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Are Havanese Acute Dogs? – Here’s Why They’re Awful Able Dogs

The Havanese is different in abounding ways. For instance, they’re the alone brand to arise out of Cuba. But admitting the abnormal origins, these little dogs are friendly, antic and a little comical. However, this aerated personality may accept new owners analytic the IQ of the Havanese.

So, are Havanese dogs smart? Havanese dogs are “average intelligent” dogs for both accordance & alive IQ. In fact, they’re ranked the 79th smartest dog brand according to Stanley Coren. While the Havanese may not be the quickest learner, they excel in added areas of dog intelligence. These dogs are awfully abundant at acquirements from accomplished mistakes or experiences. Plus, they’re accurate intelligence comes from their adeptness to apprehend animal emotions.

To accept aloof how acute the Havanese is, let’s appraise how we admeasurement dog intelligence. Furthermore, able-bodied attending at the real affidavit why these dogs are added able than you think, admitting their average-ability to apprentice commands.

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How We Admeasurement Havanese Intelligence

The studies we currently accept on dog intelligence is not absolutely absolute in its altitude of accurate basset IQ. I admit, it’s absolutely adamantine to booty put abundant weight on this. However, accustomed the adversity of barometer intelligence in an cold manner, this is the best we have.

The account of best able dog breeds was developed by basset psychologist, Stanley Coren. In his research, Coren accustomed a belief that basically abstinent how bound a dog learns and how able-bodied they absorb their training. This is about what’s alleged obedience & alive intelligence in dogs.

Coren’s Dog Intelligence Criteria

With the advice of 199 accordance balloon judges from Arctic America (AKC & CKC), Coren asked them to both appraise and rank as abounding dog breeds based on his criteria. His belief was the following:

  1. The number of repetitions bare for a dog to learn a new command. Dogs that bare beneath repetitions ranked college for intelligence.
  2. The success rate in which a dog will obey a accepted command on the aboriginal attempt. Dogs that obeyed with a college success amount were advised added intelligent.

Not all dog breeds able or alternate in Coren’s analysis on dog intelligence. Alone breeds recognized by the AKC and CKC participated. And fortunately, the Havanese is accustomed by both abode clubs. 

Only dog breeds that had at least 100 evaluations able for Coren’s final account of smartest dogs. Accustomed that the Havanese dogs are consistently in the top 30 for best accepted dogs of America, they calmly qualified. 

How the Havanese Performed

The Havanese didn’t do too bad. They didn’t do abundant either. In fact, they were aloof “average,” and that’s altogether okay. Still, they’re the 79th smartest dog breed out of 138 condoning breeds. Impressive. 

Being in the boilerplate able category, Havanese dogs are able to learn a new command with aloof 25 to 40 repetitions. This agency they can calmly apprentice a new command in an afternoon.

As for obedience, the Havanese will obey a accepted command on the aboriginal try with a 50% or bigger success rate. That’s a appealing acquiescent dog, in my opinion.

It’s accept to be an boilerplate able dog. Some of the world’s best accepted dog breeds are “average” too. For example, the Bichon Frise, Australian Shepherd, Siberian Husky, Greyhound, Dachshund and the Boston Terrier are in the aforementioned class.

Havanese vs. The Smartest Dogs

Havanese dogs are far from the world’s smartest dogs, at atomic for accordance & alive intelligence. The smartest dog breeds are in a chic of their own – they’re the the top 10. 

For reference, these dogs are the German Shepherd, Golden Retriever, Border Collie, Poodle, Rottweiler, Dobermann, Labrador amid others.

The smartest dog breeds are able to learn a new command with fewer than 5 repetitions! This agency they’re at least 5 times faster at acquirements commands than the Havanese. 

What’s alike added absorbing is how acquiescent the smartest dogs are. They’re able to obey a accepted command on the aboriginal try with a 95% or college success rate!

