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Top 31 Best Corgi Puns, Memes & Jokes From the Internet

It is actual that corgis are a berserk accepted all over the internet, and arguably the dog breed best accustomed in dog jokes. With a beautiful face and short, chubby legs, it’s no admiration why they are.

I’ve spent a abundant accord of time attractive through accepted forums, reddit, antic e-books and blogs. Accepting said that, these are my admired and (in my opinion) the best corgi jokes on the internet. Check aback for more, we constantly amend this list.

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The Internet’s Best Corgi Jokes

If you accept a corgi antic that we’ve missed, leave a animadversion in the animadversion area below. If we like it, we’ll add it to this accumulating of the best corgi jokes on the internet. Don’t be shy, accord us your best!

1. Question: Why are best corgi jokes such bad jokes?

Answer: Because they’re too short.

2. Question: What do you alarm an ample corgi?

Answer: Low-fat

3. Jurassic Case 3: The Acceleration of the Corgi-saurus Rex

4. The corgi that capital a amusement (a.k.a. EVERY corgi that anytime lived)

A little corgi enters a bar. The baffled bartender peeks over the adverse and asks, “This is a bar, what do you want?”

“Can I accept a treat?” the corgi replied. “No, this is a bar. And, we don’t serve dogs. Go away” 

10 account after the corgi returns. “You accept any treats?” The affronted bartender brushes the corgi away, “No! No dogs allowed. Leave this bar, please!”

The corgi leaves, but allotment afterwards a few minutes. With little to no backbone left, the bartender yells “I told you already, dogs aren’t accustomed here! If i see your bristling base in actuality again, i’m activity to attach your appendage to the floor!”

The corgi replied, “So, you got any treats?”

5. Question: How do corgis alleviate doors?

Answer: By application a Corg-key.

6.  Today’s Corgi Assignment of the day: How to be a frickin’ potato. 

Corgi lessons on how to be a potato.

7.  Most dog lovers don’t apperceive that corgis, in fact, accept three stages of derp.

Most people don't know that corgis have three stages of derp.

8. The Corgi with No Money

A Corgi walks into a bar and asks for a drink.
“No problem. One baptize advancing up, it’ll be $1.” replied the bartender. 
The corgi looks abashed and says, “sorry, but I can’t allow that.”
The Bartender asks, “What affectionate of corgi doesn’t accept a distinct dollar?”
The corgi replies, “A PemBROKE corgi.”

9. Question: What’s the aboriginal affair the corgi said to his date?

Answer: “Wow, you attending corgeous.”

10. Question: What do you alarm a corgi benumbed in a car?

Answer: A lowrider.

11. The South Atlantic arena from the angle of corgi fans. 

Map of the corgi dog states.

12. Bread loaf or corgi butt?

Can you spot the corgis from the bread loafs?

13. Question: What’s a corgi’s admired button on the remote?

Answer: The Paws button.

13b. BONUS Question: What’s a Corgi owner’s admired button on the remote?

Answer: The Aphasiac button.

14. Question: What happens back you affix a array to a corgi?

Answer: You get a abbreviate circuit.

15. Question: What’s a corgi’s admired ambrosia to eat?

Answer: Birthmark Short-cake

16. The one different adeptness that all corgis are able of.

Hover corgi trying to catch a ball.

17. Think about this abutting time you abuse your corgi for barking 🙂

First Amendment says that all corgis should bark as they please.

18. Question: A Corgi is demography his date to the dog prom. What allowance does he accompany her the day of?

Answer: A Corg-sage.

19. Question: Why do corgis adulation to go retail shopping?

Answer: Because they’re acquisitive to get their appendage back.

20. Question: How abounding corgi dogs does it booty to change a lightbulb?

Answer: Aloof one corgi to audibly case and be annoying abundant for their buyer to appear over and see the burst lightbulb.

21. The corgi way of life:

22. Why do all corgi dogs adulation to eat peanut adulate so much? Never mind, they adulation food. Period. 

Why do corgis love peanut butter so much?

23. Corgum – (noun)

Corgum is the plural anatomy of corgi.  It can be a accumulation or backpack of corgis actuality antic (as always).  Occasionally, you can use it back a distinct corgi is actuality asinine or weird:  “Why are you aggravating to ride my skateboard, asinine corgum?”

Beware of ample packs of corgum, as they can asphyxiate you in derp or clean out your accumulation of peanut butter.

24. Question: What’s article that a man does continuing up, a woman does sitting bottomward and a corgi does on three legs?

Answer: Afraid hands.

25. Question: Why do corgis become advancing back added dogs blow their food?

Answer: Because they’re abrupt dogs.

26. This corgi feels like his buyer is biting him. And, we don’t accusation him.

This corgi feels like his owner is mocking him.

27. Corgi error, restart now?

What's wrong with this corgi?

28. Question: A has corgi absitively to advance in stocks. What stocks does he buy?

Answer: PetCo and tennis brawl stocks.

29. Question: What’s the medical action alleged back a being can’t stop owning / accession added corgi dogs?

Answer: OCD (Obsessive Corgi Disorder)

30. Question: Why are corgis such abundant dogs to accompany hunting?

Answer: Because there’s no charge for camouflage, they’re in-corg-nito.

31. Oh, don’t apperception that, it aloof a corgi beard ball. 

Corgi fur balls are often mistaken for tumbleweed.

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Thanks for blockage out our account of the best corgi puns, memes and jokes of the internet. Don’t balloon to leave a animadversion beneath to let us apperceive what you anticipate of these jokes!

It’s absurd for us to accept vetted through every distinct corgi antic on the web. So, if you feel that we’ve absent one that deserves to be on this list, let us apperceive in the comments! If we like it, we’ll apparently put it in this list.

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S. Takacs

Monday 11th of November 2019

Great collection, but 23 is spelled “corgwn”! Additionally you’re missing some fun corgi memes from Corgicastle (@corgi.castle) abnormally from Bad-tempered Janie!


Wednesday 12th of December 2018

The best affair ever