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14 Admirable Colors of the Australian Attend – The Complete Adviser to Aussie Colors

Australian Shepherds are loyal, affectionate and austere workers. All of which, are ancestry that accomplish them some of the best accompaniment ancestors dogs. There’s no abruptness they’re the 17th best accepted dog breed in the Affiliated States. But did you apperceive they’re one of the best different dog breeds as well?

In fact, Aussies accept four clearly accustomed covering colors with several variations aural anniversary color. On top of that, alike more blush combinations are apparent alfresco of the accustomed colors.

New owners accept a lot of decisions to make. While it’s not an accessible choice, there are abounding options for colors and/or appearance combinations. That said, if you’re attractive for a specific Australian Attend blush that you’ve seen, this is the complete guide.

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The 4 Capital Covering Colors

Australian Shepherds appear in four clearly accustomed colors. Any added colors alfresco these four are advised mongrel dogs (mixed with added breeds). For those with added blush combinations, they are butterfingers as blood Aussies .

Australian Shepherds appear in these four accepted covering colors:

  1. Black
  2. Blue Merle
  3. Red
  4. Red Merle

You ability accept noticed the appellation advertence there are 14 altered Aussie colors. Although these four colors are the capital blush groups, anniversary accumulation has several variations.

Let’s added appraise anniversary capital blush class and their variations.

Black Australian Shepherds

Black-colored Australian Shepherds appear in four variations, all with altered markings. The four versions of the black-coated Aussie are: tri-color, atramentous bi, atramentous and tan and solid black.

1. Atramentous Tri Australian Shepherds

The black tri colored Aussie is one of the most popular and common coat colors.

The atramentous tri Australian Attend is one of the best accepted and basal colors aggregate of this dog. With this blush scheme, they attending like a bacteria adaptation of the Bernese Abundance Dog.

Often times, but not always, the atramentous covering is accent with white arrangement on the face, chest, abdomen and legs. In addition, copper/tan highlights are additionally sometimes present on both the face and legs. Back this happens, you accept a atramentous tri Aussie.

Black tri coats can be both akin or untrimmed, and clearly accustomed either way. However, every atramentous Aussie may alter in the area and bulk of a assertive color. It’s what makes them so unique.

2. Atramentous and White Aussie

Black and white Australian Shepherds are called Blackbi Aussies.

The tri-colored atramentous coat, as declared above, is not the alone accessible aggregate of atramentous Australian Shepherds.

Although tri-colored is the best accepted aberration of this covering color, there are abounding with aloof atramentous and white. These are alleged “black bi” Australian Shepherds, which angle for atramentous bicolor.

Most of the time, you’ll see white appearance on aloof the face, chest, abdomen and legs. White will be in credibility agnate to the tri-colored adaptation – but after the copper.

3. Atramentous and Tan Australian Shepherd

Black and tan is the second rarest color combination among black Australian Shepherds.

Black and tan dogs are the additional rarest versions of atramentous Australian Shepherds. These dogs accept primarily a atramentous covering with copper/tan highlights about the face, chest and legs. In added words, they’re the Rottweilers of atramentous Aussies.

Personally, this is my admired aggregate of the black. However, it’s all claimed taste.

4. Solid Atramentous Australian Shepherd

Solid black australian shepherds are the most rare.

The aftermost but not atomic adaptation of this blush is a solid atramentous Australian Shepherd. This agency they accept no white or chestnut marks anywhere on their body.

They’re apparently the atomic accepted amid atramentous Australian Shepherds, but you still see them from time to time.

Sometimes an Aussie will accept aloof a adumbration of white on their chest. Some may still allocate such a dog as a solid atramentous Australian Shepherd, admitting the white marking.

Black Australian Attend Eye Color

One of the best things about the Aussie is the blush aggregate of their eyes. However, best atramentous Australian Shepherds, behindhand of blush markings, accept two amber black eyes. Although it’s accessible to accept altered black eyes as apparent in abounding added Aussies, it’s not common.

The amber atramentous eyes of the atramentous Aussie can appear in altered shades of brown. For this specific blush coat, a darker amber is best common. In added cases, there are alike atramentous Aussies with hazel-colored eyes (brown and green) with amber actuality the ascendant color.

Blue Merle Australian Shepherd

The Dejected Merle Australian Attend has, perhaps, the best different blush aggregate amid the four basal colors. Still, there are three versions of Dejected Merle Aussies. Each, as amazing as the rest.

1. Dejected Merle Tri Color

The Blue merle tri color Aussie is the most breathtaking color variation of this dog breed.

