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32 Beautiful Corgi Mixes That’ll Cook Your Affection – Acquisition the Absolute Corgi Mix

A admired amid Instagrammers and the Queen of England, the Pembroke Abandon Corgi (often beneath to Welsh Corgi, or aloof Corgi) has apparent its fair allotment of acceptance recently. Don’t accept us…well, aftermost we checked, #corgibutt was trending on Instagram.

As with any trend, it can be accessible to get absent in the crowd. But that’s the abundant affair about dogs. Artist dogs and alloyed breeds action nearly absolute options. You anticipate you’ve begin the cutest Corgi mix, until you see another.

When you amalgamate their trademark abbreviate legs and appearance with added breeds, the after-effects are generally above adorable, alluring and unique. That actuality said, we’ve begin the best, or at atomic our favorite, Corgi mixes.

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What’s a Corgi?

The Corgi, or Pembroke Abandon Corgi, is an ambrosial array of joy that has been demography the internet by storm. Aloof analysis out all these amusing Corgi jokes and memes.

Iconic for their short legs, Corgis angle low to the arena at aloof 10 to 12 inches tall, while belief 25 to 30 pounds. Admitting small, they can be deceivingly able-bodied and agile. Their abbreviate legs are congenital with angular beef and they are aggressive dogs.

Thanks to their bifold coat, they do afford absolutely a bit and crave moderate grooming from time to time (especially during address season). If you don’t appetite your abode abounding with corgi hair, accomplish abiding to besom them frequently.

The Corgi Temperament

Welsh Corgis are highly able dogs, falling aloof abbreviate of the top 10 best able dog breeds list. In addition, they accept bright personalities and a playful demeanor that few dog-lovers can resist. 

These dogs are been accepted to be very food-driven, which explains why they’re decumbent to blubber at an earlier age. But on the ablaze side, food-driven dogs are abundant easier to alternation with the appropriate action (treats!).

Corgis are absorbed to bistro food. My dog is laser-focused back there is aliment around. If we didn’t stop her, she would never stop eating. I’m assertive our Corgi loves aliment added than us.

– Abate L. (Corgi Owner)

Part of the herding group, Corgis were bred to be accomplished herders and generally times, will try to assemblage bodies too. This is abnormally accurate with small children. In fact, it’s not abnormal to see these dogs nip at the heels of kids.

With those big triangular ears of theirs, they’re consistently alert and will accept a tendency to bark at everything. They can’t advice it! Afterwards all, Corgis were bred to bark at livestock with their abysmal and decidedly loud “voices.”

But overall, these dogs can be loyal as any dog and will advance in an alive and admiring ancestors environment. It’s not adamantine to see why they’ve accomplished connected acceptance all over the world. They’re artlessly the best.

Best Corgi Mixes

We’ve put calm a account of some of our admired Corgi mixes. Of course, the account could go on and on, but actuality are aloof a few that are assertive to balmy your heart. If you anticipate we absent a Corgi mix aces of this list, leave us a animadversion in the area below.

1. Augie

Parents: Australian Attend x Corgi mix

The Augie mix is a combination of the Australian Shepherd and Corgi.
via Instagram: @eevee_the_augi

Or is it an Augi…or alike an Auggie (everyone seems to spell it differently). But no amount what you alarm it, this mix brings calm intelligence and a happy-to-please personality into a distinct (tiny) package.

The Corgi ancillary can accomplish this brand a bit more adaptable than a blood Aussie, which agency you can get all the energy and activeness of the latter, but with the address to apprentice of the Corgi.

And don’t balloon about the appearance and those eyes! It’s not abnormal for the Augie to accede the heterochromia (different-colored eyes) of the Aussie. Whether blue or amber or both, you can be abiding that an Aussie-Corgi mix will accept a memorable look.

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2. Horgi

Parents: Siberian Croaking x Corgi mix

The Horgi is a Welsh Corgi Siberian Husky mix.
via Instagram: @a_xena_tenez

Here we’ve got addition mix that goes by multiple names. Some say Siborgi, and others will alarm him the Horgski. Personally, I’m a fan of calling this artist dog the “Horgi.”

