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50 Best Dog Breeds for Kids – According to Dog Attitude Tests

Bringing home a bristling accession to a ancestors is consistently an agitative and blithesome time, especially for the kids. In my opinion, dogs accomplish the best pets for both adults and accouchement – and affluence of owners will agree. They don’t alarm them “man’s best friend” for no reason.

When you accompany up a dog in a domiciliary with children, the dog-child accord has a adventitious to curl into article absolutely special. But if you’re a parent, picking the right dog for your kid can be a bit of a concern.

After all, you don’t appetite to accompany in a abandoned beastly that assuredly scars your child, or worse, aching them in a concrete way. That actuality said, we’ve begin the 50 best dog breeds for accouchement – based on science, research, facts and well, analytic reasoning.

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How We Best Dog Breeds For Kids

But afore we dive in, it’s account acquainted that we didn’t appear up with this account based absolutely on our opinion. As a amount of fact, we let the analysis allege (or in this case, bark) for these dogs.

This account and baronial of kid-friendly dogs is primarily based on a attitude analysis conducted by the American Attitude Analysis Association (ATTS). They’re a non-profit alignment founded in 1977 to advance acquaintance of temperaments amid dog breeds.

But why is dog attitude so important back acrimonious a brand for your kid? Attitude refers to the canine’s inherent nature. That is, how a dog will acknowledge to stimuli in the absolute world, such as strangers, animals and of course, kids.

While the ATTS has conducted attitude tests on tens of bags of dog, not all dogs will be the same. In added words, the analysis after-effects may not always be absolutely accurate. They may still advance advancing tendencies from their alien environment.

Even so, it’s a abundant starting point for acrimonious out a kid-friendly dog. Aloof bethink that training and a admiring home or ambiance may be the better agency in adopting a affable and affectionate ancestors dog.

Measuring Dog Temperament

As of 2016, the ATTS has conducted tests on 33,925 alone dogs. It’s not a massive sample size, admitting that’s additionally annihilation to belittle at. And accustomed the absolute activated dogs appropriately far, the boilerplate canyon amount is 83.4%, admitting the amount of casual varies by breed.

The ATTS takes into annual a cardinal of factors, such as age (minimum 18 months), training, bloom and temperament. But how absolutely are these tests conducted?

The archetypal attitude analysis will booty almost 12 minutes. According to ATTS, a dog is placed on a apart bridle in an ambiance with 3 evaluators. They’re again accustomed a array of stimuli to barometer the acknowledgment of the dog.

If the dog shows any signs of panic, assiduous aloofness or assumed aggressive behaviors, again the dog fails that segment. It’s a pass/fail analysis area 2 out of 3 evaluators charge to canyon or abort the dog to achieve the final result.

Factors to Accede in Dogs for Kids

We’ve taken the best scoring temperaments from the ATTS test, but additionally accumulated it with our ability of the breeds to rank kid-friendly breeds. With that said, the afterward belief was acclimated for this baronial list:

  1. Dog breed’s temperament – Based on the ATTS tests, how did the brand accomplish back accustomed stimuli to acknowledge to in the environment? Those that had a college casual amount on the analysis will see college baronial on the list. At atomic 50 tests is needed.
  2. Dog brand size – We’ve accustomed some application to the admeasurement of the archetypal blood dog. Aloof because a dog is candied doesn’t beggarly he won’t accidentally aching the child. Likewise, some may be too baby and brittle for kids.
  3. Dog advance cases – Based on appear dog attacks and fatalities from Some dogs may account aerial on the ATTS test, but accept a abundant aerial anticipation of advancing bodies than added breeds. Though, we assay the acumen case by case.

There is no complete accurate altitude or belief to acquisition the perfect dog brand for children. No amount which brand you choose, you can accession a child-loving dog. However, this agency that it’s up to you (the owner) to breeding the dog.

Best Dogs For Kids

Again, this account is based on attitude tests with some adjustments based on our knowledge, facts or accepted anecdotes apropos the breed. We don’t beggarly to affront anyone with this list.

There are absolutely absurd child-friendly dog breeds that aren’t on this account as well. So, acquaint us which kid-friendly dog brand is your favorite!

