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How Abundant Does an Australian Attend Cost? – 4 Factors of Australian Attend Prices

You’ve thoroughly researched all dog breeds for your new puppy and you’ve best the Australian Shepherd. Acceptable choice. There are few dog breeds as loyal, affectionate and absorbing as the Aussie. But amount of the Australian Attend can be a concern.

So, how abundant does the Australian Attend cost? The boilerplate amount of the Australian Attend ranges from $650 to $850. However, an Aussie can amount anywhere amid $300 to $1,800 USD depending on agriculturalist reputation, coat colors, full-blooded and location. 

Australian Shepherds are not the cheapest dog brand available, but they’re not awfully big-ticket either. Let’s added examine why Australian Shepherds amount as abundant as they do.

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Australian Attend Amount Factors

In my opinion, there are bristles capital factors that affect the amount of an Australian Shepherd. It’s why you’ll see some dogs go for around $350, while others go for able-bodied above $1800.

It’s important to accept these factors back arcade for your new puppy. By activity in with knowledge, you’ll blow accessible alive you’ll get the best deal.

1. Agriculturalist Reputation

Not all Aussie breeders are equal. Some are more knowledgeable, while others are less. Unfortunately, many are accidental breeders and few are “professional” breeders. If you can allow it, it’s consistently best to go to a able breeder.

It’s usually accessible which breeders are acclaimed and which are not. As a general aphorism of thumb, you get what you pay for. In added words, the college the amount the added acclaimed the agriculturalist (usually).

However, this is not a adamantine fact. Abounding breeders, acclaimed or not, may try to overcharge based on “rare” qualities, such as different covering colors.

Finding Acclaimed Australian Attend Breeders

This may be the best accepted catechism amid new owners attractive for their Aussie puppy. The acceptable account is that there are many ways to acquisition acclaimed breeders.

Take for example, AKC’s Breeder of Arete Program. They acutely accompaniment that their affairs strives to honor responsible breeders who go aloft and beyond.

This means added detail and attention to health, temperament, abiogenetic screening and affliction during pregnancy/postnatal periods.

Ask your agriculturalist if they’re allotment of the celebrated program. If they are, you can do a quick chase from them here to verify if that’s absolutely the case. If they’re beneath than truthful, that should be a huge red flag.

Asking the Appropriate Questions

Merit programs aren’t the alone way to acquisition acclaimed Australian Attend breeders. And aloof because a agriculturalist isn’t allotment of AKC’s account doesn’t mean they’re not reputable.

The best way to acquisition a acclaimed agriculturalist is to put on your detective hat and start allurement questions. In addition, you should absolutely go to the breeder’s facility to appraise how they’re alleviative their Aussies.

Always make a account of questions afore you go. Through their answers, you can about feel out how knowledgeable the Aussie breeders are. If they accord great answers and assume knowledgeable, again there’s a acceptable adventitious they’re amenable breeders.

Ask questions apropos their action for taking affliction of the mother and puppies during abundance and column pregnancy. These are acutely the best acute accomplish in breeding.

Request any official documents they accept pertaining to the parents’ health. Chase up with questions on how to booty care of your Australian Attend pup. Some breeders will alike accept a abbreviate adviser for you.

The added questions you ask, the bigger adventitious you accept at spotting a “fraud” or capricious Australian Attend breeder.

Search Online for Reputation

In this day and age, we’re advantageous abundant to be able to chase the acceptability of about any enactment or being with the internet.

With a simple Google search, you may be able to acquisition all kinds of reviews from antecedent barter and their acquaintance with a accurate breeder. It’s quick, accessible and actual accessible to do. So, don’t skip this step.

If there is limited or no information about a person, there’s a acceptable adventitious they’re aloof accidental breeders attractive to accomplish a quick buck. But if they aloof started, again advance with questions to admeasurement their knowledge.

This seems simple enough, but a lot of abeyant owners skip this acute footfall in the process. Pro-tip: acclaimed Aussie breeders may accept a Yelp business page, so accomplish abiding to analysis that out too.

2. Aussie Colors and Price

This agency in Aussie prices is array of a gray breadth topic. For the best part, abounding would anticipate acclaimed breeders do not allegation extra for altered covering colors. However, accumulation and appeal would say otherwise.

It’s not aberrant for breeders to allegation added for say, tri-colored or merle Australian Shepherds. This is because they’re higher in demand.

Although not everyone, abounding abeyant owners adopt the unique looks of merles and tri-colors. So, breeders are generally larboard with atramentous Aussies, or added “less desirable” puppies.

Sometimes, instead of charging added for adopted covering colors, they may artlessly allegation beneath for those puppies harder to sell. At the end of the day, these Aussie breeders are active a business. It’s their livelihood, so I can’t accusation them.

Some may alike altercate that this convenance gives the agriculturalist beneath credibility. For example, some breeders may be breeding for covering colors (to accomplish added money), instead of ancestry for affection dogs (temperament, health, etc.).

This may be the case with some, but it’s absolutely not the case with all breeders. And if you’re analytical about the altered covering variations of the Aussie, analysis out my adviser to 14 Australian Attend colors below.

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3. Full-blooded of Australian Shepherds

What absolutely is an Australian Attend pedigree? In a nutshell, it’s the ancestors history of the puppy forth with added abundant information. All dogs accept pedigrees – at atomic from acclaimed breeders.

In adjustment to anatomy a pedigree, dogs of a accurate band must be registered with a Abode Club, such as the AKC.

However, aloof because dogs are registered on a full-blooded doesn’t mean that they are affection dogs. Breeders absolutely aloof charge to pay a fee to annals their dogs.

