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34 Archetypal Chihuahua Mixes – The Ultimate Chihuahua Mix Guide

The Chihuahua is the amazing Mexican dog brand that we’ve all appear to apperceive and love. They can be a little crazy or a little assuming sometimes, but they’re abounding of amore – all the time. There are simply so abounding affidavit why we admire and adulation the Chihuahuas.

And according to the AKC, they’re consistently able-bodied aural the top 50 for best accepted dog breeds. As a result, you can bet there will be affluence of Chihuahua mixes out there. There is acceptable news, though. These hybrids tend to accede the acknowledge and agreeableness of a blood Chi.

In this article, we’re counting bottomward the archetypal Chihuahua hybrids that we generally see. In added words, we anticipate these are the best ones out there! If you feel like we absent any hybrid, amuse let us apperceive in the comments area below. And feel chargeless to accelerate us pictures!

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What’s a Chihuahua?

The Chihuahua is the world’s smallest blood dog, generally belief beneath than 7 pounds and continuing no added than 9 inches tall. While they may be baby little dogs, their attitudes and personalities say otherwise.

With a Chihuahua, you get a lively, adventurous and courageous dog. As such, abounding owners catechism whether they apperceive just how baby they are. They rarely aback bottomward to abundant beyond bodies or dogs. Instead, they’ll aggressively yap abroad as a defense mechanism.

They’re not awful or arch dogs. Rather, they accept how brittle they are and that they charge to assure themselves. And accustomed the unwavering loyalty of these little dogs, they generally extend the aforementioned “protection” to their owners.

Chihuahuas accept such a ambit of temperaments, but are added acceptable to be a velcro dog. However, they are beneath acceptable to be adequate in all kinds of situations and places.

– Melody (Chihuahua People)

However, Chihuahuas can be stubborn at times. It’s why they’re unfairly labeled as a dumb or low able dog breeds. But back it comes to compassionate animal emotions, Chihuahuas are amid the best. They were bred for companionship, afterwards all.

It’s account acquainted that we don’t recommend these dogs for small kids. They tend to do better with earlier kids that accept how to account these dogs. Again, they’re careful because they’re brittle – they’re not abashed to breeze aback at a child’s asperous play.

Best Chihuahua Mixes

Though there’s a huge cardinal of accessible Chihuahua mixes, these are the best accepted and/or different mixes that we’ve found. With that said, actuality are 34 amazing and absorbing Chihuahua alloyed breeds that you absolutely charge to apperceive about. Let us apperceive if we absent one!

1. Shi Chi

Parents: Shih Tzu x Chihuahua mix

The Shichi is a combination of the Shih Tzu and Chihuahua.
via Instagram: @ollie_bubs813

Thanks to their beautiful looks and admiring temperaments, the ShiChi has apparent affluence of acceptance in contempo years. They’re advised to be a artist mix, with the ancestor breeds actuality a blood Chihuahua and a Shih Tzu.

However, admitting actuality a almost new amalgam dog, they are accustomed by at atomic five brand registries, including the Artist Brand Anthology and the American Basset Amalgam Club. Still, there’s no acumen they shouldn’t be an AKC breed!

Much like the ancestor breeds, the ShiChi may appear in a baby package, but can affectation a big, heart-warming personality that few can resist. For its carriageable admeasurement and a acceptable disposition, the ShiChi will absolutely be the centermost of absorption for its family.

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2. Chipin

Parents: Mini Pinscher x Chihuahua mix

The Chipin or Pinhuahua is the Miniature Pinscher and Chihuahua mix.
via Instagram: @siggethetinydog

Like best Chihuahua mixes, they’re activity to be small. Most Chipins angle amid 8-12 inches tall, and counterbalance up to 15 pounds. Others can almost move the calibration at a bare 5 pounds. The petite size is accepted though, as both its parents are both toy breed.

For this breed, a Chihuahua is alloyed with a Miniature Pinscher consistent in a dog that is absolutely quite intelligent. Chipins are accepted to be fast learners and training shouldn’t be a problem. Their disposition additionally makes them acceptable for families with children too.

Plus, they’re rather low-maintenance dogs. Both exercise and admonishment won’t be demanding, and befitting their short, adamantine covering advantageous should be easy. The alone affair to accumulate in apperception is that early socialization helps anticipate any territorial tendencies after in life.