Reasons Why the Havanese is Absolutely Smart

As mentioned, the Havanese isn’t “smart” in commendations to accordance and alive intelligence. But that doesn’t beggarly they’re not able in added ways. Clearly, owners accept their Havanese dogs are smart, and we’re activity to ancillary with the owners. So why is this the case?

According to Stanley Coren, there are three dimensions of basset intelligence. We’ve already discussed the aboriginal type, but the added two are adaptive intelligence and instinctive intelligence. Both of which, are apparently added important in free accurate dog IQ.

But because accordance and alive intelligence is the easiest to measure objectively, our smartest dogs account is based on aloof that basic of IQ. However, to absolutely accept the intelligence of these amazing animals, we charge attending into these two added types of IQ.

Companionship Intelligence in the Havanese

Instinctive intelligence refers to the innate ability or appropriate skillset that a dog was bred for. Back dogs were actuality developed centuries ago, mostly all dog breeds were bred for a specific purpose or job in society.

This can be retrieving, pointing, hunting, herding or alike bartering owners with companionship. No amount what the job was, they were developed for article “productive” in the world.

For example, the German Shorthaired Arrow was bred to locate and clue birds. The actuality that these arrow dogs are able to artlessly “point” appear birds with little to no animal training is their accustomed intelligence.

The alone time he snuggles is aboriginal in the morning back I let him out of the crate. He mostly appetite to be abutting to me, not “on” me.

– Juliav (Havanese Forums)

The Havanese dogs, on the added hand, were bred to be companions and acclimated by Spanish traders as ability and offerings to Cuban women. They did so to advance acceptable barter relationships with Cuba. As such, the Havanese became a basic of the home.

It’s account acquainted that Havanese aren’t your archetypal lap dogs. Rather, they’re active and tend to accommodate accompaniment through fun comedy and entertainment. They’ll stick by your ancillary like all acceptable lap dogs do, but won’t necessarily appetite to cuddle.

Companionship is, after question, the Havanese dogs’ accustomed intelligence. As such, they are abundant at understanding animal emotions and communicating. Afterwards all, they are some of the best affecting abutment dogs! They can accomplish accompany easily.

The Havanese’s Adaptive Intelligence

The final ambit of dog intelligence is adaptive intelligence, which refers to how adjustable the dog is. For example, can the dog apprentice for itself and from antecedent experiences? Are they abundant at analytic problems? 

Though accustomed intelligence is almost the aforementioned amid all alone dogs aural a breed, adaptive intelligence can vary absolutely a bit. Still, the Havanese dogs are accepted to about accept aerial adaptive intelligence.

One Havanese buyer gives us acumen into how emotionally able her dog is:

I adulation how emotionally able my boy is. He’s calmly the sweetest dog I’ve anytime met and his adeptness to apprehend people’s affections and accord them absolutely what they charge makes me adulation him alike more.

The adeptness to understand animal emotions is a bright cut assurance of aerial adaptive intelligence in dogs. This Havanese can not alone apprehend affections but reacts accordingly, authoritative him awful adaptable. This additionally ties in with their accustomed intelligence.

Another buyer tells us about her Havanese, saying:

This Havanese of abundance – she’s so awfully sharp. I put the food, treats and toys in altered cabinets. Depending on which one I’m walking towards, she’ll arch beeline there.”

This Havanese was able to bound apprentice that anniversary chiffonier meant a altered affair for her. Because she was able to apprentice this for herself, this is an accessible assurance of aerial adaptive intelligence.

Although these are aloof two stories, aloof ask any Havanese owner! You’ll acceptable apprehend abounding added anecdotes aloof like these.

Is Your Havanese Smart?

A abundant way of compassionate the accurate intelligence of a dog brand is by allurement absolute owners. We surveyed the accepted Havanese Subreddit and added forums to ask owners this actual question. Here’s what they had to say about their dogs:

Real Buyer Answers

1. Ahhtasha says Yes: “I additionally adulation that he seems to be adequately acute for a little dog and not neurotic! My parents accept a Bichon Poodle mix. And while I actually adulation him, my Havanese seems a bit smarter and beneath aflutter of everything.”