Whatever you alarm him, the aftereffect is the same: a brand that can be playful, friendly, but a bit mischievous all at the aforementioned time. While Corgis tend to be added docile, the Croaking ancillary can accompany a little trickiness with it.

Siberian Huskies are accepted for accepting into agitation and both ancestor breeds can be strong-willed and stubborn from time to time. Accomplish abiding to authorize ascendancy in the domiciliary aboriginal on to accord with this problem.

With able accordance training and attention, you could end up with a dog that has the face and eyes of a wolf, but the affection and attitude (and shape) of a teddy bear. We adulation the Horgi and see why the blow of the apple does too.

3. Corman Shepherd

Parents: German Attend x Corgi mix

The Corman Shepherd is the beautiful cross between a German Shepherd and Corgi.
via Instagram: @hollyandboris

In theory, a Corgi and German Attend (see added German dogs here) assume at allowance with anniversary other. GSDs accept stark, appreciative features that bleed dignity. On the added paw, Corgis are borderline comical with their appropriate short legs.

Simply put: approach is absolute misleading. The Corgi’s appearance can abate out those of the German Attend ancillary while still advancement a attending that is smart and alert. These Corgi mixes actualize all the best qualities of anniversary ancestor breed.

The end aftereffect is a dog that has loads of intelligence and is fiercely loyal (and friendly) to those about it…so continued as they are human. From what we’ve seen, this alloyed brand tends to prefer animal company over that of added canines.

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4. Corgidor

Parents: Labrador x Corgi mix

The Corgidor combines the Welsh Corgi with the most popular dog in the world.
via Instagram: @lifewithkip

Another one of our favorites, the Corgi-Labrador mix is yet addition friendly and able dog absolute for families. And, we are not abandoned in cerebration so. The AKC has called Labs as the best accepted brand for 27 years in a row.

Labs are kind-natured and caring dogs that accomplish absolute partners. Back this is accumulated with the playfulness of a Corgi, the aftereffect is…that you absorb the blow of your day attractive at pictures of Corgidor puppies instead of working.

Kidding aside, the actual aftereffect is a dog that has a huge heart and will brighten the day for those about it with its friendly temperament. And alike admitting Corgis can be a bit high-strung in some cases, you can apprehend the Lab ancillary to mellow that out absolutely a bit.

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5. Corgi Inu

Parents: Shiba Inu x Corgi mix

The Adorable Corgi Inu is part Shiba Inu, part Welsh Corgi.
via Instagram: @nala_meetsworld

Worlds bang with the Corgi Inu, bringing calm the Abandon Corgi and the Shiba Inu for a abating mix of East and West.

The Shiba Inu is accepted for actuality a bold, fastidious brand with a dignified heritage. They are accepted to apple-pie themselves (like a cat), acknowledgment to their independent nature. Accumulated with a Corgi, the Corgi Inu strikes a antithesis amid archness and calm repose.

Depending on which ancestor they booty after, this Corgi mix could angular appear actuality either energetic or reserved. However, we about see a added mild-tempered dog that brings out the activity back the bearings calls for it.

Either way, a Corgi Inu ability allure you to through abroad your pillow and accumulate them as a replacement. The Shiba Inu is apparent for its billowy double-coat, and Corgis additionally accept a acceptability for fluff…so, you do the math.

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6. Corgi-Dalmatian

Parents: Dalmatian x Corgi mix

The Corgimatian is the Dalmatian Welsh Corgi mix.
via Instagram: @corgimatian

This is one of our claimed favorites – aloof because they’re so unique. With the distinctive appearance of a Dalmatian, but the ability of a Corgi, this mix is an acclaimed (but still actual beautiful) sight.

Bringing calm the attitudes of a Corgi and a Dalmatian after-effects in a dog that is playful and affable with both bodies and added animals alike. However, this cheery attitude belies a dog that is additionally intelligent and keen on learning.

Dalmatians accept a history as a alive breed, so they accompany an enthusiasm to learn and advice to this mix. Because Corgis were herding dogs, apprehend a playful energy that’s both affable and endearing.

When attenuated together, you get a dog that is aloof as able to serve as a accepted watch dog (though a audibly non-intimidating one) as it is to coil up on your lap for a snooze. They’re the absolute ice-breaker, too.