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3. Chiweenie

Parents: Basset x Chihuahua mix

The Chiweenie is a beautiful cross between the Chihuahua and Dachshund dog breeds.
via Instagram: @chevy_the_chiweenie

The Chiweenie is the Dachshund-Chihuahua hybrid. As expected, they’re some of the best accepted Chihuahua mixes. They absolutely analysis all the boxes for dog owners. They’re friendly, accessible to benedict and charge almost low exercise.

Though they like to bark, they aren’t absolutely advancing dogs. In fact, they get forth with added children, dogs, bodies and added baby animals. People-oriented and sociable, the Chiweenie will love adorable his or her owners by showering them with affection.

And because of this, they do abundant in accordance training. Alike amateur dog owners will accept no problems with a Chiweenie. Aloof accomplish abiding they get their able socialization training aboriginal on. They’re the absolute lap dog that’s both loving and playful.

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4. Italian Greyhuahua

Parents: Italian Greyhound x Chihuahua mix

The Greyhuahua is the combination of the Italian Greyhound and the Chihuahua.
via Instagram: @zola_greyhuahua

Combining two dogs with reputations for plenty of energy, the Italian Grehuahua is a appropriate breed. This artist brand was developed by crossbreeding a blood Chihuahua and an Italian Greyhound. The aftereffect is amazing.

You’ll get a dog that’s slight and attenuate dog extensive about 10-14 inches in acme but belief amid 8-15 pounds. Admitting accepted to be intelligent, they can be stubborn during training, so you’ll charge backbone and consistency.

However, so continued as your Italian Grehuahua is socialized and house-broken aboriginal on, they can accomplish for great companions. The accomplishment is account it, as their active personalities are abiding to accompany a bit of bite and fun to your accustomed life.

5. Chin-wa 

Parents: Japanese Button x Chihuahua mix

The Chinwa is the result of crossbreeding a Japanese Chin with a Chihuahua.
via Instagram: @titi_pop

This little active dog is a mix amid a Chihuahua and a Japanese Chin. Demography on the ancestry from both ancestor breeds, Chin-was are highly social dogs that adulation to absorb affluence of time about bodies and actuality the centermost of attention.

This toy brand comes in a variety of colors: brown, cream, black, grey, white, and red with their beeline coats actuality either continued or short. Behindhand of breadth or color, they won’t booty too abundant maintenance, and a distinct abrasion anniversary anniversary is enough.

Some accept aerial that angle erect, while others tend to bomb down. Either way, they won’t appeal too abundant exercise, instead preferring to comedy with their family. But, like abounding Chihuahua mixes, they can become stubborn during training.

6. Chimation

Parents: Dalmatian x Chihuahua mix

The Chimation is the unusual cross of a Dalmatian and Chihuahua.
via Instagram: @tinkernoel_chimation

Despite an ambrosial actualization and actuality a mix of two accepted ancestor breeds, the Chimation is a decidedly rare hybrid and not well-documented. But actuality a mix amid a Chihuahua and a Dalmatian, this mix inherits all the best qualities.

The Chihuahua ancillary has been bred for companionship, while the medium-sized Dalmatian has boring afflicted from a hunting dog to one that is primarily now a accompaniment breed. With this in mind, you can apprehend a Chimation to be affectionate and loyal to its family.

However, apprehend them to accede some abiding suspicion of strangers and a lower altruism for adolescent children. In size, it will be of medium acme and weight, but will be acceptable to backpack the high energy that Chihuahuas are accepted for.

7. Boxachi 

Parents: Boxer x Chihuahua mix

The Boxachi is a Chihuahua Boxer hybrid.
via Instagram: @lil_miss_luna_

While some Chi mixes accept a continued history, the Boxachi is one that is almost new and hasn’t absolutely best up in acceptance yet. Alike so, we can get a acceptable abstraction of its traits by attractive at the two ancestor breeds: the Boxer and Chihuahua.

From the Boxer side, you can apprehend plenty of playfulness and the ability to handle continued hours of play. But, additionally a assertive bulk of curiosity. Again from the Chihuahua, you can attending for its strong personality and confidence.

Being a mix amid a ample Boxer and the abate Chihuahua, there will be some variance in the admeasurement of a Boxachi. They’ll abatement about amid the boilerplate of 6 pounds of a Chihuahua and the 40 pounds of a Boxer. It absolutely depends.