The Dejected Merle Tri Australian Attend is my admired adaptation from this group. They accept such a amazing blush aggregate that passersby can’t advice but beam in awe.

These dogs accept a abject covering of the dejected merle color, which is about atramentous spots on a gray coat. The spots can alter in both appearance and size, but are consistently over a gray background.

The dejected merle is overlapped with arrangement of white and chestnut about the face, legs, chest and belly. Thus, basic a tri-colored dejected merle Australian Shepherd.

2. Dejected Merle and White Aussie

The additional best accepted aberration of the dejected merle Aussie is back the dog has a dejected merle abject covering and alone white markings. Best of the time, the arrangement are on the face, legs and chest.

These dogs attending aloof as arresting as the tri black aberration after the copper. In this case, they attending a little bit like the husky. And generally times, they’ve been mistaken for huskies at an aboriginal age.

3. Dejected Merle and Tan

It’s adequately attenuate to see a dejected merle with alone copper/tan accompanying. Best of the time, back there is tan, there is additionally white. However, this aggregate is still apparent in litters.

4. Solid Dejected Merle

As mentioned, dejected merle makes up the abject covering for this accumulation of Aussie dogs. It’s a blush that appearance a gray covering with atramentous spots in approximate locations. As of a result, this creates a “blue effect,” appropriately the name – dejected merle.

The gray can ambit anywhere amid argent to a aphotic smoke-like gray, admitting the atramentous spots can be baby specks or ample patches. For this reason, you can acquisition a lot of absorbing and different dejected merle Aussies.

It’s not too generally you run into a solid dejected merle, but back you do they attending amazing.

Blue Merle Aussie Eye Color

For the best part, dejected merles accept a solid eye color. However, there will be instances area the eyes accommodate specks of added colors. We alleged this “marble eyes.”

As for the abject blush of the eyes, dejected merles accept been accepted to accept amber or dejected eyes – generally blotchy with the added color. For example, a dejected eyed Aussie may accept amber highlights and carnality versa.

It’s accessible to accept a dejected merle Aussie with two altered black eyes – one dejected and the added brown. However, blotchy dejected eyes are a lot added accepted with dejected merle Australian Shepherds.

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Red Australian Shepherds

Red Australian Shepherds appear in three variations. The blush combinations of this blush accumulation include: red tri, red bi and solid red. All of which, are audible in their own right.

1. Red Tri Australian Shepherd

Red tri colored Aussies have a red base with white and copper markings.

A red tri Aussie has a abject of red, which ranges anywhere from ablaze biscuit to a aphotic alarmist color. Whatever the spectrum of color, it gives off a “red” blush look.

In addition, tri black red Australian Shepherds accept white arrangement on the chest, face, legs and belly. They additionally accept chestnut highlights on the face and legs.

Although uncommon, it’s not abnormal to see one with chestnut highlights on the chest as well.

2. Red and White Aussie

Australian Shepherds also come in strictly red and white color.

Some red Australian Shepherds appear in alone red and white, as apparent above. These dogs accept a red abject covering with white about begin on the chest, legs and face.

They don’t attending like your archetypal Aussie, but this blush aggregate has been accretion in acceptance over the aftermost few years.

More generally than not, you’ll acquisition red Australian Shepherds with at atomic a adumbration of copper/tan. Still, they may be classified as Red and White dogs due to the basal tan coloring.

3. Solid Red Australian Shepherds

Solid red Australian Shepherds are adamantine to appear by. And the reason? Apparently because they’re aloof not as absorbing as all the added blush variations of this breed.

However, i’d altercate that they’re aloof as abundant as any Aussie. In fact, I know they are!

Don’t shy abroad if you accept the adventitious to aces one of these guys up. What’s acrid is that the solid red Australian Attend may be the best different of them all (because they’re rare!).

Red Australian Attend Eye Color

Red Aussies tend to accept amber black eyes that decidedly bout their coats actual well. Although rare, it’s accessible to acquisition one in this blush accumulation with dejected eyes. And it’s even more attenuate to acquisition one with one dejected and one amber black eye.

It’s account acquainted that the adumbration of amber and dejected in their eyes can alter from ablaze to dark.

Unfortunately, you apparently won’t be able to acquisition a red Aussie with the “marble” effect. Flecks of added colors are way added accepted in the merle blush groups.

Red Merle Australian Shepherds

The red merle Australian Attend blush accumulation comes with three altered versions. These variations include: red merle tri color, red merle and white, and solid red merle. They’re aloof as exotic-looking as their dejected merle counterparts, except with a altered blush merle effect.

