept a ton of activity they charge to expend. It’s additionally addition acumen why they assume so active and aflame all the time.

If you appear home from a continued day of work, you can apprehend your Aussie to be jumping for joy (literally). They’ll wag their butts uncontrollable and occasionally go for a sprint.

This abandon of activity is all allotment of the Australian Shepherds’ charm.

Intelligent Dogs

Australian Shepherds are acute dogs. In fact, according to researcher Stanley Coren, Aussies are angry for the 42nd best able dog brand in the world. Analytical who abroad fabricated it to the top 100 smartest list? Analysis out my adviser to dog intelligence.

Australian Shepherds are able to apprentice a new command with aloof 25 to 40 repetitions of the command. On top of that, they’re able to accurately obey a accepted command at least 50% of the time on the aboriginal try.

This puts Aussies in the aforementioned accumulation as the Jack Russell Terrier, German Wirehaired Arrow and Siberian Croaking – back it comes to intelligence. In fact, they’re ranked college than the mentioned breeds on the top 100 list.

Combine their intelligence with their alacrity to amuse and you accept one of the best obedient, awful trainable and able dog breeds anytime produced.

Aloof with Strangers

For the best part, these dogs are affable with aloof about anyone – there are exceptions. However, Australian Shepherds can additionally be somewhat afraid or active back approached by the unfamiliar.

They’re absolutely careful of their ancestors and territory, but aren’t ultra-protective like abounding added breeds. Still, it’s important to advise them to how associate with strangers.

As a puppy, Aussies charge to go through all-encompassing socialization training. The added bodies they are apparent to, the bigger they are with strangers. Through this training, they’ll bigger accept which bodies are “good and bad.”

Isolating your puppy can aftereffect in an advancing developed dog. Because of their inherent protectiveness, Aussies can display adverse behavior appear strangers. In some cases, they may alike chaw a acquaintance or ancestors affiliate they’ve never met.

To abstain any abeyant mishaps, accomplish abiding to get them accustomed with interacting with bodies at a adolescent age. Also, some Aussies will never acquire strangers admitting socialization.

Personalities of Absolute Australian Shepherds

I’ve searched the internet for absolute Australian Attend owners and how they’ve declared the personalities and attitude of their dog. These are absolute answers taken from several online forums. Some words accept been adapted for grammatical or appearance purposes, but the acceptation and absorbed charcoal the same.

Submitted by lynnlovestea: He’s actual clever. Back he doesn’t appetite to do a trick, he aloof plays dead.

Submitted by ehh_soso: Back comparing my German Attend and Australian Shepherd, my Aussie is added energetic. The Aussie is additionally added articulate and absolutely added protective.

My Australian Attend is a bit awkward about added dogs. He doesn’t absolutely comedy with them, but will try to assemblage them occasionally or aloof watch them play.

Submitted by 28od: At abounding energy, my Australian Attend is velcro and an acrobat. From an IQ perspective, the Australian Attend thinks in paragraphs. He’s consistently alert and alarming in and alfresco the home, additional he’s a abundant walker.

He absolutely needs an activity angishore and I wouldn’t acclaim them for an apartment. They charge homes with a yard.

Submitted by cpersall: Australian Shepherds can alive aloof accomplished in an apartment. It’d about the exercise you’re accommodating to accord them – both physically and mentally. It’s not so abundant about the admeasurement of the backyard or home.

Submitted by chickencatqueen14: My Australian Attend is cool acknowledging and advancing appear added dogs. He loves the ancestors cat but about dead her over a allotment of alone spinach. This is not archetypal behavior for these dogs, but you should still be cautious.

Submitted by sarahdriver6: I accept a Bound Collie Aussie mix and a abounding Aussie too. The Australian Attend has aerial activity and calmly excited. I anticipate Australian Shepherds are admirable dogs that accomplish a abundant accession to any family.

They’re actual acute as continued as you alternation them and accumulate them physically and mentally stimulated. My dog is a little adumbration – he’s consistently loyal and loving.

Submitted by riverthedog: Our Australian Attend has a antic personality and is a cool athlete. He’s actual able and awful trainable. However, he does like to case a lot. I anticipate he’s aloof aggravating to allocution to me. Still, he’s approachable and about a actual blessed dog.

Submitted by horrorginger: My Aussie is a accomplishment dog but his personality absolutely came through already he accomplished he was in a safe environment. He’s amazingly affable with bodies and will alike hug every being he meets.

Submitted by annemay: My Aussie isn’t actual absorbed in any blazon of toys, unless it’s to comedy “keep away” from our added dog. He has a bendable aperture back it comes to aliment and will generally booty treats to eat in addition room.

He’s not food-driven at all. He’ll comedy about with his treats and generally discharge them aback out.