8. Bolo-Chi

Parents: Bolognese x Chihuahua mix

The Bolo-chi is an extremely rare hybrid that consists of the Bolognese dog and Chihuahua.
via Instagram: @michelle.pi

A different and absorbing amalgam dog, the Bolo-Chi takes the acclaimed Chihuahua and crosses it with the Bolognese. At atomic in America, the Bolognese isn’t as popular, so award a Bolo-Chi can prove to be difficult.

Both the Bolognese and the Chihuahua are toy breeds, bred as accompaniment dogs. So any mix amid the two will additionally be baby and absolute for apartment-living. While Chihuahuas ability not balmy up to strangers immediately, a Bolognese is abundant more friendly.

However, ancestor dogs are highly affectionate with their owners and their family. You can’t go amiss with a Bolo-Chi mix. A huge plus: these dogs are best acceptable activity to be hypoallergenic dogs because of their parents.

9. Chi Apso

Parents: Lhasa Apso x Chihuahua mix

The Chiapso is the Lhasa Apso mixed with a Chihuahua.
via Instragram: @oscar.the.chiapso

A amalgam mix of a Chihuahua and a Lhasa Apso, the candied little Chi Apso can accomplish a absurd companion for anyone. This mix is actual loyal and playful, but can brighten up any accommodation with their affable and assuming dispositions.

Though small, they can backpack on a little added weight, and usually are in the ambit of 10-20 lbs. And because they’re acceptable to accede the long, thick bifold coats from their Lhasa Apso parent, they do abundant better in milder climates.

And a fun fact: the Lhasa Apso was originally bred, forth with the Tibetan Mastiff and Tibetan Spaniel, as a babysitter for Buddhist monasteries in Tibet! Accumulated with the Chihuahua, the Chi Apso can be a vigilant little watchdog in the home.

10. Labrahuahua

Parents: Labrador x Chihuahua mix

The Labrahuahua is a Labrador Retriever and Chihuahua Mix.
via Instragram: @savannah.scala

The absolute mix of candied and spicy, the Labrahuahua is a different brand consistent from a cantankerous amid a Labrador Retriever and a Chihuahua. Demography afterwards both parents, a Labrahuahua will be plenty intelligent, and additionally accessible to get forth with anybody they meet.

They adulation spending time with both younger and earlier children, so continued as they get affluence of amore and socialization! However, their admeasurement and appearance are activity to be a mix of the ancestor breeds, abrogation abundant allowance for concrete variation.

They’ll be blessed to get affluence of exercise, back they are abiding to accept bounds of energy. But overall, they’re almost accessible to affliction for and make abundant companion pets accustomed their admiring and affectionate nature.

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11. Boston Huahua 

Parents: Boston Terrier x Chihuahua mix

The Bochi is the Boston Terrier and Chihuahau mix.
via Insatgram: @rocketdog901

A cantankerous amid the Boston Terrier and the Chihuahua, the Boston Huahua (also alleged abounding added names) is a baby dog with plenty of vitality. Their baby admeasurement makes them abundant for active a accidental accommodation activity as a lap dog, admitting they’re consistently up for affluence of play.

While the accommodation of some crossbreeds ability attending a little off, the Boston Huahua will add up to a balanced-looking little dog with a proud, affectionate attitude. As for temperaments, they’ll acceptable accede the calmness of the Boston with a bit of spunk.

They get forth able-bodied with people, but additionally do able-bodied back larboard abandoned at home. So they’re a acceptable fit for bodies with busier schedules that ability accumulate them out of the abode for best of the day. Still, they charge adulation and absorption to advance their sociable personalities.

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12. Bullhuahua

Parents: Bulldog x Chihuahua mix

The Bullhuahua is the combination of the Bulldog and Chihuahua.
via Instagram: @charliebeverage

The American Bullhuahua is addition new amalgam that brings calm the characteristic looks of the American Bi-weekly and the spirited attitude of the Chihuahua. Admitting the rarity, this medium-sized brand is advised a artist dog.

American Bullhuahuas booty the different ancestry of the American Bulldog, accepted for continuing taller than its French and English counterparts. At the aforementioned time, these hybrids accede the head and ear shapes of the Chihuahua.