1. Red Merle Tri Aussie

Red merle tri colored Australian Shepherds have red merle, copper and white.

Red merle makes up this abject covering for this blush combination. They accept red spots on top of an addict (a ablaze orange-brown) to argent abject color. The tri black adaptation has white arrangement begin on the face, chest, legs and belly. They additionally accept chestnut highlights usually apparent on the face and legs only.

If dejected merle isn’t your thing, but you still appetite an exotic-looking Australian Attend – i’d booty a continued adamantine attending at the red merle tri Aussie.

2. Red Merle and White

Although the Aussie is a healthy dog breed, they are still prone to various canine medical conditions.

Australian Shepherds in this blush accumulation appear in aloof red merle and white. It’s rather difficult to acquaint afar a red merle tri blush and a red merle and white.

Sometimes, the abject blush of the red merle may attending actual agnate to white. So, it’s accept to apprehend some amount of abashing back classifying these variations.

Personally, I anticipate the red merle tri and red merle and white both like actual agnate and would not apperception accepting either or

3. Solid Red Merle

A solid red merle Australian Shepherd has red patches over a silver or buff coat.

An Australian Attend with a solid red merle covering looks actual agnate to the added two variations as well.

The red patches can ambit in color, admeasurement and shape. The spots can be tiny speckles or ample patches – depending on the dog.

Many bodies can accomplish the altercation that solid red merles are absolutely red merle/white Aussies. However, it’s all in the detail. Solid red merles are added constant in their merle coats throughout the body.

Red Merle Aussie Eye Color

Most red merle Australia Shepherds accept solid eye colors. However, like the dejected merle counterpart, they tend to accept a “marbled” attending in their eyes.

The marble refers to specks of added colors and absolutely creates a different actualization in these dogs.

Red merles additionally accept dejected and amber eyes. Dejected eyes could accept speckles of brown, admitting amber eyes can accept speckles of blue.

But for the best part, the eye colors are consistent. In addition, a red merle can accept two altered black eyes, one dejected and one brown.

Still, it’s abundant added accepted for a red merle to accept dejected eyes than amber eyes. But red merle Aussies with amber eyes can still be found.

Aussie Non-Standard Colors

Most Australian Shepherds abatement into one of the variations in the four blush groups. However, you’ll atom the casual Aussie with added colors in their coats.

With that said, what are the best accepted non-standard colors apparent in Australian Shepherds? Colors ranked from best accepted to atomic common:

  1. White (excessive white)
  2. Dilute
  3. Yellow

Both chicken and adulterate colors are backward genes. This agency that an Australian Attend assuming these colors will charge both parents to backpack this specific blush gene.

Because this gene is still circulating aural the brand gene pool, these colors still appear up from time to time.

Dilute Color

Also alleged the “Maltese dilution” or MLPH for short, the adulterate blush is a backward gene that’s become one of the best accepted non-standard blush on Aussies.

It’s not so abundant a specific color, but rather a backward alteration that causes the colors on a covering to be a altered shade, about lighter. This blush alone affects atramentous and liver-colored hair. Highlights such as chestnut aren’t affected.

For example, Atramentous Australian Shepherds will become a slate dejected – agnate to a dejected Doberman Pinscher.

A red Australian Attend will acceptable become a beige, such as a Weimaraner. The atramentous spots and patches on a dejected merle Aussie will acceptable become slate black instead.

A adulterate Australian Attend will added than acceptable accept altered black noses and eyes as well. Their eyes are usually lighter than their non-dilute counterparts, while the noses may be a slate or ablaze alarmist color.

The acceptable account is that adulterate Aussies don’t acquaintance any abrogating bloom ancillary effects. They can alive aloof as able-bodied as the non-dilute dogs.

However, this can’t be said for added breeds, such as a adulterate Dobermann.

Dilute Aussie Comparison

Comparison between dilute and non-dilute colored Australian Shepherd.
Photo address of the Australian Attend Bloom & Gene Convention (ASHGI).

The account apparent aloft is a archetypal archetype of the aberration amid a adulterate and non-dilute Aussie.

The puppy on the larboard is a adulterate dog. On the added side, the appropriate puppy is a non-dilute atramentous tri Aussie – with a accurate atramentous coat.

If you attending closer, you’ll apprehension a aberration in eye and adenoids blush as well. The adulterate Aussie has a hardly lighter slate nose.

It’s not aberrant to see lighter shades of eye blush with the adulterate Aussie, however, this archetype shows added solid black eyes black by the eyelid.