7. Corgipom

Parents: Pomeranian x Corgi mix

The Corgipom is the crossbreed of a Pomeranian and Welsh Corgi.
via Instagram: @pikuthecorgipom

While this mix isn’t clearly recognized, it is adamantine to abjure its appeal. Poms are a admired as assembly because of their admeasurement and massive amounts of fluff. And Corgi’s…well, we already apperceive how accepted they are.

This Corgi mix ability be difficult to find, but if you can, you’re in for a treat. So continued as you don’t apperception a bit of barking, back both Pomeranians and Corgis are accepted to adore application their articulate cords.

Oh, and not to acknowledgment the admonishment ability require some patience, as both parents action a high-shedding bifold coat. But all things considered, this brand makes for a affable dog that will be accessible to angle by your side.

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8. Chorgi

Parents: Chow Chow x Corgi mix

The Chorgi is a unique blend of the Chow Chow and Pembroke Welsh Corgi.
via Instagram: @robertthetherapydog

Hailing from Arctic China, the Chow Chow is apparent with its abundantly blubbery fur and its blue-black tongue. Back alloyed with a Corgi, the after-effects are a bit unpredictable, but in a acceptable way.

Since the two breeds accept such audible features, you could end up with a Corgi that has hints of Chow, or a Chow that leaves a Corgi-like impression.

In agreement of attitude there is additionally plenty of allowance for variation. Chow Chows can be annihilation amid cool reserved and calm to somewhat aggressive and protective. Of course, a lot of this has to do with accomplishments and training.

Without a agnosticism though, a Chorgi would be a admired for those who acknowledge big balls of fluff. Aloof apprehend you’ll charge to apple-pie up afterwards the boner ball.

9. Porgi

Parents: Pug x Corgi mix

The Porgi is a combination of the Pug and Welsh Corgi.
via Instagram: @georgie_the_porgi

Here we accept a mix of two breeds that accept both enjoyed aristocratic attention. The Corgi is able-bodied accepted for actuality the brand of best for the Queen of England, and flat-faced breeds such as Pugs already had the favor of emperors in China.

When you put the two together, the aftereffect is a absolutely unique look. The aggregate may not be for everyone, there is no abstinent that it sticks in your head. In best cases, you’ll get a Pug face on a Corgi body.

Pugs are accepted to be a bit on the comatose side, so don’t be afraid if your dog enjoys demography naps as abundant as it enjoys arena around. But as abundant as they adulation sleeping, they additionally appetite to break up to date with their owners.

The acceptable account is that they’re relatively quiet dogs. Although Corgis adulation to bark, the Pug ancillary mellows them out with their articulate activities. In added words, they’re a abundant best for those that alive in apartments.

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10. Aureate Corgi

Parents: Aureate Retriever x Corgi mix

The Golden Corgi is the Golden Retriever and Pembroke Welsh Corgi mix.
via Instagram: @dailydoseof_milo

Though it doesn’t yet accept a addictive official name, the Corgi Aureate Retriever mix is rising in popularity. Accustomed the accepted acceptance of anniversary ancestor dog breed, this was an accessible artist dog to breed.

They’re about Corgis in the signature aureate coat. But clashing some of the added Corgi mixes on this list, this one seems seems beneath bedeviled by the Corgi’s appearance and ends up attractive added like a scaled bottomward Aureate Retriever.

Golden Corgis are abundant for those who adulation the personality and appearance of the Golden, but aren’t absolutely able to alive with a ample dog. If you alive in an apartment or abate house, the Aureate Corgi mix would be abundant added suitable.

However, be accessible for heavy shedding – both parents are belled shedders. So, approved admonishment and affliction are activity to become accepted genitalia of your activity if you don’t appetite to deathwatch up covered in layers of fur!

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11. Chigi

Parents: Chihuahua x Corgi mix

The Chigi, or Chorgi, is a combination of the Chihuahua and Welsh Corgi.
via Instagram: @maddiethechorgi

Some ability agitation how to name this alloyed brand (Chorgi?), but we’re abiding best would accede that it is a precious little dog. This Chihuahua Corgi amalgam gives you the blind courageousness of the Chihuahua with the playfulness of the Corgi.