The aftereffect is a dog that generally has the taller, added muscled features of the Bi-weekly but with the brand sassy personality of the Chihuahua. Bandy in some of the absolute and assured characteristics of a Bulldog, and you are activity to end up with one appreciative dog.

13. Chi-Spaniel

Parents: Cocker Adulator x Chihuahua mix

The Chi-Spaniel is a Cocker Spaniel Chihuahua mix.
via Instagram: @adogcalledcarter

Unlike best Chihuahua mixes, this one is accepted for actuality less of a barker, demography a calmer and accommodating address from its Cocker Adulator parent. Admitting actuality added composed, the Chi-Spaniel is still full of energy while application its candied nature.

For these reasons, they’re acceptable with both children and added pets, generally amalgam able-bodied into any family. This adaptability additionally works for active conditions, as Chi-Spaniels can be blessed in homes of all sizes, with or after yards.

Though of course, they will adore accepting an accessible amplitude to run about and comedy in. In addition, their covering breadth and blush depends on the parents, and could booty afterwards one or the other. But they generally accede longer, fluffier coats from the adulator side.

14. Scotchi 

Parents: Scottish Terrier x Chihuahua mix

The beautiful Scotchi combines a Scottish Terrier with a Chihuahua.
via Instagram: @little_logan808

This accepted artist dog is a cantankerous amid a Chihuahua and a Scottish Terrier. Surprisingly, they’re under the radar admitting actuality clearly recognized by abounding aggressive dog registries, including the American Basset Amalgam Club.

In any case, this amalgam brand can be a great accompaniment dog, admitting they ability not be ideal choices for homes with children, abnormally adolescent ones. They love attention, but alone from a accurate source. And clashing Chihuahuas, the added people, the merrier.

Scotchis are accepted to accept a bold, proud appearance that’s additionally coarse with some of the Chi’s signature assuming attitude. And while they’re on the beneath side, alone 8-11 inches in height, the Scotchi can counterbalance about amid 16-20 pounds.

15. Pomchi

Parents: Pomeranian x Chihuahua mix

The Pomchi is a hybrid of the Pomeranian and Chihuahua.
via Instagram: @pom.peanut

This cantankerous amid a Chihuahua and a Pomeranian is a assertive hybrid. As expected, they are good-natured and affectionate, active but not hyperactive, and they are consistently accommodating to amuse after actuality too dependent. It’s accessible why they are so popular.

A Pomchi’s cheerful attitude ensures that they gets forth well with children, admitting ancestor administration is still awful recommended. Afterwards all, Pomchis are tiny dogs that can be brittle and not acknowledge able-bodied to asperous child’s play.

Thanks to the Pom side, they can additionally be a little possessive and do not like accepting their aliment or admired toys taken away. In these cases, a bit of assailment can aiguille through. Otherwise, they’re aloof alert and confident. Some ability alike accomplish a acceptable watchdog.

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16. Silkyhuahua

Parents: Cottony Terrier x Chihuahua mix

The Silkyhuahua or Silkychi is a mix of the Silky Terrier and Chihuahua.
via Instagram: @the.littlest.rascal

This toy-sized artist dog is a mix amid the Cottony Terrier and a Chihuahua. From the Cottony Terrier parent, they are acceptable to accede a blubbery and silky bifold coat that can appear in all sorts of colors. Admitting its thickness, the covering isn’t all too difficult to benedict though.

Like best accompaniment dogs, they are lively and affectionate, but owners should agenda that they can be stubborn, and sometimes alike aggressive. But aboriginal training and socialization should bright that up. They charge attention, but the appropriate sort.

The downside is, they don’t do able-bodied with abate children or homes area they will be larboard forth for best periods of time. A abridgement of absorption can aftereffect in barking or digging behaviors. Aloof ensure that they’re well-loved and cared for, and there won’t be any problems.

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17. Toxirn

Parents: Abundance Terrier x Chihuahua mix

The Toxirn is the Chihuahua and Cairn Terrier mix.
via Instagram: @jeralyn27

The name ability be misleading, but the Toxirn is after question, a Chihuahua mix. In fact, the Toxirn is a artist amalgam consistent from bridge a blood Cairn Terrier with a Chihuahua. They’re aggregate you’d appetite in your accompaniment lap dog!

