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27 Admirable Bound Collie Mixes – Acquisition the Absolute Bound Collie Mix

Border Collies are acutely one of the hardest alive dogs in the world. In agreement of accordance and alive intelligence, they’re second to none. And because of these qualities mentioned, they’re generally apparent as the ideal candidates for crossbreeding with others.

As a result, there are endless of amazing Bound Collie mixes in the apple today. They appear in all sorts of sizes, shapes and colors. Of course, it’s absurd to account every single Bound Collie amalgam ever. So, we’ve begin the 27 best Bound Collie mixes.

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Why Get a Bound Collie Mix?

Purebred Bound Collies are admirable dogs. But there are abundant affidavit why owners aces a Bound Collie mix over a authentic breed. For starters, Bound Collies are intense workers.

They require a ton of concrete stimulation because of their incomparable stamina and assignment ethics. Few dog breeds adore alive for the account of alive – Bound Collies are one of them.

Not every dog buyer can accommodate this for their dog. So, bridge a Bound Collie with a calmer, added adjustable dog brand may bang the absolute balance.

Did I acknowledgment Bound Collies are advised the most able dogs in the world? Admitting this may assume like a abundant thing, a acute dog is not for everyone.

Highly able dog breeds, such as Bound Collies, require a lot of brainy stimulation. This agency affluence of accordance training, academician games, dog puzzles and more.

Again, not all owners accept the time or adore accouterment brainy stimulation. A alloyed Bound Collie will still charge brainy stimulation, but probably a lot beneath than a purebred.

Best Bound Collie Mixes

These are all the admirable Bound mixes that we could find. Did we absence any? Leave a animadversion in the area beneath and acquaint us what your admired mix is.

1. Bound Aussie

Parents: Aussie x Border Collie mix

One of the most popular mixed breeds is the border collie australian shepherd.

The Bound Aussie abundantly combines two actual agnate dog breeds – the Bound Collie and Australian Shepherd. Analysis out our comparison of two breeds to see why.

Both ancestor breeds are some of the best herding dogs in the world. While the Bound Collie specializes in herding sheep, the Aussie is accepted for herding cattle.

The Bound Aussie, however, is assuredly an accomplished herding dog as well! Apprehend the aforementioned lively personality and acutely unlimited energy that both ancestor breeds have.

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2. Bound Springer

Parents: Springer Spaniel x Border Collie mix

via @flynnandbailey
via Instagram: @flynnandbailey

One of the added contempo hybrids, the Bound Advocate combines the English Springer Adulator with the Bound Collie. Little is accepted about their temperaments and actualization can alter by the litter.

Most of the time, the Bound Advocate will appear with the body of the spaniel and the colors / markings of the Bound Collie. Though, not guaranteed.

This mix has an energetic personality and can be acclimated for training, hunting or as a admiring companion. Both ancestor breeds are intelligent, so apprehend one as well.

3. Bound Jack

Parents: Jack Russell x Border Collie mix

via Instagram: @colliedogmaze

The Bound Jack, a cantankerous amid a Jack Russell Terrier and Bound Collie, is a average dog accepted for its great athleticism, spirited personality and sneaky agility.

They can alter absolutely a bit in appearance. For example, some Bound Jacks will accept arrect aerial while others will accept billowing ears. However, about all accept a sharp muzzle with almond-like eyes.

They’re as active as a blood Bound Collie, but crave beneath brainy and concrete stimulation. Still, it’s recommended they get a acceptable dosage of physical/mental activities.

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4. Bound Collie Britt

Parents: Brittany x Border Collie mix

via Instagram: @dakota_inplainview

The Border Collie Britt is the Bound amalgam that few accept seen. They’re independent-minded dogs with a stamina that rivals the blood Bound Collie.

Because they’re so rare, little advice has been documented. However, we apperceive they love to play and accept high activity levels.

If you’re attractive for a Bound Collie mix that’s calmer than the purebred, again this mix is not appropriate for you. They’ll still charge plenty of run on a circadian basis.

5. Bordoodle

Parents: Poodle x Border Collie mix

via Instagram: @murdochbordoodle

The Poodle Bound Collie mix, alleged the Bordoodle, is one of the best accepted Bound Collie mixes in the world. Admitting they were once alleged Borderdoodles, several organizations accept now beneath their name.

They’re a cantankerous amid the two smartest dog breeds, according to Stanley Coren. As a result, the Bordoodle has become one of the best acquiescent alloyed dogs.

This amalgam is consistently eager to apprentice and please. They take accordance training actual serious, abundantly because they adulation to work.

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6. Bound Point

Parents: Pointer x Border Collie mix

via Instagram: @gusthepointercollie

The Arrow and Bound Collie artefact the able Border Point hybrid. As expected, they appear with a sturdy frame and a work ethic that few dogs can match.