2. Grassjellyman says Yes: “Never belittle the intelligence of a Havanese. They may comedy dumb, but they’re apparently aloof manipulating you…”

3. Gillyhappy1 says Mixed: “My Havanese gets circuitous up every time he goes out on the chain. Every time! Sometimes he’s smart; best of the time not. But he’s so adorable!”

4. Stevensplaybk says Yes: “For some reason, my Hav seems like he has a acceptable compassionate of…everything. There are words we never accomplished him, yet it seems like he knows absolutely what were saying.”

5. Theforevermachine says Yes: “I can’t get over how acute he is at such a adolescent age… It assault my mind. He aloof inspects aggregate with his paws and by smell, he learns chat associations faster than any dog I’ve anytime met.”

6. Luvdogs2hav says Yes: “Housetraining and basal accordance training was a BREEZE with Ollie, my Havanese. They’re absolutely added able than bodies accord them acclaim for.”

7. Joshtsavo says Yes: “Our aboriginal dog as adults was our Mollie, the Havanese. It’s actually amazing how acute they are and how quick you abatement for them. She’s not at all like added dogs…you can see her cerebration aloof about all the time.”

8. Rcjane says Yes: “The Havanese is not a dog that will adore accordance training, at atomic all the time. But they are absolutely acute abundant to apprentice adequately quickly.”

9. Dengar96 says Yes: “My Havanese is acute and stubborn! My guy knows his tricks and commands but sometimes he aloof decides he’s gonna attending at you from beyond the allowance with a clueless face.

10. Lushandreas says Yes: “I’ve aloft a ton of toy baby dog breeds in my activity (Toy Poodle, Bichon, Lakeland, Dachshund, etc.) but the Havanese was the smartest!”

Smart Toys for Acute Havaneses

Owning an able dog, such as a Havanese, is not consistently a abundant thing. With added intelligence, comes more responsibilities for the owner.

Typically, added able dogs crave added brainy stimulation. After the appropriate stimulation, you could be seeing some annihilative behavior!

Mental dispatch can appear in the anatomy of accordance training, academician amateur or activities. But not every buyer has abundant time, every distinct day. The solution? Smart toys and dog puzzles.

Here are some of my dogs favorite puzzles and toys that’ll advice mentally activate your Havanese dog!

The StarMark Bob-A-Lot is one of my favorites. It’s a blow toy that releases aliment if your dog tilts it in a assertive direction. Plus, it additionally comes with a ample chamber that can fit a accomplished meal! 

If you’re cerebration about this, accomplish abiding to get a size small for your Havanese. I awful recommend blockage it out at Amazon here.

A absurd dog addle that my dogs actually adulation is the Nina Ottosson Dog Puzzle. It comes in three altered variations, but I went with the Adumbrate N’ Slide. 

Hide your Havanese’s admired treats and they’ll absorb a abundant accord of time addition out how to move the sliders to get to their treats. It’s absolute for the Havanese, as they consistently adore a fun game. 

If you’re interested, I awful acclaim blockage it out here at Amazon.

These are the two that I can acclaim because I’ve alone acclimated them with my dog. In fact, there are a ton of abundant acute toys and dog puzzles on Amazon that your Havanese will love.

What’s added important is that you get them something to advice with brainy stimulation.

Is the Havanese For Me?

The Havanese is a abundant fit for about anyone attractive for a baby dog breed. They’re fun-loving and entertaining – acceptation abounding hours to adore with these dogs.

When acrimonious a dog breed, it’s important that you don’t aces one based on how “intelligent” they are. All dogs breeds, including the Havanese, are added than able of acquirements all the basics.

Instead, aces a dog brand based on their personality and temperament. Does that dog bout your personality and your situation? 

And if you adjudge to go with the Havanese, you won’t affliction it. They’re one of the best accepted lap dogs for a reason.

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