Toxirns are intensely loyal dogs that advance able bonds with their family. This can go a bit abdicate and about-face into a territorial protectiveness of their home. In added words, they ability not be too addicted of strangers – whether they’re beastly or animal.

However, they do have the acceptable intentions and will angle appreciative and assured to keep watch of the home. Their abbreviate 8-10 inch ability and bare 6-8 pounds won’t stop them. Of course, the Toxirn will charge plenty of socialization aboriginal on to kept their instincts in check.

18. Affenhuahua

Parents: Affenpinscher x Chihuahua mix

The Affenhuahua is an Affenpinscher Chihuahua mix.
via Instagram: @arianeprice

This artist dog originated in the Affiliated States, area breeders alloyed the Affenpinscher and Chihuahua to actualize a new, amazing toy breed. They’re a scruffy little dog with several different appearance that you can appreciate.

They accept rather round heads, with shorter snouts and muzzles than added breeds. The covering is usually either a adumbration of atramentous or aphotic grays or darker shades of brown. Admitting they’re abbreviate in stature, Affenhuahuas are bright and alert.

These dogs are acutely playful, appropriately authoritative abundant companions. However, they will still charge affluence of accordance training to accumulate their stubbornness in check. Thankfully, admonishment them is a almost accessible task, with their covering acute only abstinent care.

19. Chion 

Parents: Papillon x Chihuahua mix

The Chion is a cross between the Papillon and Chihuahua breeds.
via Instagram: @winnie__girls

The Chion is a mix amid a blood Chihuahua and the Papillon dog. It is a baby dog that inherits the intelligence of the Papillon and recombines several of their parents’ concrete ancestry into a new and admirable package.

Standing about 8 inches alpine and belief an boilerplate of 7 pounds, the Chion isn’t acceptable activity to alarm anyone. Their beard can be medium or long depending on the coats of the parents. Plus, the covering can additionally be straight, wavy, or alike agile with assorted blush patterns.

Despite the petiteness, they do well with adolescent kids. And so continued as they are socialized aboriginal on, they can get forth able-bodied with added pets. But watch out for their stubborn streaks as training a Chion requires patience, alike with their smarts.

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20. Chi-Poo

Parents: Toy Poodle x Chihuahua mix

The Chipoo is a hybrid dog, consisting of Chihuahua and Poodle.
via Instagram: @olive_the_chipoo

The Chi-Poo is a accepted artist dog that combines two of the best accepted toy breeds: the Chihuahua with the Poodle. Not alone do they crave adequately little maintenance (thanks to the Poodle’s hypoallergenic coat), but they’re friendly with humans.

If you accept a active lifestyle, the Chi-Poo is absolute for you. Admitting they’re abundant with bodies and are typically amusing dogs, they don’t mind actuality larboard alone. So if you assignment continued hours, you should booty a continued adamantine attending at the Chi-Poo.

While they’re as energetic as any baby dog breed, they don’t charge as abundant exercise as you’d think. A simple airing through the adjacency already a day will answer with a Chi-Poo. Afterwards all, they’re some of the most adaptable Chihuahua mixes you can find.

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21. Cheagle

Parents: Advocate x Chihuahua mix

The Cheagle is a combination of the Chihuahua and Beagle.
via Instagram: @cheagle.klaus

The Cheagle is an extremely accepted hybrid, consisting of bisected Advocate and bisected Chihuahua. As the Cheagle combines all the best qualities for both ancestor breeds, it’s accessible to see why they’ve apparent such acceptance in contempo years.

Cheagles accept the friendly and loving address of the Beagle, while application the boldness of the Chihuahua. Generally, this amalgam is fun-loving and has a lot of action to go around. On the added hand, they won’t crave too abundant concrete activity.

Though they are allotment Beagle, they don’t accomplish abundant hunting and tracking dogs due to their baby size. However, they are accomplished accompaniment dogs for any family. But be acquainted of their health, as they’re prone to affection and eye disorders that can be cher to accord with.

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22. Chug

Parents: Pug x Chihuahua mix

The Chug is the amazing combination of the Pug and Chihuahua.
via Instagram: @busterthepugwawa

The Choke is the alarming amalgam consisting of the Chinese Pug and Chihuahua. Best of the time, they’ll absorb the abbreviate amount of the Chihuahua, but the signature wrinkly, short-muzzled face of the Pug. Indeed, they’re absolutely a afterimage to see.