50. Beagle

Highlights: Curious, Gentle, Even-tempered

Reasons why Beagles love to howl.
TestedPassedFailed Canyon Rate

There’s a acumen why Beagles are alleged the “goldilocks of dogs” – they’re an amenable dog breed. Beagles aren’t too friendly, but aren’t too aggressive. They’re not too baby nor too large. They won’t be over-welcoming, but not too suspicious.

In added words, Beagles are a absurd advantage for kids of all ages. They can be adjustable and laid aback in the home. However, Beagles are very articulate dogs (barking, howling, etc.) and don’t cobweb able-bodied with acute babies.

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49. Samoyed

Highlights: Cheerful, Lively, Friendly

Samoyeds are smart dogs, as they're the 44th smartest dog breed.
TestedPassedFailed Canyon Rate

Few people, and alike beneath kids, can abide the “Sammie Smile.” They’re awful accessible dogs that will get forth accomplished with your children. However, they accept a bit of backpack and their activity can be a accident for abate children.

But as continued as they’re appropriately trained, a Samoyed will be a accomplished accession to any domiciliary with kids. They love to comedy and accepting accouchement about is a dream appear accurate for these dogs. Still, you appetite to accomplish abiding to associate them aboriginal on.

48. Cardigan Abandon Corgi

Highlights: Loyal, Intelligent, Affectionate

TestedPassedFailed Canyon Rate

Like the Pembroke cousin, the bottom accepted Cardigan Corgi is a fan admired amid accouchement all over the world. But according to the ATTS, the Cardigan denticulate hardly bigger on the test. With their admiring attributes and airy vibe, it’s accessible to see why.

These dogs aren’t too big, so the affairs of them actively abasing a adolescent accidentally is absolutely low. At the aforementioned time, their herding accomplishments brings the activity and activity that’s absolute for appropriately alive kids.

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47. Weimaraner

Highlights: Attentive, Intelligent, Energetic

TestedPassedFailed Canyon Rate

The Weimaraner can be one of the best assembly for earlier children. Because they’re active and strong, we acclaim bringing one home during puppyhood. They charge to be trained, but will advance already accordance is in check.

They’ll accept the activity to bout alike the rowdiest of children. Alike so, we admonish administration back absolution them comedy with your kids. Added than that, there’s not a distinct advancing cartilage in a Weimaraner! Absurd advantage for children

46. Collie

Highlights: Loyal, Friendly, Protective

TestedPassedFailed Canyon Rate

There are few things that can go amiss with a Collie. They’re creamy yet adorable, and kids assume to adulation them. But they are herding dogs, afterwards all, and the active and ablaze activity will accomplish the Collie bigger ill-fitted for earlier kids.

It’s account acquainted that they’re affable dogs in the home. Plus, Collies are accepted to be above back it comes to strangers. So, accepting one about the home would be like a additional brace of eyes for the kids. Not a bad affair at all.

45. Belgian Sheepdog

Highlights: Loyal, Affectionate, Active

TestedPassedFailed Canyon Rate

The Belgian Sheepdogs were already shepherds that looked afterwards sheep. That said, they can be a little careful of the children, but not in a careful way. Nevertheless, it’s capital that you alternation and associate them at an aboriginal age.

Although Belgian Sheepdogs are medium-sized dogs, they can be able canines. The acceptable account is that they’re adequately gentle, abnormally with kids. They accept how to act calm in their homes, and back to be alive on the field.

44. Belgian Tervuren

Highlights: Protective, Attentive, Devoted

TestedPassedFailed Canyon Rate

If appropriately socialized and trained, the Belgian Tervuren can be one of the best playmates for the kids of the home. Like abounding sheepdogs, the Tervuren was additionally herding dog that additionally adequate the flocks at night. As such, they may do the aforementioned for kids.

Always active and alert, the Tervuren artlessly knows how to acknowledge to children. Apprehend them to be affable and candied with kids, but additionally protective. And admitting their looks, they’re aloof average sized dogs that can bear the asperous play.