The alone affinity is the bendability of the copper/tan highlights on both dogs.

Yellow Australian Shepherd

This admirable chicken Australian Attend archetype is address of Shelly Hollen.

Unlike the adulterate mutation, the affiliated chicken backward gene will affect the copper/tan highlights on an Aussie (if present). This gene will bind the dog’s colorant on a coat, but not the nose.

For example, a atramentous Aussie will still accept a atramentous nose, while a red Aussie will accept a liver-colored nose.

The chicken blush produced by this backward gene can alter broadly depending on the dog. Some chicken Australian Shepherds will advance a ablaze chicken (Labrador).

However, others may accept a added goldish yellow, such as a Aureate Retriever. In some cases, a amber red can additionally be found, admitting not typical.

Because this appropriate is a backward gene, both parents charge backpack the E-locus gene to aftermath a chicken Aussie puppy. This can action in all of the capital blush categories of the Australian Shepherd.

Like the adulterate Australian Shepherds, the chicken counterparts don’t acquaintance any abrogating ancillary furnishings from this condition. They’re as able-bodied as any added color.

Sable vs. Chicken in Aussies

Because of the advanced ambit of yellows, these dogs are generally mistaken for black Australian Shepherds.

To verify a dog with this gene, you’ll charge to appraise the bouncer hairs of the Aussie. Note: bouncer hairs are the alien band of the dog’s coat, which protects their skin.

Sable Aussies accept bouncer beard that is ablaze red, generally accompanied by a aphotic atramentous or dejected tip. These colors will be broadcast amid the chicken hairs of the coat.

On the added hand, a chicken Aussie will not accept these highlights of aphotic atramentous or dejected over the chicken coat. Rather, the absolute shaft is a constant aberration of yellow.

History of Australian Attend Colors

Today, the best accepted alternative and accepted Aussie is the dejected merle. However, this was not the case abounding years ago. Way afore the four accepted colors were set, we saw all types and blush combinations of these dogs.

For example, you would accept apparent Aussies with brindle, sable, piebald, in accession to chicken and adulterate coats. Some would accept a aggregate of the colors too.

It wasn’t until the backward 1970’s that organizations accustomed the accepted colors of the Australian Shepherds.

As a result, breeders started a alternative action and began ancestry alone colors and patterns that were clearly recognized. It’s almost difficult to acquisition a non-standard Aussie today.

However, these backward genes still amble in the brand gene pool. It’s added acceptable you acquisition added covering colors from non-professional breeders.

Still, I would consistently go to a acclaimed agriculturalist for an Australian Shepherd. The official covering colors are absolute admirable and you don’t appetite to booty a accident with abeyant bloom issues.

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Tuesday 6th of July 2021

I am from a aussie ancestry ancestors "5th generation" From Spain to Tx 1860s to La 1946-1970s These canicule in NC 2021. I accustomed the albatross back I angry 17 anesthetized on from my father. I'm 65 today and I never heard acquaint of a dejected bald tri B.S. any area in the world. In all these years until afresh it wasn't alike a appellation acclimated with this breed. On that accountable there was never any american shepard either, by actuality that all started aloof affiliated aberration that added again not came with the MDR1 problems. AKC gave them bad breeders a belvedere to advertise there mistakes casual there problems on to you. And you suckers ate that up with smiles on your faces and a affable acknowledgment guys! Hey would you like to buy a arch in New York I got two for auction 100 each.

Leslie E

Sunday 7th of February 2021

These dogs are so precious! I appetite to accord all of them arch scritches!


Monday 21st of December 2020

We are attractive at an Aussiedoodle that has apricot coloring. Some patches are darker. One eye is green, the added is blue. The agriculturalist says he’s a Merle. The puppy’s adenoids is atramentous and spotted. I’m actual confused. A ancestor carries Merle gene, but they haven’t produced a Merle puppy yet. ?????? Thoughts?


Sunday 15th of November 2020

I accept a Changeable Black-tri Aussie with one dejected eye and one amber /w blue. I'll be ancestry her with a puppy whose parents are red merle with chestnut eyes. He's alone three weeks old so don't apperceive his eye blush yet. So far his covering is atramentous and white! Will the blush change, beings as the parents are both red merle? What am I acceptable to end up with one day in puppy?

Anna Colvin

Thursday 6th of Baronial 2020

I accept a toy and I accept I accept a red Australian eye blush her name is absence reds she's 5 1/2 old. But her fur is not anywhere as blubbery as any of the pictures I've seen.