Because the Arrow is from the pointer dog brand group, the amalgam is a skilled hunter, ideal for tracking baby game. In addition, they usually accede the herding instincts of the Bound Collie, authoritative them great herders too.

Still, the Bound Point needs a great bulk of exercise. They’re not the best Bound Collie mix for those that appetite a calmer dog.

7. Bordernese

Parents: Bernese Abundance Dog x Border Collie mix

via Instagram: @thelifeof.huxley

Two of my admired dog breeds are the Bernese Abundance Dog and Bound Collie. Combined, the Bordernese is a average to ample dog that’s abundant with any household.

They’re fantastic playmates for children, but additionally accomplished assembly for adults. Overall, the temperaments of the two ancestor breeds aftermath a affable and more counterbalanced dog than the Bound Collie.

Keep in apperception that these dogs will acceptable accede the blubbery and creamy covering of the Bernese Abundance Dog. With that said, they’re best ill-fitted for colder climates.

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8. Ski-Border

Parents: American Eskimo Dog x Border Collie mix

via Instagram: @thelifeofmerlonsyrah

Crossbreeding a Bound Collie with the spitz-type American Eskimo gives you none added than the Ski-Border. This Bound amalgam is super friendly and enjoys annihilation added than playing with you.

Inherently smart, Ski-Borders charge a appropriate bulk of mental stimulation. Though, not about as abundant as a authentic Bound Collie.

As continued as you accommodate them with amore and care, they’ll advance in a ancestors environment. It’s adamantine to go amiss with these amazing Bound mixes.

9. Borador

Parents: Labrador x Border Collie mix

via Instagram: @dennis_borador

Why not blend a Bound Collie with the most accepted dog breed in America? The Borador is aloof that, and we’re abiding animated they did.

Boradors are extremely acute amalgam dogs, as accepted from parents that are two of the best able breeds. Because of the Labrador side, they play actual able-bodied with children, strangers and added dogs.

They’re eager to please, authoritative them abundant at accordance training. Aloof accomplish abiding to accumulate them angry so they don’t bite up your admired brace of shoes.

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10. Bound Pyrenees

Parents: Great Pyrenees x Border Collie mix

via Instagram: @patches_borderpyr

Unfortunately, there isn’t a detailed history for the Abundant Pyrenees Bound Collie mix. They’re almost attenuate artist dogs, but absolutely aces of actuality on this list.

Appearances can vary, but you can apprehend a large dog with a creamy coat. Added generally than not, the Bound Pyrenees will accede the blubbery coats of the Abundant Pyrenees. With that said, cold climates are best.

Thanks to the Abundant Pyrenees side, they’ll accept a sweet disposition and advance as nanny dogs with children. Plus, they’ll be awful able because of the Bound Collie.

11. Bound Beagle

Parents: Beagle x Border Collie mix

via Instagram: @willow_the_border_beagle

Beagles are America’s best admired aroma hounds. Blend them with the iconic Bound Collie and you accept one of the best able dog breeds anytime developed.

They’re accepted for their affectionate and enthusiastic personalities. Alert and playful by nature, the Bound Advocate is a abundant accompaniment no amount your situation.

They’ll acceptable accept a longer coat than the Beagle, but will about consistently absorb the continued cool ears of the Beagle. Bound Beagles are some of the best mixes, and their acceptance shows it.

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12. Bound Collie Pit

Parents: Pit Bull x Border Collie mix

via Instagram: @stachetherescue

Pit Beasts aren’t the ultra dangerous dog breeds that the media accomplish them out to be. They’re absolutely affable dogs, acceptation they’re accomplished dogs to cantankerous with the Bound Collie.

Though these hybrids are relatively new with little information, they’re growing in popularity. The reason? Because bodies are aloof advertent that the Bound Collie Pits are loving ancestors dogs.

They’re able dogs that can be acclimated for herding, attention or aloof companionship. The personality and temperaments can vary, but they’re about loyal, energetic, alert and intelligent mixes.

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13. Bound Collie Balderdash Staffy

Parents: Staffordshire Balderdash Terrier x Border Collie mix

via Instagram: @flashandfetch

Otherwise accepted as the Bound Staffy, the Staffordshire Terrier and Bound Collie amalgam may be the most adventuresome mix on this list.

They’re aggregate you would expect, accustomed the Staffordshire Terrier. These dogs are brave, but die-hard loyal (almost to a fault). At the aforementioned time, they absorb the playful nature you’d apprehend from a Bound Collie.

Make no mistake, they are dominant dogs and crave close absolute accretion for training. With abundant socialization training, they’ll accomplish the absolute guardians for your home.