How Full-blooded Affects Aussie Price

A dog full-blooded can acquaint you abounding things, some of which, you should absolutely be acquainted of. For example, abounding pedigrees will acquaint you how abundant a dog is at a assertive skill.

When attractive at a full-blooded of the Aussie pup, you may apprehension the attribute “CH” abutting to an aboriginal ancestor. CH stands for champion, and agency that dog competed in a antagonism and won.

This can be a appearance competition, activity or herding competition. For Australian Shepherds, the antagonism is usually in herding because that is their accustomed intelligence.

Not surprisingly, the more champions the puppy has in its line, the higher price they’ll about be. So, if you’re only attractive for a accompaniment Aussie, again a continued history of herding champions is apparently not account the exceptional price.

Healthier Dogs Amount More

Although not present on all pedigrees, some bloom factors will be accurate with contempo dogs. Of course, the convalescent the dog the college the price.

For example, the abridgement “OFA” annal a dog’s cachet with hip dysplasia – a almost accepted anamorphosis of the hip socket.

Dogs are advised and graded: E (excellent), G (good) or F (fair). Added bloom advice such as eye conditions and elbow dysplasia are begin on the full-blooded as well.

4. Location

The aftermost (but not least) agency in Australian Attend prices is location. With technology, we’re able to see prices of Australian Attend puppies all over the country.

Most bodies can apparently find bigger deals from an appropriately acclaimed breeder. However, are they accommodating to go to them if they’re on the added ancillary of the country? Apparently not.

I’m not suggesting you fly beyond the country for the account of affairs a cheaper Australian Shepherd, but location does affect the cost of these dogs.

Certain regions area Australian Shepherds (or dogs in general) are higher in demand could beggarly a exceptional on prices alike with the aforementioned affection dog.

However, if you appear to alive in an breadth with many aggressive breeders, it’s a acceptable abstraction to booty a quick drive about to analysis them out. More antagonism usually agency bigger Aussie prices.

Remember, it’s best to physically appointment the ability and ask questions to barometer how amenable an Australian Attend agriculturalist is. So anticipate alert afore purchasing your dog from the added ancillary of the country.

Comparing Australian Attend Prices

Even if you don’t plan to buy a puppy online, it’s still a abundant abstraction to check out listings to get a acceptable abstraction of baseline affection for price. Fortunately, there are abounding assets that you can analysis out during your research.

The aboriginal abode i’d acclaim is the USASA agenda of breeders. Accumulate in mind, these breeders are paid sponsors and not accustomed by the organization.

But if they’re willing to absorb money on advertisement, there’s a acceptable adventitious they’re able breeders and reputable. Still analysis their websites and call in to get pricing so you can analyze with your bounded breeders.

AKC has a abundant market place for Australian Shepherds, area they calmly acquaint you basic full-blooded information and merit reputation. In adjustment to get the prices, you’ll charge to acquaintance the breeders by buzz or email.

Although there are a agglomeration of chargeless classified listings for Aussie puppies, I would not aces one out from there. Best of the time, they’re accidental breeders and you’ll additionally acquisition a lot of mixed Australian Shepherds.

For these reasons, the prices of these dogs are abundant cheaper and can ambit anywhere from $100 to $500. If you’re attractive for a advantageous puppy, again these prices apparently aren’t abundant for comparison.

Price of Adopting an Aussie

If you can, I would always acclaim adopting an Australian Shepherd. It’s added economical (good for your wallet), but added importantly, you’re accouterment a admiring home for an Aussie that needs one.

The aboriginal abode to attending would be your local beastly shelter. It’s abutting by and acceptable for you to booty a attending (you can additionally alarm in first).

I’ll admit, it’s rare to acquisition an Aussie in your bounded apartment but it’s not impossible. And if you do find one, the dog will acceptable be an Aussie mix.

However, the best place to accept an Aussie is from an Australian Attend rescue. There are abounding of them, but I would acclaim blockage out Aussie Rescue.

In about all above cities, you’ll be able to acquisition a bounded rescue for this specific breed. Do a quick Google and Bark chase to acquisition them in your area.

Adopting an Australian Attend can ambit anywhere from $50 to $250 for an adult, depending on the organization. I’ve apparent rescues go for over $300 for an Aussie puppy.

Why Adopting is “Expensive”

You may be apprehensive why it costs so abundant to accept an Aussie. On the aerial end, you can apparently get a new puppy for a few hundred dollars more. But accumulate in mind, these rescues are generally non-profit organizations.

Dog rescues accept their own set of costs and a almost high overhead. Not alone do they charge to pay for apartment and food of these dogs, but additionally vet bills. As a amount of fact, abounding Australian Shepherds appear in with above bloom problems.

The organizations charge to provide treatment afore they get adopted. In some cases, this can beggarly surgery, which you already apperceive is acutely costly.

I absolutely abutment what rescues are accomplishing and in my opinion, the cost to accept an Aussie is able-bodied account it. You’re not alone extenuative a dog, but additionally allowance these organizations save approaching dogs.

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Friday 5th of November 2021

How do you get AKC affidavit on a dog if you don't apperceive the owners my dog's mother and father

Richard Jeng

Saturday 6th of November 2021

You can't get AKC affidavit after the parents actuality registered. But it absolutely isn't that important to be honest.

Donna Wood

Wednesday 27th of October 2021

This has been ACTUAL informative. I had abounding questions and they were answered. We appetite to brand her already for a puppy. Award a macho (on Ms Abysm Coast) has been trying. THANKS for your help

Summer Jewel Fuls

Monday 9th of December 2019

The photo attatched to this accountable is not an Australian shepherd.

Richard Jeng

Monday 9th of December 2019

That's a atramentous tri Australian Attend puppy.