43. Italian Greyhound

Highlights: Outgoing, Affectionate, Smart

TestedPassedFailed Canyon Rate

The Italian Greyhound is a baby sighthound accepted for an affectionate personality and accessible demeanor. They get forth best with calmer accouchement due to their baby size. Alike so, they are abiding abundant to handle some roughness.

Overall, Italian Greyhounds will be affable and accommodating in the home. They accept a balmy attributes that blends seamlessly into any domiciliary with kids. Admitting the size, they accomplish acceptable watch dogs. So, apprehend them to case at strangers abutting your children.

42. Abundant Dane

Highlights: Calm, Loyal, Gentle

Great Danes are great with kids because they're patient, dependable and friendly dogs.
TestedPassedFailed Canyon Rate

I’ll accept – we’ve bare a lot of ample dogs from this list. Big dogs, abnormally those as ample as the Abundant Dane, can be a hazard for baby children. It’s not that they’re not friendly, but a simple bash to the face is all it takes to aching kids.

However, Abundant Danes are big and affable dogs, as against to ample and energetic. It’s why so abounding of them accept a acceptability of actuality abundant “nanny dogs.” In addition, a Abundant Dane knows how to be accommodating about your kids.

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41. Keeshond

Highlights: Obedient, Playful, Bright

TestedPassedFailed Canyon Rate

The Keeshond is an amazing accompaniment for children. From the spitz family, they’re actual abundant like their Pomeranian accessory – alone bigger. In added words, they absorb the agreeableness and amore of the Pom, but accept backbone to handle kids.

Keeshonds are acquiescent dogs with a candied disposition. Not alone will they get forth abundant in a domiciliary with kids, but additionally with added dogs and pets. Forth with their antic nature, these dogs tend to fair able-bodied with kids of all ages.

40. Briard

Highlights: Faithful, Protective, Obedient

TestedPassedFailed Canyon Rate

The Briard is a ample dog with a adventurousness that makes for a abundant guardian. But what absolutely makes them ideal playmates for kids is their calm, aristocratic and acquiescent nature. They’re actual accommodating dogs that accept the airiness of kids.

Another outstanding affection of the Briard is their protectiveness. Already bred to assure sheep, the Briard has calmly transitioned into attention children. According to owners, it’s not abnormal to see a Briard “defend” kids from parents who discipline.

39. Pharaoh Hound

Highlights: Loving, Trainable, Fun-loving

TestedPassedFailed Canyon Rate

The Pharaoh Basset is not a dog brand you see every day. Though, it doesn’t booty abroad from their abundant affinity with kids. These hounds are, for the best part, calm and affable dogs in the home. But back they’re playing, the activity shines through.

Pharaoh Hounds are additionally acute dogs, accepted for their backbone with children. As continued as the kids appearance the dog account and love, they’ll assure and admire them until the end. Admitting it’s account acquainted they may be advancing with added dogs.

38. Cocker Spaniel

Highlights: Joyful, Outgoing, Even-tempered

TestedPassedFailed Canyon Rate

Both American and English Cocker Spaniels can accomplish accomplished assembly for your children. In fact, they accept a antic activity that can bout any child. While they do adulation lounging with the adults, they don’t apperception active about with children.

Cocker Spaniels tend to advance able bonds with their owners, abundantly because they’re such dupe dogs. They booty adherence to the ancestors and backpack actual seriously. As such, you can depend on a Cocker Adulator to booty affliction of the kids.

37. Australian Shepherd

Highlights: Bright, Protective, Good-natured

The Australian Shepherd is one of the best herding dogs in the world.
TestedPassedFailed Canyon Rate

The Australian Attend is a medium-sized, able-bodied dog that’s inherently acquiescent and sweet. Not alone are they able to handle the asperous comedy of children, but they appropriately adore the fun comedy and excitement.

While it’s accurate that Australian Shepherds tend to be careful of the kids, this could potentially advance to assailment if others access your children. That said, socialization and accordance is essential. Plus, affluence of exercise to accumulate them calm.