Most of the dog breeds on this account see Corgis alloyed with similar-sized or beyond dog. This one takes things in the added direction. Chihuahuas are accepted for actuality the aboriginal dog brand ever, and the Chigi can be almost as small.

Some appearance to attending for ability be the Chihuahua’s signature “apple head,” triangular aerial and attenuated snout, alongside the Corgi’s short legs and thicker fur. Surprisingly, the two dogs cobweb able-bodied in agreement of appearance.

While Corgi’s are about more playful, this different mix ability aces up some of the fiery characteristics of the Chihuahua, authoritative for a dog that is according genitalia antic and zesty.

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12. Pembroke Sheltie

Parents: Shetland Sheepdog x Corgi mix

The Pembroke Sheltie is a unique blend of the Sheltie and Pembroke Welsh Corgi.
via Instagram: @duke.thedawgg

The Shetland Sheepdog, additionally alleged the Sheltie, is accepted as actuality one of the brightest dog breeds around. So back alloyed with a Corgi, you can end up with a dog that is a antithesis of fun and brains with strong amore and loyalty.

However, the Sheltie’s athleticism ability be tempered by the concrete banned of inheriting the Corgi’s legs. Admitting a Pembroke Sheltie mix ability not become the abutting dog sports champion, it is abiding to still be energetic and accessible to comedy or learn.

As both parents are accepted herding specialists, there is a adventitious they will adore block afterwards added pets or people. But not to worry, this is not out of a faculty of aggression, but aloof their herding instincts demography over.

13. Schnorgi

Parents: Mini Schnauzer x Corgi mix

The Schnorgi is a miniature Schnauzer and Corgi mix.
via Instagram: @chewietheschnorgi

There is a lot of accessible aberration with how this Corgi mix will look, but a accepted trend is that they accept the head and fur of a Schnauzer but the body of a Corgi – aloof brainstorm a beneath Schnauzer.

Generally playful and energetic, this alloyed brand is usually rather agreeable, but can additionally affectation a stubborn streak, acceptable advancing from the Corgi side’s able will. Able training and a calm, consistent, and assured affectation of ascendancy should accumulate this in check.

Though they get forth able-bodied with bodies of all ages, they tend to appearance a preference for earlier accouchement and adults. Adolescent accouchement artlessly ability not apperceive how to accord them the constant, but gentle, absorption they attending for from their owners.

14. Corgoyed

Parents: Samoyed x Corgi mix

The Corgmoyed is a combination of the Samoyed dog and Welsh Corgi.
via Instagram: @winter.snowe

The Samoyed is a admirable while-furred dog brand that comes from the harsh climate of arctic Russia and Siberia. Admitting their admeasurement can be intimidating, they’re about never aggressive nor dominant.

This gentle nature can amalgamate able-bodied with a Corgi, crumbling out the sometimes chill and aggressive attitude of the Abandon breed. However, this can alter in alone dogs.

If you alive in hot climates though, this ability not be the alloyed brand for you, abnormally if the dog takes afterwards the Samoyed’s thick coat. Either way, the bifold coats of both ancestor dogs were developed for colder climate.

They’ll be abundant added at home frolicking about bags of snow than baking below the sun. These dogs are in their “element” back active in colder climate.

15. Corgi Pit

Parents: Pit Balderdash Terrier x Corgi mix

The Corgi Pit is part American Pit Bull Terrier and part Welsh Corgi.
via Instagram: @evabean_the_divaqueen

American Pit Balderdash Terriers are accepted for their aggressive looks, all while accepting hearts of gold. But back you accompany these qualities to mix with a Abandon Corgi, the aftereffect is amazing. And, that’s absolutely what the Corgi Pit is.

You get a amalgam that can affectation some of the added muscular appearance of a Pitbull, but in the different all-embracing shape of a Corgi. They’ll acceptable booty afterwards the Pitbull ancestor for its coat, which agency admonishment can be easier than with added Corgi mixes.

Despite actuality easier to affliction for in agreement of grooming, accepting Pitbull claret agency that they will be sensitive, affecting dogs. We acclaim this Corgi mix for adults or families with alone older children. Accomplished owners preferred. 

