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11 Beauteous Colors of Bound Collies – A Adviser to Bound Collie Colors & Markings

There are few dog breeds as beauteous and absurd as the Bound Collie. Not alone are they attractive dogs, but they’re affectionate, active and awful intelligent. In fact, they’re the smartest dog brand in the world according to researcher Stanley Coren.

If you’ve absitively to raise a Bound Collie again I acclaim you for the astute decision. However, there are so abounding blush and covering variations of these dogs. Afore acrimonious one up, I advance you analysis these Bound Collie colors and adjudge on article that you like!

For your convenience, we’ve calm the 11 best accepted colors of Bound Collies aloof for you. Let us apperceive in the comments area beneath which blush you like the best!

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Beautiful Bound Collie Colors

Note: these are the best accepted colors of the Bound Collie. There may be added colors variations, but they’re about actual attenuate to find. If you’re attractive to aces a specific color, again these are about your options.

1. Atramentous & White Bound Collie

The atramentous and white Bound Collie is the signature attending for these dogs. Back bodies anticipate of Bound Collies, they account this covering blush in their head. Causeless to say, these are the best accepted and accustomed covering colors.

The atramentous blush is a ascendant gene. As a result, the atramentous and white colors will about consistently be accepted in your Bound Collie, unless added modifying genes are bred into these dogs.

2. Atramentous Tri Blush Bound Collie

Tri blush Bound Collies are admirable and may be the additional best accepted blush variations of these dogs. They attending actual abundant like the atramentous and white versions, except with tan-colored arrangement on the cheeks, legs, chest, basal and sometimes eyebrows.

This tri-color aftereffect is a backward trait, acceptation that two copies of the gene charge be in the dog in adjustment for this blush to happen. Generally, one archetype of the gene charge appear from anniversary parent.

So if you had two tri-colored Bound Collies breed, you will alone get puppies with this color.

3. Dejected & White Bound Collie

Keep in mind, the “blue” in these dogs are not actually a solid blue. It’s mainly what you alarm Bound Collies back they accept the backward adulterate gene. In added words, it’s back the atramentous blush on a Bound Collie has been diluted.

Again, two copies of this backward gene charge be present in adjustment for the puppy to accept this color. Anniversary ancestor charge accept a archetype of this gene for this to happen.

If you plan to aces up a dejected and white Border, accomplish abiding to be alert about the achievability of the color concoction alopecia condition. It’s article that occurs in all dogs that accept been bred for this blush – not aloof Bound Collies.

This action may account accident of skin, which about leads to bark complications. If possible, abstain this color.

4. Dejected Merle Bound Collie

The merle blush aftereffect is acquired by a ascendant modifying gene. As a result, the Bound Collie will appearance patches of blush throughout the body. For dejected merles, the Bound Collie will accept a white/gray-ish abject black covering with black/blue-ish patches and spots.

Not alone will this gene affect the covering color, but additionally the adenoids and eyes. For example, dejected merle Bound Collies tend to accept blush noses and bright-colored eyes (such as ablaze blue). It’s not aberrant for merles to display two altered black eyes as well.

Because the merle gene is dominant, the dog absolutely alone needs one archetype of the gene to aftermath this coat. It’s colorful, beauteous and awful approved in the Bound Collie community.

Keep in mind, back a Bound Collie has two copies of the merle gene, there can be abounding bloom complications that appear with it. These altitude may accommodate deafness, balmy amaurosis (abnormal baby eyes) and all-embracing poor health.

5. Slate Merle Bound Collie

The slate merle Bound Collie is agnate to the dejected merle. However, this “slate” blush is credible because the blue/black/white covering blush has been diluted. For this to happen, the dog needs two copies of the backward adulterate gene and aloof one archetype of the merle.

If the Bound Collie has the tri-color genes forth with the adulterate genes, it is accessible to get a slate tri blush Bound Collie as well.

According to the AKC, these are not an official colors of the Bound Collie. However, they accept been steadily accretion in acceptance for whatever reason.

6. Dejected Tri Bound Collie

The dejected tri-colored Bound blush will absolutely accept the ascendant merle gene as well. The alone aberration is the dog has two copies of the tri-color gene and aloof one of the merle gene.

The aftereffect is article absolutely beautiful. The tri-color Bound Collie will accept the aforementioned abject covering blush as the dejected merle, but with tan / chestnut arrangement on the chest, legs, cheeks, eyebrows, basal and beneath the tail. They can accept arrangement in all these areas or aloof some.

7. Amber & White Bound Collie

Chocolate is not the official name of this dog’s covering color. Abounding breeders from about the apple may alarm this differently, but we anticipate best US breeders go by this name.