Chugs are affectionate and fun-loving baby dogs. Admitting they adulation people, they can go on their adamant streaks due to their independent nature. With that said, it may be a little difficult to alternation a Choke – abnormally with first-time owners.

As for their coats, these artist dogs may crave a lot of grooming depending on the dog. They’re best acceptable moderate to abundant shedders and will crave circadian abrasion to abolish any balance fur. On the ablaze side, Chugs can be abundant with other pets and kids.

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23. Chizer

Parents: Mini Schnauzer x Chihuahua mix

By crossbreeding a Schnauzer and Chihuahua, you'll get the awesome Chizer.
via Instagram: @mixed.chi

When you amalgamate the Mini Schnauzer and Chihuahua, you get the Chizer. Admitting the parents arise from altered countries beyond the world, the new Chizer was absolutely developed in 2009 from American breeders.

Chizers are baby and accomplish a great lap dog, but can sometimes accept a low tolerance appear baby children. To anticipate any mishaps, consistently adviser them back arena with accouchement and acquaint socialization as early on as possible.

Even admitting Schnauzers are hypoallergenic dogs, Chihuahuas are abundant shedders. So what you’ll best acceptable get is a abstinent shedder that needs abrasion a few times per week. Added than that, they’re abundant dogs and easy to maintain.

24. Chorkie

Parents: Yorkie x Chihuahua mix

The Chorkie is a beautiful designer dog consisting of Chihuahua and Yorkie.
via Instagram: @mia.the.chorkie

The Chorkie, or Yorkie Chihuahua mix, is actually one of the most popular Chihuahua mixes on the market. The two ancestor breeds are actual different, but back combined, produces a loving and loyal dog that’s both absorbing and beautiful.

Depending on the dog, the Chorkie can be a little advancing and protective. They’ll additionally bark, but mostly to acquaint you (the owner) of any perceived dangers and threats. If you can get over this baby issue, they’re absurd companions.

Chorkies accept a bright and cheerful personality. If you absorb an afternoon with them, you will apperceive absolutely what we mean. Addition big additional is their shedding, or rather, abridgement of shedding. For the Chorkie, minimal grooming and aliment is needed!

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25. Chi Chon

Parents: Bichon Frise x Chihuahua mix

via Instagram: @romeothechichon

The Bichon Chihuahua amalgam is the ultimate artist dog. Aggregate from their creamy coats, to big annular eyes and baby size, accomplish them such ambrosial alloyed breeds. Plus, they’re absolutely as gentle and sweet as they look.

Chi Chons are good-natured dogs and don’t accept a distinct advancing cartilage in them. With their blithe and optimistic personalities, these dogs are accomplished playmates for children as continued as there’s affectionate supervision.

They can be barkers, but usually bark for attention. As such, they’re actual people-oriented and don’t do able-bodied with owners that can’t address time and affection. On the ablaze side, they crave very little grooming, acknowledgment to the Bichon Frise side.

26. Eskimo Chi

Parents: American Eskimo x Chihuahua mix

via Instagram: @spacecadetpups

Beautiful and elegant, the Eskimo Chi is a amalgam of the American Eskimo and the Chihuahua. But because of the admeasurement about-face amid the Eskimos, this Chihuahua mix will additionally alter a lot in size. Still, the favorable temperaments and ambrosial looks are consistent.

In general, Eskimo Chis are happy dogs that tend to comedy able-bodied with kids and added pets in the home. With socialization, they’ll get forth with anyone – authoritative them accomplished pets for seniors, adolescent adults and accouchement of all ages.

They’re the perfect blend of cheerfulness, adherence and superb companionship. Sure, they may be a little stubborn, but compactness and bendability will go a continued way with these mixes. It’s actual acceptable you’ll end up with a little velcro dog.

27. Chussel

Parents: Brussels Griffon x Chihuahua mix

via Instagram: @thee.o.door

The Chussel is one of the added absorbing Chihuahua mixes on this list. They will amalgamate the archness of the Griffon with the aggressiveness of the Chi. There’s no bigger lap dog for the alive and adventurous dog owner.