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16. Corger

Parents: Boxer x Corgi mix

The Corger is a mix between the Boxer and Welsh Corgi.
via Instagram: @arlothecorgimix

The Corger, or the Boxer-Corgi mix, is a bearcat that’s affirmed to be both energetic and outgoing. The aftereffect will be a well-built and sturdy medium-sized dog, but with a ton of personality and charisma.

From the Boxer side, apprehend plenty of energy, but additionally food of patience. They can get forth able-bodied with earlier kids and adults. In addition, they’re acceptable to accede the Boxer’s body alongside shorter fur

In any case, they’ll acceptable become intensely absorbed to their owners. Although Corgis can be added absolute and stubborn, the Corger will acceptable accede the fiercely loyal attributes from the Boxer side. They’ll consistently be there for you!

17. Corgipoo

Parents: Toy Poodle x Corgi mix

The Corgipoo is a hybrid of the Miniature Poodle and Welsh Corgi.
via Instagram: @poppythecorgipoo

This Poodle-Corgi amalgam has a lot of allowance for variation. Back Toy Poodles are so petite, a Corgipoo could end up with a tiny dog. Though, sometimes they’re a chunky (though still little), somewhat poodle-looking, dog.

The acceptable account is that best Corgipoos tend to accede the coiled hypoallergenic coats of the Poodle side. While not entirely hypoallergenic, you may acquisition it beneath acid if you ache from pet allergies. 

Combining the temperaments of a Toy Poodle and a Corgi will net you a dog that is both active and companionable. However, it’s account advertence that these dogs are infamously mischievous. These little tricksters adulation to accept fun, but it’s ambrosial nonetheless.

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18. Corgi-Greyhound

Parents: Greyhound x Corgi mix

There is currently no official name for the Corgi Greyhound mix.
via Instagram: @masked_celeste

The Corgi-Greyhound deserves a bigger name. Perhaps, the Corghound? Corgis are short, round, and fluffy. And Greyhounds are tall, lithe, and lean. As a result, the amalgam is a Corgi mix that is appropriately stunning and interesting.

Corgis are acceptable at waddling about and capturing hearts, while Greyhounds are admired for their speed and athleticism (though their affectionate attributes is not to be forgotten). It’s no agnosticism a aberrant combination, but it works.

The aftereffect is a amalgam that can affectation the energy and confidence of a Greyhound, but in the shape of a Corgi. They’ll appetite to comedy – all the time. So if you plan to accompany one home, accomplish abiding you can accumulate up with them!

19. Dobergi Pinscher

Parents: Doberman Pinscher x Corgi mix

Crossbreeding the Doberman Pinscher and Welsh Corgi gives you the Dobergi.
via Instagram: @aruotolo15

Among all the Corgi mixes, this may be the atomic obvious. The Dobergi is the aberrant cantankerous amid the angry Doberman Pinscher and the caressible Abandon Corgi. And as you can see, this after-effects in a beautiful Dobe with abbreviate legs.

Most Dobergi Pinschers appear in the signature Doberman coat: atramentous with tan highlights. While the face may additionally attending like a Doberman (including the long pointy ears), the anatomy about consistently looks like a Corgi.

These artist dogs are among the rarest because they’re two parents are actual altered dogs. It’s not accustomed you’ll run into a Doberman Corgi mix. However, they’re absorbing to see if you appear by one.

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20. Beagi

Parents: Advocate x Corgi mix

The Beagi is the wonderful combination of the Beagle and Corgi.
via Instagram: @goodtimelenny

The Beagi is a cantankerous amid the Advocate and either the Pembroke or Cardigan Abandon Corgi, admitting the Pembroke is added common. They’re a actual different bearcat with a lot of authentication ancestry from both parents.

For instance, the Beagi will accept droopy ears and a curly arrect tail – as apparent in Beagles. However, they’ll usually accede the short stature, forth with facial features of a Corgi. And in my opinion, they’re cool adorable.

Typically affable and sweet, Beagis accept favorable temperaments. Plus, they’re devoted to their owners and are consistently willing to please. But like the Abandon Corgi, the Beagi can be over-protective with able territorial instincts.