The amber and white Bound Collies accept a amber covering that can ambit from a ablaze milk amber to a darker amber chocolate. It’s agnate to what you may see in French Bi-weekly colors. Furthermore, these dogs will accept white arrangement about the chest, basal and collar.

What makes this Bound Collie attending so different is the eye colors that brace with the coat. Their eyes can appear in an arrangement of colors, such as amber (light to medium), blooming or a aureate yellow.

This gene is additionally recessive, acceptation that two parents charge accept a archetype of the amber gene. By alliance two amber Borders, you’ll get a clutter with these covering colors.

8. Amber Tri Blush Bound Collie

The amber tri-colored Bound Collie will accept the backward genes of the amber color. However, for a tri-color to absolutely happen, the dog will charge two copies of the amber gene and two copies of the tri-color gene.

The aftereffect will be a Bound Collie with the abject of a amber dog, but additionally tan and chestnut arrangement about the body. These arrangement about arise about the chest, legs, cheeks, eyebrows, basal and beneath the tail.

9. Lavender Bound Collie

The lavender blush is agnate to the amber & white blush of the Bound Collie. The alone aberration is that the lavender Borders accept both the adulterate and amber genes. Both are backward genes, acceptation two copies of both genes is bare for the dog to aftermath a lavender color.

The lavender blush is absolutely article unique. It looks like a both a dejected and brown. There are abounding names for this color, including silver, isabella (in Dobermans) or abase (in Kelpies). Whatever you appetite to alarm it, the lavender is a attractive blush on a Bound Collie.

Like with the added abject colors, there are several variations of the lavender color. Depending on the genes that the dog possess, you can accept a lavender tri color, lavender merle or alike a lavender tricolor merle. All these are abundant added attenuate and harder to breed, but there are Bound Collies with these admirable coats.

10. Black Bound Collie

Though black is an clearly accustomed Bound Collie color, they are almost rare. Still, there are breeders that brand them and abeyant owners that seek them.

Sable is back the beard on the covering has altered shades of color. In added words, there are added than one blush on the hair. For instance, the basis blush is about black, admitting the tip of the beard can be a ablaze brown.

This atramentous is added of a arrangement than a specific color. With that said, the atramentous arrangement can be apparent on abounding altered abject colors of the Bound Collie. For example, a black, blue, amber or lavender abject can accept the atramentous pattern.

11. Red Bound Collie

Red Bound Collies accept not consistently been popular. In fact, they were extremely attenuate until recently. Admitting this, the blush red is still a accustomed blush in the Affiliated States. In added countries, there is still abashing and agitation on the official name. For instance, UK about refers to them as golden/yellow or Aussie red.

As you may accept guessed, red is a backward gene. Likewise, two copies of the red gene is bare to actualize such a blush in these dogs. Ancestry two red Bound Collies will get you a clutter of alone red puppies.

There are additionally added variations of red, such as red merle and red / white. All of which, are currently accustomed by the AKC.

This account is not a absolute account of all the colors of Bound Collies. There are a lot that accept been missed, but it’s absurd that you may acquisition one. In our research, these are the best frequently apparent colors.

Did we absence a Bound Collie blush that you feel should be on this list? If so, let us apperceive in the comments area below.

And amuse do acquaint us, which blush of the Bound Collie do you like best?

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Nancy A Elliott

Monday 19th of July 2021

Where is the Atramentous BC? About solid atramentous (teeniest bit of white to be begin on underside). Descended, I believe, from the Northumbrian -Old Hemp type.


Saturday 12th of December 2020

I accept a tri-merle bound collie. I accept yet to see addition tri-merle. She is a amber merle with the tan tri arrangement on her cheeks, legs, and beneath her tail. She has dejected eyes with a merle/marble larboard eye (top of her one eye is amber). I've apparent a lot of chocolate/ red merles but none with the tri markings.


Wednesday 10th of Advance 2021

Tricolor merles aren’t attenuate and from what I’ve apparent are potentially added accepted than bicolor merles.

carol haylett

Friday 15th of May 2020

brindle is advised a bound collie color. how attenuate is it, how is it accompanying to sable, and could we see some pictures of brindle bound collies? thank-you.

Fiona Hodge

Monday 27th of January 2020

I anticipate active is missing from this list. My BC, who died aftermost month, was declared to us as Dejected Merle, but the blah in his covering was not due to merle, but active (which was added accessible on his face and legs). He was absolutely tri-colour with abundant active - with a admirable result. Examples are on his cheep annual at @DillyDog15


Saturday 19th of October 2019

Red tri-color (touch of black) Bound Collie.