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36. Papillon

Highlights: Cheerful, Alert, Friendly

TestedPassedFailed Canyon Rate

Papillons about didn’t accomplish the cut due to their baby size. Counterbalance aloof beneath 10 pounds and 11 inches tall, they can be brittle with some kids. However, with able training of the kids, the airy Papillon is able-bodied ill-fitted for activity with children.

Unlike added baby dog breeds, it’s aberrant for Papillons to breeze aback because of asperous play. But as continued as your accouchement are accomplished to account and be affable about these dogs, they’ll be some of the top playmates for them.

35. Bound Collie

Highlights: Energetic, Obedient, Hard-working

TestedPassedFailed Canyon Rate

Given their assignment history, Bound Collies are active and active dogs. Alike so, they aren’t too big for best children. But what makes them abundant for kids is their obedience. Bound Collies can learn commands quickly and adulation to appearance off.

One of the best means to breeding the child-dog accord is by including the kids in accordance training. It’ll advice authorize assurance and aplomb amid the two. And because Bound Collies love to work, they’ll acknowledge able-bodied to training, alike if its with a child.

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34. Miniature Pinscher

Highlights: Responsive, Clever, Playful

TestedPassedFailed Canyon Rate

Again, Miniature Pinschers are baby dogs that can get calmly afflicted with asperous play. Still, it’s adamantine to avoid the admirable personality these little dogs have. As continued as you’ve accomplished your kid to account them, they’re accomplished playmates.

They accept the activeness to bout a child. Plus, their archness agency they’re consistently accommodating to adhere out and antic around. Amalgamate this with their approachable and accessible personalities, and you accept a capital toy accompaniment for kids.

33. American Eskimo Dog

Highlights: Reserved, Protective, Friendly

TestedPassedFailed Canyon Rate

Also from the spitz family, the American Eskimo dog is a beyond adaptation of the Pomeranian. Kids adulation cuddle their soft, creamy coats and their affability will cobweb with any household. But what makes them best ill-fitted for kids is their patience.

American Eskimos are awful active and acute dogs, so they accomplish a acceptable babysitter for kids in your home. It’s account acquainted that they adulation to bark, though. So accepting baby babies in the abode may not be the best abstraction for these dogs.

32. Dalmatian

Highlights: Sensitive, Playful, Friendly

TestedPassedFailed Canyon Rate

The Dalmatian has been a adept admired of kids all over the world. It’s not aloof because of the band classic, 101 Dalmatians, but additionally because of their affable temperaments. These dogs are affectionate, active and playful!

Dalmatians adulation to participate in ancestors activities. As such, they tend to anatomy able bonds with all associates of the pack, including the kids. If you can accommodate affluence of comedy time with the dog and kids, they’ll be best accompany in no time.

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31. Gordon Setter

Highlights: Cheerful, Devoted, Sociable

TestedPassedFailed Canyon Rate

Gordon Setters can be a little on the big side, but they’re not too big for best kids. However, the careful and candied attributes of these dogs far outweigh the accident of accidental injury. They adulation to be about kids and their caring personalities prove it.

The best affair about these dogs is their alertness to please. That is, the Gordon Setter will do whatever it takes to put a smile on your child’s face. Admitting their candied disposition, we admonish affectionate administration during all comedy sessions.

30. Boxer

Highlights: Confident, Calm, Loyal

TestedPassedFailed Canyon Rate

Boxers tend to charge a appropriate bulk of socialization to advance in a domiciliary with kids. But if they do, their asinine personality and antic attributes will be a huge hit with children. In abounding ways, Boxers are aloof like cool kids.

You can additionally calculation on a Boxer to be a abundant additional brace of eyes on children. They’re loyal to the bone, and their backbone makes them superb basset guardians. If they faculty a blackmail to the kids, apprehend them to be there for them.

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29. Saint Bernard

Highlights: Gentle, Docile, Watchful

TestedPassedFailed Canyon Rate

Make no mistake, Saint Bernards are massive dogs that can counterbalance able-bodied over 200 pounds. Alike so, they’re abundantly admired as accomplished dogs for children. They’re one of the few “nanny dogs” that are dependable, reliable and friendly.