Brimming with energy, Chussels charge owners that can accumulate up with them. That’s not to say the Chussel will crave a lot of exercise. It doesn’t amount what you accept planned for them, they’re added than accommodating to accompany the fun.

However, the admonishment can be a bit of assignment and alone committed owners should booty on the assignment of adopting a Chussel. They’re abundantly accepted for their agile coats and abbreviate muzzle, about like the Ewok from the Brilliant Wars series.

28. Cheenese

Parents: Havanese x Chihuahua mix

via Instagram: @scruffypikaboo

Otherwise accepted as the Hava Chi, the Cheenese is the admirable amalgam of the Chihuahua and the Havanese. Added generally than not, these dogs will accede the admirable long, beeline coats of the Havanese and the head shape of the Chi.

Because both ancestor breeds accept an air of independence, you can apprehend the Cheenese to be the same. This can accomplish accordance training a bit arduous for new owners, admitting the Cheenese is absolutely able enough.

It’s account acquainted that this Chihuahua mix loves the attention. They adopt not to be left for continued periods of time, but will crave affluence of amore and animal interaction. The Cheenese will be blessed and friendly, but additionally sensitive at times.

29. Malchi

Parents: Maltese x Chihuahua mix

via Instagram: @alaia.bean

The aggregate of the delightful Maltese and the spirited Chihuahua creates one of the best counterbalanced and adorable hybrids: the Malchi. For both concrete and bitchy qualities, the Malchi inherits the best of both worlds.

Malchis are prone to barking, accustomed their Chihuahua genes. They accept an activity to them and aren’t abashed afraid to use their vocals. On the added hand, Malchis accept big hearts with a lot of adulation and antic energy.

However, they don’t accomplish abundant pets for children, as they tend to be snappy with asperous play. In addition, they’ll charge to be socialized aboriginal on to abstain any overprotectiveness or advancing tendencies that may arise.

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30. Chilier

Parents: Condescending Baron Charles x Chihuahua mix

via Instagram: @honeythespanieluahua

The Chilier is the Condescending Baron Charles Adulator and Chihuahua mix. That is, a superb toy dog that’s absolutely dedicated to their family. As such, they charge to be admired and generally anatomy able and abysmal bonds with their owners.

Chiliers can be active and playful back charge be. However, that doesn’t beggarly they won’t appetite to sit on your laps and relax. In the home, Chiliers are laid-back and docile dogs who book abundant bigger with earlier children. Adolescent kids charge to apprentice to be gentle.

The acceptable account is that they’re awful adaptable mixes that thrive in all types of environments, such as apartments or ample homes. As continued as you accord them an amid breadth to play, they will adore every moment they absorb with you.

31. Chigi

Parents: Corgi x Chihuahua mix

via Instagram: @daisythechigi

The Chigi combines two arresting and iconic baby dogs: the Abandon Corgi and Chihuahua. In a nutshell, they’re as you’d apprehend accustomed the parents. Chigis are affectionate, loyal, antic and get forth with best bodies with socialization.

Both ancestor breeds are highly alert, ensuring that the Chigi will be the same. While the Corgi is a aggressive dog breed, the Chihuahua is added ill-fitted for adulator duties. As a result, you will get article in amid – arresting an alike balance in temperament.

Despite their almost baby size, the Chigi can be capable watchdogs. And because of the Corgi side, they may accede the instincts to nip and assemblage baby children. Still, a Chigi can be a abundant accompaniment in apartments, farms or beyond home.

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32. Jack Chi

Parents: Jack Russell x Chihuahua mix

via Instagram: @kurofuneeeee

Often alleged the Jackahuahua, the Jack Chi is the energetic and playful amalgam consistent from a cantankerous amid the Jack Russell Terrier and Chihuahua. They tend to accede the playfulness of the terrier, but additionally the Chi’s family-first mentality.

If you’re attractive for a candied and fun-loving playmate, attending no added than the Jack Chi. Plus, this amalgam can be low-maintenance as they don’t crave abundant exercise. And the actuality that they are quiet dogs accomplish them absolute for apartments.

Fortunately, they’re a adequately accepted Chihuahua mix. You may be able to acquisition one in a apartment or accomplishment – so attending there first! With an easy-to-groom covering and about acceptable health, there’s not abundant that could go amiss with this hybrid.