14. Borgi

Parents: Corgi x Border Collie mix

The Borgi is a wonderful cross between the Border Collie and Corgi. via @@olytheborgi
via Instagram: @olytheborgi

Why not cantankerous the Bound Collie with the world’s admired short-legged fur-balls? The Abandon Corgi Bound Collie amalgam strikes the absolute antithesis amid intelligence and adorableness.

Because both ancestor breeds are excellent herding dogs, the Borgi excels in this acreage too. This Bound Collie mix requires a ton of brainy dispatch and concrete action – it’s the amount of accepting such a abundant alloyed breed.

The Borgi will consistently accept short, chubby legs – like the Abandon Corgis. That’s because the Corgi’s dwarfism is a dominant trait. In fact, all Corgi mixes will accept abbreviate legs.

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15. Bound Heeler

Parents: Blue Heeler x Border Collie mix

via Instagram: @heidi_theborderheeler

The Border Heeler combines two of the very best herding dogs in the apple – the Australian Beasts Dog and the Bound Collie. Both of which, rank top 10 in the smartest dogs list.

This hybrid’s energy levels are sky-high, as axiomatic in both ancestor breeds. Not alone are they alive workers, but acquire all the best ancestry of a acceptable ancestors dog. They’re loyal, intelligent, acute and protective.

The better claiming with the Bound Banty is keeping them occupied, both mentally and physically. If they get bored, it can become a problem.

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16. Boxollie 

Parents: Boxer x Border Collie mix

via Instagram: @pepzi17

The Boxollie is the cheerful and lively amalgam that combines the Boxer with the Bound Collie. They’re actual candied dogs that advance strong bonds with the family.

Because they’re such loyal and adventurous dogs, they accomplish outstanding watchdogs for families. Ultimately, it’s their able amore that drives them to assure the pack.

If you’re attractive for a easier Bound Collie mix to affliction for, the Boxollie is the absolute choice. They’re relatively accessible to maintain and charge beneath concrete exercise than most.

17. Aureate Bound Retriever

Parent: Golden Retriever x Border Collie mix

via Instagram: @happy_dog_sunny

Combining one of America’s admired ancestors dogs with the Bound Collie is a fantastic idea. With that said, the Aureate Bound Retriever has been authoritative their way to homes all over the country.

The ancestor breeds of this amalgam adverse a lot in attitude and personality. The Bound Collie is a adherent worker, while the Aureate Retriever is a fun and adjustable breed. The amalgam strikes the absolute balance.

Many times, attitude may angular appear one ancestor over the other. However, they’re abundant assembly if they get abundant exercise and affection time spent.

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18. Bound Sheepdog

Parents: Sheltie x Border Collie mix

via Instagram: @lovelylola_010

Also accepted at the Borderland, the Bound Sheepdog is addition abundant aggregate of two accomplished sheep-herding dogs. Both the Sheltie and Bound Collie accept aerial instinctive, accordance and alive intelligence.

As a result, the Bound Sheepdog is a superb and versatile herding companions. In addition, they booty accordance training actual able-bodied and are consistently eager to learn.

These hybrids are still almost new, so actualization can alter widely. All we apperceive is that they’re energetic, active and able-bodied herding dogs.

19. Bound Collie Cocker 

Parents: Cocker Spaniel x Border Collie mix

via Instagram: @josepislas

The cantankerous amid a Cocker Adulator and a Bound Collie brings you this abnormal hybrid. The Bound Collie Cocker is a hyperactive dog with amazing stamina.

They bark absolutely a bit, so accordance training is actually capital aboriginal on. The acceptable account is that they’re some of the best able Bound Collie mixes and adulation accordance training.

Usually, these dogs will booty absorb the anatomy and build of a Bound Collie, but accept the head of a Cocker Spaniel. They’ll be medium-sized dogs, but the covering colors can vary.

20. Bodacion

Parents: Dalmatian x Border Collie mix

via Instagram: @hankthenoodle

The Bodacion, or Dalmatian Bound Collie mix, is not the best accessible aggregate of breeds. They’re adequately rare, but mostly because they’re such new artist dogs.

What you get is a average sized dog with the coat patches of a Bound Collie. The iconic spots of the Dalmatian are usually present on the Bodacion too.

Given the ancestor breeds, we can accept that the Bodacion is a fantastic alive dog. They’ll acceptable advance with whatever you bandy at him, in accession to actuality a abundant ancestors pet.

21. Bound Newfie

Parents: Newfoundland x Border Collie mix

via Instagram: @kadothebordernewf

The Bound Newfie is a ample amalgam dog that was developed from the Newfoundland and Bound Collie. These dogs are almost new and there’s not abundant history on them.

However, we apperceive that they’re eager to please and about accept the calm address of the Newfoundland. Admitting both parents are herding dogs, the Newfoundland ancillary brings in their protective instincts.

Whether you’re attractive for a guard dog or aloof a great creamy companion, the Bound Newfie is an accomplished choice. Aloof accomplish abiding you can accommodate them with a abstinent akin of exercise.