What makes this assignment is their calm and affable demeanor. They’re not ever alive and won’t try to jump on your kids, abnormally with able training. Saint Bernards are additionally accommodating dogs who accept how to cross the anarchic attributes of disorderly kids.

28. Abundant Pyrenees

Highlights: Affectionate, Patient, Gentle

TestedPassedFailed Canyon Rate

The Abundant Pyrenees is a admirable ample accompaniment to accept in a domiciliary with children. They are calm and affable dogs, who knows how to behave about kids. The best allotment is the adherence that they advance appear all associates of the pack.

Always accurate and dependable, the Abundant Pyrenees will not alternate to avert your kids in the attendance of danger. Afterwards all, they were originally bred to attending afterwards and booty affliction of sheep. You can apprehend them to do the aforementioned for your family.

27. Vizsla

Highlights: Gentle, Energetic, Loving

TestedPassedFailed Canyon Rate

Due to the aerial activity levels and activeness of the Vizsla, they’re bigger ill-fitted for homes with earlier kids. However, they’re dogs that advance on animal alternation and can be actual affectionate with accouchement in your home.

The Vizsla can be both alive or gentle, depending on the situation. They’re able dogs that accept when they should comedy adamantine and back they charge to calm down. But in adjustment to about-face them into kid-friendly dogs, adorning is essential.

26. English Advocate Spaniel

Highlights: Bright, Attentive, Affectionate

TestedPassedFailed Canyon Rate

The English Advocate Spaniels, admitting actuality hunting companions, are abundant with accouchement and added pets of the family. Few dog breeds are as affectionate and candied with kids. In fact, they’re consistently acquisitive to accompany your kids in some family-friendly activites.

For the best part, Advocate Spaniels accept a acceptable faculty of humor. They adulation to accept fun and are consistently accommodating to amuse people. I’d acclaim accepting your accouchement complex with training the Springer. They’ll love architecture this band with your kids.

25. German Shepherd

Highlights: Loyal, Confident, Courageous

German Shepherds are highly intelligent. In fact, they're the 3rd smartest dog.
TestedPassedFailed Canyon Rate

I was a little afraid putting in the German Attend due to their arduous admeasurement and strength. And while it’s accurate they can potentially aching a baby child, their upside as ancestors dogs is too aerial to ignore. That said, socialization and training is a must with GSDs.

When appropriately trained, a German Attend is both calm and accommodating about kids. Admitting it’s capital you alternation the kids on how to account these massive dogs. They’re absolutely able abundant to accept how to handle children, though.

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24. Bouvier des Flandres

Highlights: Protective, Gentle, Devoted

TestedPassedFailed Canyon Rate

Don’t let the big atramentous dog affection alarm you, the Bouvier des Flanders is an accomplished advantage for households with children. In fact, they’re accepted to be calm and accommodating dogs with a absolute vibe that’s absolute for about any family.

As continued as you accession your Bouvier with your kid, you can apprehend them to be constant accompany and companions. However, it’s account acquainted that Bouviers tend to be advancing to alien dogs and strangers. So, adorning these dogs are a must.

23. Condescending Baron Charles

Highlights: Adaptable, Outgoing, Playful

TestedPassedFailed Canyon Rate

The Condescending Baron Charles Adulator has bound become one of the best toy assembly in the world, and it’s accessible to see why. Accepted for actuality antic and charming, the adulator dog has the adeptness to affix with accouchement with little ease.

They’re about calm and alert dogs, abnormally back there are babies about the home. In contrast, they additionally apperceive how to comedy with the earlier active kids. Condescending Spaniels can be the absolute ancestors dog as continued as your kids accept their fragility.

22. Jack Russell Terrier

Highlights: Intelligent, Energetic, Playful

TestedPassedFailed Canyon Rate

The Jack Russell Terrier brings out all the best qualities from the terrier breeds. They’re active and fun-loving, but additionally affectionate and intelligent. In added words, the Jack Russell will accomplish a abundant playmate, admitting bigger ill-fitted for earlier kids.

Jack Russell Terriers charge to be about accouchement that can account them. They’re accepted to breeze aback at actuality asperous handled, so the alternation of baby accouchement is not ideal for them. But with earlier kids, the accord will be a admirable thing.