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21. Saint Corgnard

Parents: Saint Bernard x Corgi mix

The St. Corgnard is the not-so-obvious cross of a St. Bernard and Corgi.
via Instagram: @kipper_the_pup

The Saint Corgnard is not a Corgi mix you see every day. In fact, I may accept alike fabricated up the name. But the actuality is, they do abide and they are awfully alarming artist dogs.

There are very few accepted cases of these bearcat dogs and as a result, actual little advice on the personality and temperament. However, we accept a acceptable abstraction how they attending physically.

Saint Corgnards about accept the coat colors of the Saint Bernard. Sometimes, they’ll alike accept the droopy ears from that aforementioned parent. From the Corgi side, they’ll accede the iconic the abbreviate bronze and legs (as always).

22. Bulldorgi

Parents: English Bi-weekly x Corgi mix

The Bulldog Corgi mix doesn't have an official name, but let's call them the Bulldorgi.
via Instagram: @susan_factor

The Bi-weekly Corgi mix, additionally accepted as the Bulldorgi, is the absorbing aggregate of two actual altered dogs in both personality and appearance. The Bi-weekly ancillary provides a abundant sturdier build and frame.

But because they’re such rare hybrids, they can vary absolutely a bit physically. Depending on the parent, the face can attending added like a Bi-weekly or Corgi. However, they’ll consistently accept the short stature acknowledgment to the Corgi’s dwarfism.

The Bulldorgi is a very absolute and adventuresome dog. They can be great workers, but additionally laid aback as well. It’s additionally not aberrant for these dogs to do on their adamant streaks. Plus, they can be a little added advancing in nature.

23. Borgi

Parents: Bound Collie x Corgi mix

The Borgi is a wonderful cross between the Border Collie and Corgi.
via Instagram: @olytheborgi

What happens back you blend two hard-working, herding dogs? You get the Borgi – the appropriately hard-working and beauteous cantankerous amid a Bound Collie and Abandon Corgi. If you get a Borgi, herding trials are a must!

Though looks can vary, you about get a creamy Corgi with Bound Collie colors. The Borgi is baby dog with a ton of crazy energy. Accomplish abiding you put them to assignment with accordance training and activities.

They’ll be abate than a Bound Collie and inherit the abbreviate legs of the Corgi. And if you anytime charge any herding work, it’s apparently a acceptable abstraction to accord them a try. Afterwards all, both parents are acclaimed herding dogs.

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24. Corpin

Parents: Mini Pinscher x Corgi mix

The Corpin combines the Miniature Pinscher with the Welsh Corgi.
via Instagram: @avery.the.corpin

Corpins are amalgam dogs that amalgamate the Corgi with the Miniature Pinscher. Both of which, are some of the best baby companions in America.

The Corpin will accept a smoother, best coat back alloyed with the Pembroke. Plus, they’ll usually be smaller. On the added hand, Cardigan Corpins are slightly larger, with a darker asperous coat. Again, this can vary.

The Corpin is very people-oriented. They get forth with all people and can appearance a great accord of affection appear accustomed faces. However, they can be independent at times and won’t consistently appetite to be apathetic lap dogs.

25. Cava-Corgi

Parents: Condescending Baron Charles x Corgi mix

The Cavacorgi is comprised of the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and Welsh Corgi.
via Instagram: @stanleytuccithedog

These baby amalgam dogs are abounding of positive energy. They’re the cantankerous of the Condescending Baron Charles Adulator and the Abandon Corgi. As such, the Cava-Corgi is one of the easiest Corgi mixes to affliction for.

They’re dog and people-friendly, abnormally with children. They don’t crave too abundant concrete activity, but are consistently accommodating to play. But while they’re fantastic lap dogs, they’re abundant activity companions too.

Put them in a allowance with your accouchement and they’ll bound win over their hearts. There’s a lot to adulation about these easy-going artist dogs and bodies accept taken apprehension of. Also, we acclaim these Corgi mixes from alike new owners.

26. Corgi Schip

Parents: Schipperke Dog x Corgi mix

The Corgi Schip is one of the most unusual Corgi mixes ever developed.
via Instagram: @helichrysumjim

Bred from the Schipperke and Corgi, the Corgi Schip is calmly one of the most underrated designer dogs. They’re adorable, affectionate and friendly. And admitting their shortness, they accomplish great watchdogs.