22. Shollie

Parents: German Shepherd x Border Collie mix

via Instagram: @hawkeye_thedogpatch_dog

The Shollie combines two actual accepted dogs, the German Attend and Bound Collie. Admitting this, the Shollie is not as popular as you may think. Nevertheless, they deserve to be on this list.

Because both parents are highly intelligent, there’s little agnosticism that the Shollie is too. This amalgam loves to work and will appeal a lot of concrete action and brainy exercises.

If you can accommodate this, the Shollie will accomplish a formidable and adherent protector of your family. They can be fierce, but additionally admiring dogs back it comes to family.

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23. Abundant Collie

Parents: Great Dane x Border Collie mix

via Instagram: @pennydapups

The “Great Collie” sounds like acclaimed or aristocratic Collie dog. In actuality, they’re the cantankerous amid the Abundant Dane and the Bound Collie. Still a abundant thing.

These amalgam Bound Collies are ample dogs. Depending on which ancillary they booty added from, they can about be as big as the Abundant Dane.

What’s abundant is that these hybrids are bursting with energy. It may not be the best affair if you accept ample dog jumping on you, so obedience training is key.

24. English Borsetter Collie

Parents: English Setter x Border Collie mix

via Instagram: @nora_wilmabc

The English Borsetter is the aftereffect of crossbreeding an English Setter with a Bound Collie. They’re quite rare, but amazing dogs if you can anytime acquisition one.

As expected, the Borsetter is an active dog that loves to work, assignment work. Admitting they’re not as intense as the blood Bound Collie, they charge plenty of exercise and run.

Overall, they are sensitive dogs that charge a admiring ambiance to thrive. Socialization at an aboriginal age is important for them, but not as important as an equally affectionate family.

25. Bound Collie Bernard

Parents: Saint Bernard x Border Collie mix

via Instagram: @mariaritabt94

The Bound Collie Saint Bernard mix is a amalgam dog that’s docile, protective and intelligent. They accept all the greatest and best admired qualities of the ancestor breeds.

Typically, the Bound Collie Bernard is an acutely affable dog. However, don’t anticipate they’ll let anyone aching their families. These dogs will do annihilation to assure them.

If you’re attractive for a big dependable Bound Collie mix, again there are few choices as abundant as the Bound Collie Bernard. They can herd, hunt, bouncer and be admiring companions.

26. Afghan Collie

Parents: Afghan Hound x Border Collie mix

via Instagram: @memphishumane

This Afghan Basset and Bound Collie mix is conceivably the rarest of all the mixes on this list. Still, they’re admirable hybrids that deserve to be mentioned.

Sporting the blubbery covering of the Afghan Hound, the Afghan Collie is a cool able dog that’s able of all types services. For example, they can hunt, participate in dog sports, retrieve or alike guard homes.

If you can acquisition an Afghan Collie, again accompany them home! It’s not accustomed you acquisition an exotic and able alloyed breed like the Afghan Collie.

27. Bound Schnollie 

Parents: Schnauzer x Border Collie mix

via Instagram: @lu_lu_loui

The Bound Schnollie is the blend of the Accepted Schnauzer with the Bound Collie. They’re so accepted that we accept the Miniature and Behemothic Bound Schnollies too!

Personality and attitude can vary with these Bound mixes. But generally, these hybrids accept high activity levels and are actual athletic dogs. This agency a lot of exercise should be given.

They’re absolutely able hybrids and can do annihilation from herding to flushing out vermin or guarding the home. However, as continued as you accord them adulation and care, they’ll be aloof fine.

Did we absence any Bound Collie mix that adapted a abode on this list? Let us apperceive in the comments area below. And if not, acquaint us which mix is your favorite!

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Monday 4th of October 2021

Didn't see any Bound Collie & Siberian Croaking mix.

My acquaintance has one with lt dejected eyes.

Kathy R

Saturday 28th of Baronial 2021

You forgot the Idaho Shag. A Bound Collie/Airedale cross. Actual focused and adamant at their "job" but acutely affable & candied & assertive they apperceive bigger than you.


Saturday 31st of July 2021

hello, my dog was acclimated in one of these photos and as i adulation how you gave me acclaim with my dogs instagram i aloof would of admired if you additionally asked me first. borderjacks charge of brainy and concrete assignment to do as they are one of the two craziest dogs.

Baylie Workman

Wednesday 7th of October 2020

You forgot about the bound collie croaking mix, I accept one puppy appropriate now


Tuesday 22nd of September 2020

You larboard out Bound Collie/Whippet mix. I accept two Bound Collie mixes, one with a Labrador Retriever, and the added alloyed with a Chow Chow, if you can brainstorm that. My Bound Chow is actual able and doesn't do article if she doesn't appetite to, the little brat!