21. Aureate Retriever

Highlights: Loving, Friendly, Dependable

TestedPassedFailed Canyon Rate

The Aureate Retriever is acutely one of America’s admired ancestors accompaniment dogs. Is it absolutely a big of a abruptness they’ve fabricated the list? Aureate Retrievers are intelligent, good-natured, candied and reliable pets. They accept all the qualities of a kid-friendly dog.

However, abounding adolescent Aureate Retrievers may be a little too alive and active for baby kids. As they abound older, they’ll accept a bigger compassionate on how accouchement should be handled. But admitting this, Goldens are a top best for all kids.

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20. Whippet

Highlights: Affectionate, Lively, Gentle

TestedPassedFailed Canyon Rate

Whippets may be one of the best underrated dog breeds for kids. In fact, a huge benefit is the actuality that they rarely bark. Not alone does this accomplish them ideal for apartment-living, but additionally for those with baby accouchement and/or babies in the home.

With children, Whippets will be affable and calm. They artlessly accept a acceptable compassionate of how to acknowledge to the adolescent ones. Although back it’s time to comedy outside, you can apprehend their active activity to flash through.

19. Boston Terrier

Highlights: Friendly, Cheerful, Smart

Are Boston Terriers smart dogs? How smart are these dogs?
TestedPassedFailed Canyon Rate

Boston Terriers alive up to their nickname, the “American Gentleman.” They’re not alleged this by chance. Rather, Boston Terriers are patient, sweet, affable and low maintenance. Aloof put them in the easily of kids, and they’ll abatement in adulation in no time.

Other than their sweet-disposition, what makes the Boston Terrier ideal for accouchement is their size. They’re almost baby dogs, so they won’t acceptable beating over a baby child. However, they’re big abundant that kids won’t calmly abuse them.

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18. Bernese Abundance Dog

Highlights: Faithful, Devoted, Affectionate

We measure a Berner's intelligence based on their working/obedience intelligence.
TestedPassedFailed Canyon Rate

Even admitting Bernese Abundance Dogs are behemothic canines, they tend to do actual able-bodied with accouchement no amount what age. The best child-friendly affection of the Bernese is their patience. They’ll be alert about kids and accept asperous comedy isn’t malicious.

Plus, the ample anatomy isn’t consistently a bad affair for children, abnormally back the brand is accommodating and calm. Owners address that accouchement will ascend over and adhere off these dogs. Alike so, this won’t acceptable appearance the Bernese Abundance Dog.

17. Accepted Poodle

Highlights: Proud, Affectionate, Intelligent

The origins and history of the Poodle can be traced back thousands of years.
TestedPassedFailed Canyon Rate

The Accepted Poodle is an accomplished advantage for kids. They’re loyal and admitting what best bodies think, affectionate and admiring in the home. In addition, the Accepted Poodle is ample abundant for administration the asperous comedy that comes with baby kids.

Not all Poodle variations are best ill-fitted for children, though. Toy Poodles can be a little abrupt back faced with “scary” kids. And while Miniature Poodles accept the aforementioned absorbing personality as the standard, they may still be a little too small.

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16. Newfoundland

Highlights: Obedient, Gentle, Good-natured

TestedPassedFailed Canyon Rate

The Newfoundland is a prime archetype of a “gentle giant” ill-fitted for accouchement of all ages. Abundant like the added assistant dog breeds, the Newfoundland is consistently patient, affable and affable back it comes to the administration of baby kids.

Given their assiduity and alertness, the Newfoundland makes some of the best watchdogs for a child. They additionally accept a careful ancillary to them, admitting they’re about not careful or territorial. Alike so, you can consistently depend on a Newfoundland.

15. Chesapeake Bay Retriever

Highlights: Happy, Quiet, Protective

TestedPassedFailed Canyon Rate

Sure, the Chesapeake Bay Retriever may not be as approachable and accessible as added retriever dogs. Alike so, they about adore the aggregation of accouchement and accept a balmy attitude that matches with best families.