Both ancestor breeds are a little territorial, protective and alert, which explains why they’re appropriate watchdogs. And because both parents are intelligent breeds, you can apprehend your Corgi Schip to be awful able as well.

The Schipperke was bred for hunting baby vermin, while the Corgi was bred for herding livestock. These abilities and instincts can canyon forth to the Corgi Schip depending on the dog. That actuality said, bodies and baby kids may not be ideal for them.

27. Abundance Corgi

Parents: Abundance Terrier x Corgi mix

The Combination of the Cairn Terrier and Corgi gives you the Cairn Corgi mix.
via Instagram: @otis_is

The Abundance Corgi is a amalgam of both Scotland and Wales’ finest – the Abundance Terrier and Abandon Corgi. This UK super-hybrid can be a abundant accession to any family, abnormally those attractive for a terrier with a calmer demeanor.

They’re affectionate dogs that are willing to amuse the owners. Not alone are they smart dogs, but additionally awful trainable. However, apprehend to absorb a lot of time befitting up with their arch side.

Despite the Corgis’ addiction to bark, the Abundance Corgi isn’t abundant of a barker. Sure, they’ll occasionally bark at you to grab your attention, but they won’t unnecessarily case at every complete and affective thing. 

28. Corillon

Parents: Papillon x Corgi mix

via Instagram: @dusty_roo

The Corillon is the attractive amalgam of the Abandon Corgi and Papillon. Because both parents are highly intelligent, you’d apprehend annihilation beneath from this Corgi mix. Plus, the Papillon ancillary is a nice balance to the active attributes of the Corgi.

Some owners have reported their Corillon to be intolerant of solitude acknowledgment to the amusing attributes of the Papillon. However, the Abandon Corgi ancillary may accompany a bit of stubbornness that requires accordance training to curb.

All in all, the Corillon is a admirable lap dog that’s added alive than best lap dogs. These dogs accept an affectionate ancillary with a positive vibe that any ancestors is apprenticed to love. Aloof accomplish abiding you alternate their love.

29. Cortese

Parents: Maltese x Corgi mix

via Instagram: @lucerokobe

This new artist dog combines the ambrosial Maltese with the berserk accepted Pembroke Abandon Corgi. They were bred to be extraordinary lap dogs, and that’s what they do best. These dogs will stick by your side!

Most of the time, the Cortese will inherit the hypoallergenic coats from the Maltese parent. So apprehend the long, blubbery and silky coat that Malteses are so acclaimed for. However, the covering blush can ambit anywhere from white to blue.

In the home, the Cortese is affectionate, loyal and fun-loving. With the Maltese side, their friendliness goes up addition notch. They can adore the aggregation of added dogs, kids and alike seniors. Though, stubbornness does run in their blood.

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30. Cojack

Parents: Jack Russell Terrier x Corgi mix

via Instagram: @uchiboi

No, the Cojack isn’t a adorned able tool. Rather, it’s the adorable blend of the Jack Russell Terrier and Abandon Corgi. Due to the terrier side, the Cojack is accordingly a spirited and bold Corgi hybrid.

These dogs accept accept affiliated the abbreviate Corgi legs, but they’re “full of life.” Apprehend a active and energetic dog who’s additionally affable and intelligent. The Cojack absolutely did booty all the best qualities from anniversary ancestor breed.

At home, these Corgi mixes are as able as any dog. They’re bottomward to comedy if you’re up for it, but they’re consistently accommodating to bundle up on the couch. The best affair is that they rarely bark, clashing most blood Corgis.

31. Dorgi

Parents: Basset x Corgi mix

via Instagram: @hirothedorgi

If you’re attractive for the best ambrosial Corgi mix, this Dorgi may aloof be it. These beautiful mutts amalgamate the Dachshund and Corgi – both accepted for their elongated body and short legs. So, it’s safe to say Dorgis will accept the same.

The Basset ancestor brings in a array of coats for these dogs. The Dorgi can accept a agile coat, but additionally abbreviate or continued base coat. It depends on the blazon of covering the Basset has, additional who the dog inherits added from.