33. Chi Chi

Parents: Chinese Crested x Chihuahua mix

via Instagram: @zeus_zoo

The Chi Chi, additionally referred to as the Mexican Crested, is a different alloy of the Chinese Crested and the Chihuahua. They’re sweet, lovable, active and playful, generally inheriting the best ancestry from both ancestor dog breeds.

Given that both Chihuahuas and Cresties are acclaimed lap dogs, the amalgam is additionally the same. A Chi Chi thrives in an accommodation setting, admitting they can be sensitive dogs that appeal a lot of absorption from their owners.

Thanks to the Crestie side, the Chi Chi tends to accede the low-shedding coat. They’re accessible to benedict and charge very little exercise to advance top beatitude and health. And while they comedy able-bodied with kids, accouchement charge to account the airiness of these dogs.

34. French Bullhuahua

Parents: French Bi-weekly x Chihuahua mix

via Instagram: @lennymuhovics

The amalgam of the antic French Bi-weekly and the adherent Chihuahua is the French Bullhuahua – a arresting accompaniment dog that’s both highly adaptable and affectionate. And while the Chi may be reserved, the Frenchie brings out the liveliness.

The French Bi-weekly is our admired dog brand for kids. The acceptable account is that abounding of the ancestry that accomplish them outstanding playmates are affiliated in the French Bullhuahua. They tend to be cheerful, affable and energetic.

In addition, the French Bi-weekly genes accord the amalgam a sturdier frame not apparent in the blood Chi. This agency they’re bigger at handling the asperous play that comes with children. Alike so, we still advance affectionate administration during all interactions.

Did we absence any abundant Chihuahua mixes that deserve to be on the list? Let us apperceive in the comments area below. Also, acquaint us which Chihuahua alloyed brand is your favorite!

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Friday 9th of October 2020

I accept a 16 year old Shih-Tzu Chihuahua mix and he has been my connected accompaniment through everything. Through a blight diagnosis, assorted surgeries, seeing my oldest son off to college, the afterlife of my mom. My kids alike alien him as their bristling brother back they were kids. Its so funny because I can bethink the aboriginal time he barked bigger than I can bethink my son’s aboriginal words. Accoutrement is added than aloof my dog though, I durably accept he is my angel. God knew I bare him afore I did and I acknowledge God for him every day.


Wednesday 28th of October 2020

This is absolutely how I feel about my Gypsy who’s a cheagle. She’s activity to be 17 in January and I don’t apperceive what I’d do after her. She’s been with me through the roughest genitalia of my life. She loves bodies and stretches like one but is not a fan of added dogs. She follows me everywhere I go!


Monday 10th of Baronial 2020

A acceptable chat about the chi beagle; best little dog I’ve anytime had. Somewhat apathetic to absurd train- he was 2 back I adopted him from a rescue. But... already accomplished has never had an blow in the abode and he’s been with us 12 years. He’s a Velcro dog but he still loves a airing in the woods. He’s actual quiet unless he hears the doorbell. Advanced of kids and added pets. If it gets too rough, he’ll aloof leave. I’d absolutely get another! My best dog anytime and I’m 60 !


Tuesday 21st of July 2020

We accept a Chihuahua beyond with shiba Inu. He’s aloof beneath 12lbs and has lots of energy. Cool Smart.


Monday 6th of April 2020

Good list!!

I had a chussel (chihuahua x Brussels griffin) - the best dog I’ve anytime had. Anesthetized abroad Nov 2019. I apperceive you can’t put every mix so I’ll bound bandy in for this alarming brand because my acquaintance was so great.

Pros: So acute I could advise her new tricks amid bartering breaks. Able them by the end of a tv appearance lol. Such a comedian. A dog who KNOWS she’s funny and does things for a laugh. Plays able-bodied with dogs back alien properly. Admired bodies and kids.

Cons: Sometimes stubborn. The better dog in any room, but somehow allowable account after anytime accepting into a fight. Actual adhering dog. Sometimes articulate but would stop back adapted a few times.

Richard Jeng

Tuesday 7th of April 2020

Great info! Acknowledgment for sharing, Samantha.


Tuesday 1st of October 2019

I accept a Chishihpom. Did the DNA testing! 4.7 lbs at 2.5 years old. He was 3.2 at about 6months back he happened to get best up by beastly ascendancy for actuality a stray.