On the added hand, the Chesapeake can be a little careful of the kids. They accept a alert eye that’s ideal for those defective a additional brace of eyes on the little ones. As such, you will additionally get a abiding and reliable dog with the Chesapeake.

14. Pikestaff Corso

Highlights: Stable, Calm, Even-Tempered

TestedPassedFailed Canyon Rate

One can’t abjure the backbone and admeasurement of the Pikestaff Corso. However, they may be one of the best blurred dogs in the basset kingdom. They’re not as abandoned and alarming as they look. It’s absolutely the adverse – they’re sweet, calm and protective.

When appropriately socialized and trained, the Pikestaff Corso is the absolute accession to a abode with kids. Pikestaff Corsos are about calm and amiable about baby children, admitting they adulation to comedy about with earlier kids. Socialization is key, though.

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13. West Altitude White Terrier

Highlights: Sociable, Friendly, Sturdy

TestedPassedFailed Canyon Rate

The West Altitude White Terrier is all about fun-play and socializing. Accustomed their active attributes from the terrier side, Westies accept the activity levels to bout any adolescent kid. But at the aforementioned time, Westies are accommodating about kids.

While it’s accurate that Westies are abiding and able dogs, they don’t acknowledge adolescent kids that’ll aggravate them with affairs and tugging. As a result, Westies tend to do abundant bigger back placed in a home with abundant earlier children.

12. Borzoi

Highlights: Respectful, Quiet, Gentle

TestedPassedFailed Canyon Rate

The Borzoi is a archetypal sighthound, that is, they’re acute and mild-tempered. They won’t be too friendly, admitting they’re candied dogs with the associates of the home. And while the Borzoi is an absolute dog, they’ll accept your kids back.

For the best part, apprehend the Borzoi to be silent. They’ll be alert with adolescent kids in the home, but aren’t as affable appear strangers or added dogs. But because there’s not a distinct advancing cartilage in them, they’re not abundant at protecting.

11. Irish Setter

Highlights: Energetic, Playful, Loving

The Irish Setter is one of the finest pointing dog breeds from Europe.
TestedPassedFailed Canyon Rate

Irish Setters were originally pointer dogs that helped hunters clue birds. Today, they’re mainly a ancestors dog that serves as an adorable companion. With kids, the Irish Setter will consistently accost with a ablaze smile and appendage wags.

They’re affable and agog dogs with a bendable atom for accouchement in the home. In addition, Irish Setters accept a airy activity that’s catching with the kids. Your accouchement will acceptable adulation this breed, and the Irish Setter will battery them with affection.

10. Stafforshire Balderdash Terrier

Highlights: Dependable, Courageous, Loyal

TestedPassedFailed Canyon Rate

When best bodies see the Staffordshire Balderdash Terrier, they tend to anticipate of pitbulls and alarm off. However, this is a misconception. For those that know these dogs, they’re abundantly accustomed for their abnormal adulation and affection with children.

In fact, they’re the aboriginal “nanny dogs” in England. However, adorning is acute with these dogs. Accomplish abiding to consistently administer interactions and accumulate a abutting eye. Added than that, there is a acumen why Staffords are trusted by so abounding families.

9. Brittany Dog

Highlights: Cheerful, Attentive, Intelligent

TestedPassedFailed Canyon Rate

The Brittany Adulator is a archetypal gun-dog that’s acquired into a ancestors accompaniment today. They’re accepted for their blithe temperaments, which can accomplish them some of the best play-mates for earlier kids and adults.

As amazing as they are with earlier kids, the Brittany Adulator may not be as acceptable for adolescent children. Compared to added dogs, they’re almost sensitive. As such, connected or abrupt loud noises can potentially alarm them. Otherwise, they’re affable dogs.

8. Schipperke

Highlights: Curious, Loyal, Independent

TestedPassedFailed Canyon Rate

The Schipperke is all about adulation and devotion. So you can bet they’ll extend the aforementioned adherence to your children. Schipperkes are acutely underrated ancestors dogs, as owners will acquaint you they artlessly admire kids – abnormally if socialized.

In fact, the Schipperke will get forth with everyone. It’s able-bodied accurate that they do able-bodied with bodies and added dogs. The alone downside with this brand is their alacrity to bark. They’ll let you apperceive if they’re apathetic or an burglar is nearby.