These dogs comedy well with children, as continued as the kids can be gentle. We still admonish developed administration during comedy time. On the ablaze side, Dorgis are awful intelligent. However, both Dachshunds and Corgis are stubborn dogs.

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32. Shorgi

Parents: Shih Tzu x Corgi mix

via Instagram: @dibbyandcoby

Despite the long heritage of both the Shih Tzu and Abandon Corgi, the amalgam called Shorgi, is a almost new artist dog. One ancestor brand is a accustomed alive dog, the added was developed for companionship. The Shorgi is a pleasant balance.

Because of their abiding loyalty and deep affection for their owners, Shorgis are not ideal for active owners. Befitting them at home all day may advance to annihilative behaviors. So accomplish abiding you’re able to absorb affection time with them.

It’s not that they appeal a ton of concrete activity, like added Corgi mixes. They absolutely aloof need the attention and abutment from their owners. As a amount of fact, they’re absolutely calm dogs at home. That said, we’d advance them for beyond families.

What’s My Corgi Mix?

Every day, I get so abounding questions apropos the brand of owners’ Corgi mix. Sure, I’ve done my research, but there’s no way for me to acquaint due to the aberration in looks. Plus, it’s near impossible to amount out with pictures.

And if your Corgi mix came from a accomplishment accumulation or beastly shelter, it’s acceptable the agents got the accurate brand wrong. According to the AAHA, best shelters aloof make an accomplished guess. There’s no abiogenetic testing done.

The only way to apperceive is through a dog DNA test, such as the Embark DNA Test:

Embark’s DNA analysis is by far the best reputable and accurate test. Added importantly, they accept the most data to analyze breeds with. However, there are two options you can get:

  1. Breed Identification Kit – This is absolute if you aloof appetite to apperceive what brand your Corgi is alloyed with. They accept a abiogenetic database consisting of over 250 breeds to analysis with. In addition, they’ll set up a family tree for the dog!
  2. Breed Bloom Kit – Provides bloom screenings for over 170 abiogenetic diseases. Corgis are decumbent to issues such as hip dysplasia and added disc disease, so alive this admired advice could advice anticipate approaching issues.

So, did we absence a Corgi mix? Let us apperceive in the comments area below. Otherwise, acquaint us what your admired amalgam was.

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Wednesday 10th of November 2021

Corgita = Corgi and Akita mix. He is a massive boy with abbreviate legs. Cool acute and actual sweet!

Richard Jeng

Thursday 11th of November 2021

wow! what a different corgi mix. would adulation to see one!

Lilly’s folks

Saturday 7th of Baronial 2021

We accept a accomplishment dog that the apartment told us was a dejected banty / corgi mix. She is a ascendancy freak. At the dog esplanade she consistently tries to stop the added dogs from arena too rough. We anticipation that was the dejected banty but afterwards this commodity we begin out that corgis are a herding dog too. She doesn’t attending like a banty at all so again, afterwards this article, I now affectionate of agnosticism she has heeler. The apartment apparently got it wrong. It would be absorbing to try that DNA kit.

Tina brown

Sunday 11th of July 2021

corgi and atramentous aperture cur

Timothy CARTER

Monday 12th of April 2021

We accept the cutest, smartest anytime alert cardigan corgi-blue heeler.


Thursday 23rd of April 2020

Sporgi = Advocate Adulator Pembroke Corgi mix

Sporgis are a actual accepted corgi mix begin in the U.K.

We accept 2 Sporgi mixes. They are sisters from the aforementioned parents (2 AKC appearance dogs endemic by the aforementioned family). But our girls are 18 months afar in age. One from the aboriginal clutter and one from the aftermost afore mom was spayed. They accept altered ancestry from anniversary parent. Winter is red like their mother but has their father's tail- long, undocked and with bristling flags. Summer is the liver/black color, aforementioned as their dad but a beautiful bunny base with the docked appendage like mom. They accept corgi shaped aerial but they bomb like the springers ears. Actual cute. Both are on abbreviate legs and accept continued backs. Acceptable herding instincts and acceptable green hunting/flushing instincts. Winter has helped on blanch hunts and is a accustomed in the bush. Summer is a acceptable herding dog but big sister Winter is better. Winter is abundant with goats and chickens.