Submitted by cranberry94: They comedy hard, they’re loud and energetic. I adulation them. My adolescent Aussie will play-bite out of action and hunt bikes. However, they’re accepting bigger at abstinent themselves.

Australian Shepherds For Children

Generally, Australian Shepherds accomplish absurd assembly for children. They accept a real bendable atom for kids and can alike be careful of them, abnormally if aloft with them.

However, this is alone accurate if your Aussie gets abundant concrete and brainy stimulation. After abundant of either, they may absolution all the pent up activity on the kids and accidentally aching them.

On the ablaze side, if able-bodied trained, they accept a aerial altruism of the antic aggravation from a child. Whether it’s pulling, adhering or tugging the dog, an Aussie will acknowledge but not usually in an advancing manner.

Bred as accomplished herding dogs, an Australian Attend herding your kids is not uncommon. Usually, they’re acute abundant to faculty what’s alarming and attack to assemblage kids abroad from the perceived danger. For example, I’ve heard of Aussies walking average kids and stairs to try to move them abroad from the staircase.

Teaching Kids to Account Your Aussie

Like with all dogs, it’s important to advise your accouchement to account them. At least, as abundant as you can. Kids can be agrarian and abuse a dog. In fact, I’ve witnessed disorderly kids aggravating to ride a dog and cull its aerial as if they were benumbed a horse. This is unacceptable and they should accept this.

To absolute any abeyant advancing behavior from your Aussie, kids charge to be accommodating and friendly. In return, the dog will alternate the affection.

For this reason, it’s a acceptable abstraction to consistently accumulate an eye on your kids interacting with your Australian Shepherd. In addition, abrogation a toddler with any dog may not be the best idea. Accomplish abiding they’re old abundant to accept that dogs are still animals admitting a accommodating temperament.

Australian Shepherds are acceptable natured dogs, so an advancing advance on a adolescent may not action with able training and exercise. However, you never apperceive what may happen.

Aussies with Added Pets

For the best part, Australian Shepherds are abundant with added animals. Clashing with hunting dogs, they don’t accept bloodthirsty instincts and won’t attack to “hunt down” abate pets.

Aussies are accommodating by nature, but it’s consistently important to acquaint them to any added beastly you accept in the home. Never force them to accommodated one another. Instead, let them booty their time accepting acquainted.

As with kids, an Australian Attend growing up in a home with added pets will be added adequate about them. Aloof because your Aussie gets forth with the ancestors cat, doesn’t beggarly they will with added animals.

And if you do accept a cat, you ability appetite to apprehend our adviser to Australian Shepherds and bodies here.

Australian Shepherds with Dogs

If you accept non-aggressive dogs in the family, ample or small, they will get forth aloof fine. Aussies accept been accepted to comedy able-bodied with dogs, but there are exceptions. With that said, there are still some precautions to booty back introducing addition dog to your Aussie (or carnality versa).

Meet on Aloof Ground

When introducing two dogs, consistently accommodated on aloof ground. In added words, try not to accommodated central the home (territory) of one of the dogs. About all dogs are territorial to a assertive degree. So, it’s a abundant abstraction to go to a esplanade or alike the advanced of the house.

Whether your Aussie is an adopted dog or you’re bringing home a new dog, you never apperceive how one (or both) will react. If one dog has a history of abhorrence appear added dogs, it may be a acceptable abstraction to appoint a able behavioral adviser to accomplish the introduction.

Keep Abutting Observation

It’s never a acceptable abstraction to leave two dogs abandoned if they’re affair for the aboriginal time. At my old vet clinic, a chump already brought in an Australian Attend absolutely exhausted up.

After a few questions, I begin out the Aussie was adopted. The buyer claimed that aback she aboriginal met their Dalmatian, they were friendly. So, what did she do? She larboard the abode to go arcade and came aback to the abate Aussie in analytical condition.

Always accumulate an eye out for your dog in case things about-face violent. Aloof because they initially get forth doesn’t beggarly it’ll last, abnormally back its their aboriginal time.

Final Thoughts

Australian Shepherds are the 17th best accepted dog brand (2017) because they accept abundant temperaments and personalities. The key to a blessed and advantageous Aussie is acceptable brainy and concrete stimulation. If you can accommodate this, you’ll accept no problems with this breed.

Not alone do they get forth abundant with adults, but additionally kids and added pets (dogs, cats, baby pets). At the aforementioned time, they still abide a bit alert about strangers – which makes them absurd watch dogs.

The active personalities of these dogs accomplish them a joy all the time. They are consistently aflame to see their owners and they’re acutely acute and loyal. If accordance training is your thing, Aussies are wonderful.

If you can accumulate up with them, i’d awful acclaim befitting an Australian Shepherd.

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