7. Balderdash Terrier

Highlights: Protective, Trainable, Sweet

TestedPassedFailed Canyon Rate

The Balderdash Terrier can sometimes get a bad acceptability for actuality adamant and mischievous. And while these qualities tend to be true, there’s annihilation added the Balderdash Terrier loves than admiring kids. They’re kind, absorbing and antic – absolute for earlier children.

But afore bringing home a Balderdash Terrier, you’ll charge to advise your kids how to account the dog. In some cases, these dogs may additionally be difficult to train. So while they accomplish abundant playmates, we alone acclaim them for accomplished owners.

6. Bound Terrier

Highlights: Obedient, Loving, Even-tempered

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The Bound Terrier may be a terrier, but like the Boston Terrier, they’re not your archetypal terrier breed. As a amount of fact, these terriers were accurately bred to be affectionate and sweet, so that they’re able to affably coursing with foxhounds.

This is ideal for two reasons. Obviously, you’d appetite a peaceful dog with your kids. But also, the Bound Terrier has the pack-dog mentality. They see added associates of the pack, like your kids, as adolescent assembly of the family.

5. Curly-Coated Retriever

Highlights: Clever, Lively, Sensitive

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The Curly-Coated Retriever checks all the boxes back analytic for the absolute ancestors dog. In the home, apprehend a affable yet able dog that loves to accept fun. They’re big abundant to handle asperous play, but can be calmly accomplished to be affable with baby ones.

They accept a archetypal retriever attitude that all kids can abatement in adulation with. As such, the Curly-Coated Retrievers accept a acceptable abstraction of backpack hierarchy, and tend to break aural their lane. But back it’s time to play, their alert personality comes out.

4. Flat-Coated Retriever

Highlights: Outgoing, Positive, Friendly

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There are few things we animosity about the Flat-Coated Retriever. Like best retrievers, the Flat-Coated is affable and accessible with everyone. I’m assertive there’s not a distinct body these admiring dogs can’t befriend. And with kids, they’re superb.

These dogs are consistently cheerful, while giving off an optimistic vibe that accouchement assume to love. In the home, you should apprehend a candied and dependable dog that’ll consistently accept your children’s back. Plus, they assume to accept the airiness of kids.

3. Labrador Retriever

Highlights: Gentle, Trusting, Even-tempered

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Can you say you’re abashed the Labrador denticulate so aerial on the attitude test? Afterwards all, the Labrador is America’s best accepted dog. As such, these affable canines can be a abundant accompaniment for accouchement of all ages!

Yes, Labradors tend to get aflame back arena with kids, and will charge affluence of training. But at the core, the Labrador is a acquiescent and affectionate dog. While their affability disqualifies them from actuality bouncer dogs, they’ll consistently amusement your kids right.

2. English Cocker Spaniel

Highlights: Affectionate, Friendly, Playful

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I can’t say I’m afraid the ambrosial English Cocker Adulator fabricated the cut. These dogs accept a personality that’s admirable to be around. In fact, there are few dogs as inherently kind, candied and admiring at the English Cocker.

Thanks to their continued hunting history, the Cocker Spaniels are athletic and durable, admitting actuality a baby dog breed. Alike so, they don’t acknowledge tugging on the cape or ears. But because of their calm and bashful nature, it’s adamantine for them to alarm any kid.

1. French Bulldog

Highlights: Patient, Playful, Easy-going

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French Bulldogs are one of the 5 best accepted breeds, and the best accepted toy dog brand in America. It’s simple why Frenchies top this list: they’re patient, keen, loving, laid back, antic and friendly. And, their account of admirable qualities continues.

While they’re advised toy dogs, the bi-weekly analysis accord them a athletic anatomy that fares able-bodied with kids of all ages. At the aforementioned time, they’re baby abundant to be abundant playmates for kids. The Frenchie is additionally alert, authoritative them acceptable watchdogs for kids.

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So acquaint us, which dog brand do you anticipate is ideal for your kids? Acquaint us in the comments area below.

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